Shubharambh 22nd October 2020 Written Episode Update: Rani searches for A negative blood for Raja

Shubharambh 22nd October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mihir putting wood ashes on Raja’s photo frame and says you will not spend the day with Raja, says Late Mr. Raja. He throws the frame in the havan kund ashes and goes. Rani tells Darshana that she will bring Raja’s pic and goes. She wonders where did the photo frame go. Asha spots the frame in the havan kund and tells Rani. Rani thinks who can do this? Hitank says may be it came with the puja stuff and asks her to clean the frame. Rani cleans the photo frame and thinks Raja shall not worry. She prays to Shrinath ji and asks him to protect them. Asha blesses them. Darshana tells that her Kirtida went out to hospital with Gunvant. Asha says I am your mother in law too and blesses her. She blesses Rani to bring her husband back. Mihir looks at her from outside and thinks let’s see if your fast will be successful or mine. He says a big blast will happen today.

Rani comes to hospital and asks her father what happened. Her Papa tells that Mihir told that until blood is arranged, operation can’t be done. He says Keshav was willing to give blood to Raja, but Mihir told that she is pregnant and they can’t take her blood. He says they have sent Kesha home. Rani thinks I am with you Raja, nothing will happen to him. She asks if blood is there in blood bank. Her father tells that blood is not in any blood bank. Hitank says we shall go and search the blood. Rani assures Asha that she will bring A negative blood. They leave.

Doctor comes to Mihir and says Raja’s family went to get blood. Mihir says it will be fun now. Rani comes to the blood bank, but couldn’t get the required blood group. She thinks to ask the people and asks if their blood is A negative, but they refuse to help her. A guy asks her to try in Jeevan Jyoti blood bank. Rani tries to take auto, but in vain. She talks to Hitank, who tells that there was a huge demand about this blood group and that’s why there is no blood of that group in any banks. Rani asks him to keep trying and tells that she is going to Jeevan Jyoti blood bank which is 3 kms away from here. He asks her to go as he is 10 kms away from there.

She burrows a cycle from milk man and promises to return by evening. The milk man agrees to give her cycle. Rani rides on it to reaches there. When she reaches there, she comes to know that there is no A negative blood due to the huge demand from many hospitals. Rani cries. Mihir is having all the A negative blood groups packs, got from all the banks. Nurse calls Mihir and tells that Raja’s pulse is dropping. Mihir goes to him and gives him blood. Asha cries seeing his condition. Rani asks Shrinath ji to tell what she shall do and cries.

Precap: Mihir tells Rani that what she brought as blood is actually pomegranate juice. Rani is shcoked and finds ward boy taking the box from there. She thinks if the blood is replaced by juice.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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