Sargam Ki Sadhe Sati 23rd April 2021 Written Episode Update: Sargam vows to get Chedilal and Kripa Aunti married

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Grandfather signals towards himself, Alukik reveals he is out of the race and they would not get him married, he gets mad when they all ask him to not worry about him.

Asha is with his brothers in the shop exclaiming that Chedilal is still dressing the mannequin when Asha asks what their father is thinking because he is desires to get married when his sons are still waiting for their first marriage, Appu reveals that he was also against the marriage but after seeing his listening to the sad songs, he changed his mind and now feels that their father should get married, so he is relieved of his loneliness.

Sargam is praying form her mother-in-law that she first thought that from the elder of the house she meant Grandfather but now has understood that she meant their father, Eklawya comes inside the house pleading with Sargam to close all the doors and windows of the house, he also asks her to help him get the plastic surgery otherwise he would face a lot of embarrassment in the society, Sargam laughs asking what he means.

Asthik in the shop exclaims he could not even think their father desires to get married in this age, a person comes asking them to hurry because their father is arguing with the ladies in the market, they all rush to see that Chedilal is being scolded by the women who ask how did he dare ask if she was getting married and what concern does he have, Asha, Appu and Asthik also question what is the problem, the lady reveals that their father was asking if she is getting married, Chedilal tries to explain he did not meant anything wrong however the ladies leave in anger, they bring Chedilal back and ask what was he trying to do, Chedilal explains they were going for the wedding shopping so he was just trying to ask them to come in their shop, he doesnot care who the lady is marrying as he himself cannot think of the second marriage, Chedilal gets a call from someone, he answers it explaining that he is indeed looking for a girl and will not tell anyone about the children so it would not create any problem. The brothers are shocked to hear his conversation, Alukik explains he is the Anil Kapoor of their house with any mustache.

Sargam says to Eklawya that he knows how Chedilal looks, Eklawya asks her to see it clearly as their father has registered himself on the dating app, Grandfather explains Chedilal has done it, Sargam asks what he means however Grandfather asks her to carry on, she also questions Eklawya how he knows about the dating app but he doesnot tell anything. Sargam is with Grandfather and Eklawya in the room worrying about Chedilal, she gets a call from Appu who says that they all have some important news to give them, Sargam mentions she also has some important news regarding Chedilal, Appu explains that they heard Chedilal talking with someone on the mobile and he was talking about marriage, Sargam mentions that she would make sure Chedilal gets married to that lady only and they would welcome her in their house.

Sargam is in the house, Appu asks what is he hearing, their father is on the dating app which costa six hundred rupees to register even when he was not ready to give three hundred rupees for he ECG, how can he be in such a hurry, Sargam turns to first take out the clothes from the machine but Asha stops her asking if it is the truth because their father stops the auto far from the shop to save just two rupees how did he deposit such an amount, she however turns to take out the clothes when Asthik also calls to his Guru jee asking if their father has indeed registered on the app which costs six hundred rupees when he used to make them sit on his lap to save the ticket, she turns to take out the clothes when Alukik coming asks if it is the truth because he has not brought any new vest for the past four years. They all sya that he is indeed so eager, Sargam inquires how do they know so much about the app, she calls Appu asking how he knows when he is married, he explains that it is really popular, he tries to ask Grandfather who acts as if he doesnot know anything. He leaves after getting the call.

Sargam is doing the household chores when she sees Chedilal talking with Kripa aunti when she has dropped the tomatoes, Sargam gets an idea, in the dinner they all do not believe in Sargam’s plan, Asthik says that it is time for him to indulge in prayer, but he is eager to get married, Sargam tries to reason saying that there is no time limit for love however Asha mentions that there is one for age. Sargam however seeks their help in getting Chedilal married, they are worried of how they would find the women when she says that she knows who it is, they ask the name and she reveals it is Kripa aunti, Eklawya drops the thali hearing her name, Grandfather is not able to take the bite, Asha asks how can it be as he doesnot even talk with her but Sargam mentions that the road to love passes through the moments of anger just like her relation with Appu when they started dating.

Eklawya sits on the table, Appu says that Chedilal cannot like Kripa aunti, Asha and Asthik say that their marriage should not happen when Grandfather asks them to stop talking because even if Sargam asks him to get married they would not say anything, Sargam reveals that she has an idea, and they would create a fake profile of Kripa aunti and talk with Chedilal only then would they know what he really thinks about her.

Sargam explains she has created the profile of Kripa, Alukik asks why did she enter the phot,, Appu says that it is very important because only then would the other person know how she looks and the photo would have to be really classy, Alukik asks if someone else comes to the profile, Appu reveals that they should swipe it left, Sargam is looking angrily at him asking how does he have so much knowledge, she feels he has chatted a lot in the recent time, Sargam exclaims how she would teach him a lesson.

Sargam asks Alukik to start a chat after they have found their father, Alukik is about to talk like his son when Sargam directs the messages, Chedilal also replies constantly and even sends a quote to them, hearing which Alukik says he is still worried about the expenses, Sargam asks him to think of his emotions because he is really into Kripa aunti, Eklawya asks if the profile is fake and there is someone else talking with them just like they are talking disguised as Kripa aunti, Asha calls from the shop reciting the quote, Sargam is delighted to hear that it is actually Chedilal, she points to Eklawya asking if he is relieved that it is actually their father. Sargam promises to her later mother in law that she would fulfil her promise and would surely get Chedilal married once again.

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