Santoshi Maa 19th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 19th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Santoshi seeing the lockup inmates. Seshnath asks Guddu not to be careless and save video. Guddu says I got video’s copy, we will become lakhpati in few days. Bittoo comes with tea. Guddu asks her to leave. Bittoo thinks there is something, I will find out and tell Daksha. She goes out and hears them talking about the video. Guddu says this video would have saved Santoshi. Seshnath prays that Santoshi stays in jail, so that they can earn money. Butto hears this.

The lady constable says Santoshi does not look like planning someone’s murder. Santoshi says I believe Santoshi Maa, she will help me. Three devis and Santoshi Maa go to Brahmadev and tell him how Devi Paulmi is troubling Santoshi. Narad says Devi Paulmi tried to bury Santoshi alive, its good Santoshi Maa saved her. Santoshi Maa asks Brahmadev to think about this and call Devi Paulmi back. Brahmadev says fine, I will investigate and call Devi Paulmi back, she can bear punishment here. Santoshi Maa asks him to check things soon, as its about a human’s life is stake. He asks her not to worry, he will investigate soon. Seshnath and Guddu have a talk and leave.

Bitto goes to their room and gets Guddi’s phone. She checks the video and gets shocked seeing Riya. She transfers the video to her phone and keeps Guddu’s phone back. Seshnath and Guddu call Dhairya. Dhairya comes there to meet them. Dhairya asks how much money you want. Seshnath says 5 lakhs. Dhairya gets angry on him. Guddu makes this video and says if I show this video to police, don’t tell me anything. Dhairya leaves Seshnath and says fine, you will get 5 lakhs.

Inspector beats a woman. Santoshi gets tensed seeing this. Inspector asks Santoshi to accept her mistake, else she will get beaten up. Santoshi cries. Devi Paulmi goes to meet inspector and thinks maybe he will also be her devotee. Bittoo comes there and says I have to meet inspector. She hears inspector telling Devi Paulmi that they will beat up Santoshi and she will accept her mistakes. Devi Paulmi asks him to kill Santoshi, it won’t be believed as a mistake. Brahmadev looks on. She bribes the inspector. Inspector agrees and takes the bribes.

Bittoo thinks inspector is corrupt, it won’t be any use to show him this video, I have to help Santoshi. Brahmadev says I did not expect Devi Paulmi to do this, she is taking her personal revenge there, I have to call her back now. Santoshi says I did not do anything. Inspector comes and asks Devki to leave Santoshi. He says I will beat her my way. He asks Devki to make Santoshi say truth. Santoshi says I m saying truth. Devki gets angry on an old woman who defends Santoshi. Santoshi stops Devki and saying you are doing wrong. Devki says I will beat you, you will get sense. Santoshi says fine, beat me, maybe that can prove I m innocent, my Santoshi Maa will support me, as she does not let truth lose.

Santoshi Maa smiles and says I m glad seeing your devotion, my blessings are always with you. Devki blesses Santoshi. Santoshi chants Santoshi Maa’s name. Santoshi Maa bears her pain and gets the marks on her hand. Gaumata asks why are you bearing her pain. Santoshi Maa says I will always help my devotee, that woman is doing mistake unknowingly, she will also realize her mistake. Devki thinks am I punishing true devotee. She throws the stick and goes. The old woman says your devotion made Devki leave, she does not leave anyone.

Dhairya and Riya dance. She says its our marriage and my birthday, how cute, we will celebrate both things together, when we do registered marriage tomorrow, we will shift it in Madhu’s room, I don’t like this room. He asks what, how can we ask Madhu’s room, try to understand. She says I don’t know anything. Kaka goes to meet Santoshi and takes lawyer. Bittoo goes to Kaka. Kaka thanks lawyer for making papers so that he can meet Santoshi.

Bittoo asks Kaka what are you thinking. Kaka says I don’t know what to say, its good you told me about Paulmi’s drama, we have to think how to get this corrupt officer punished, how to stop Riya and Dhairya’s marriage, and get Santoshi freed. Bitto says don’t worry, I thought something. She tells him everything. He asks what are you saying, will Santoshi agree. She says Santoshi has to agree.

Santoshi runs away from the police station. Inspector catches her. He says you made my work easy, now I will do your encounter.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Initiaĺly started on a good note but now al crap n illogical things r shown which r impossible

  2. hi renu completely agree with u dis show is totally baseless

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