Santoshi Maa 22nd October 2020 Written Episode Update – Indresh stands & starts walking.

Santoshi Maa 22nd October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with polomi in singhasan trying to blow the light but her guru stops her intimating that if you do this then you’ll fall in big trouble due to powers of adhishakti & she stops while ushma becomes calm. Indresh completes one adhaya of pooja while an old beggar woman comes calling as indresh’s mother asks who is it & indresh recognizes her telling mother I know who has come so bring a plate of food & he goes to welcome her while ushma & bubli also follow him as the woman is none other than mata paravati itself. Indresh asks her how come today here & mata paravati tells him I am here for you only & smiles seeing him & ushma while polomi understands it’s paravati so tries to hide from her & she jumps from the window falling & hitting head on a stone making singhasan unconscious.
Indresh is offering her plate of food along with bubli bringing glass of water for her. Indresh tries taking blessings touching her feet by bending down from wheel chair but she tells him to get up from seat & take my blessings but he tells her I can’t get up presently but she insists him try while ushma also requesting him to do try while bubli also says yes try & might be you’ll get up on your feet. Indresh thinks & makes himself strong to get up but fails once & again tries & stands on his feet strongly expressing his happiness to old woman while all this is watched by mahadev too. Indresh calls everybody happily telling see I have stood on my feet while old woman vanishes & he wonders where she went & ushma tells him her work completed so she went. Bubli says might be due to her blessings you could stand & he wonders while his mother & all come running happily & his mother blesses mata as indresh tells her due to that old woman I could stand while nidhi hearing this gets shocked. They try to take him inside but tilts little as his mother holds him & nidhi tells him to go through wheel chair but he refuses while ushma also says nothing will happen when he is held by his mother as her powers are great to hold her child as nidhi gets bugged on her.
Asoor guru informs ketu to hide underground due to his truth being known & to not to disclose the truth to anybody & he assures.
Mata paravati asks mahadev that the asoor guru is also involved in this & mahadev tells her that narayan will be doing his work to take out the actual truth.
Indresh starts his next adhyay while bubli shows ushma where singhasan is fallen & she plans to send message from his mobile to his other son abhay which he receives as he is out of station to arrange for punishment to both these girl & abhay gets happy knowing this but singhasan is clutched in a dark room by bubli.
All are concentrating on indresh’s adhyay as ushma explains everybody that due to indresh doing this pooja all his old evils getting wiped out due to which he is getting fruits of this pooja as well as somebody also getting help from this pooja & she asks indresh am I right & yes says indresh while nidhi reacts negatively & leaves from there.

Precap : Mahadev understands swati was killed by asoors swhile singhasan is released by ushma on advice of santoshi mata. One of asoors ring falls as he emerges in his original form.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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