Ishq Unplugged 19th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Unplugged 19th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Abilasha asks Antara to chose a peppy item number and sing and Sunny with improvise he, Mandy will sing along them. Sunny taunts Antara that she knows many songs and it is not a big deal for her. Antara thinks aayi will not like her singing these kind of sings as she did not sing in her whole career. Sunny asks if she should message some songs. Antara says no.

Antara and Sunny come on stage wearing bengali saris and sing Dola re and also dance. Everyone enjoy their performance and clap loudly. Judge says wow..Dabboo says fantastic and praises Antara’s choice. Judge says Antara is versatle. Abhilasha says Sunny also sang well. Dabboo and other judge give extra marks for Antara and Abhilasha takes Sunny’s side. She says this time Sunny will chose song this time. Juge asks Sunny to chose 2 chits and they will sing that song. They both pick chits. Dabboo says they will meet in sharp 10 min.

Babli suggests Sunny to find Antara’s weakness and defeat. Sunny says she does not want all this and has to speak to Mandy first.

Mandy gives water to Antara and suggests her to sing water song. Antara says she has fear of water and if waters falls on her, she panicks. Sunny asks how does she take bath then. She says that is different, but she cannot otherwise, says Aayi will not like it and she will withdraw her name. Mandy encourages her and says they can be partners. Sunny hears their conversation and thinks of using Antara’s weakness in her favor. Antara leaves ingoring her, she fumes. Button comes and gives costums and says black is for Antara and white for Sunny, asks to get ready soon. Antara comes and asks which is her costume..

Sunny goes on stage wearing black constume and sings Nain parinde…song…Power goes off. Judge asks to continue song. She sips water and continues…Everyone clap after she finishes. Judge says frankly speaking things are not good for Sunny. Sunny says she got afraid seeing darkness. Dabboo says that was the twist. Antara’s turn comes. She sings barsore megha barso….song…Someone splashes water on her. Antara panicks but thinks she has to overcome her fear. She tries to hide her modesty and corrects her dress. Mandy goes and dorns his jacket over her. Judges fume. Mandy says she did a good job and she does not ahve to worry.

Judges asks Button why he gave white dress to Antara. Button says he gave white to Sunny and black to Antara and asks Sunny if he briefed her or not. She says he did not and lies. Antara says she has been humiliated already, she came here to prove herself and win with her talent and not because she is Charulatha Joshi’s daughter. She does not want to use dirty politics like others and will win trophy with hard work.

Precap: Mandy says Sunny they are no more friends and will not meet after competition ends. Mandy and Antara practice sensual dance moves.

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