Santoshi Maa 17th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Santoshi Maa 17th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Santoshi slapping Trishna. Narad tells Brahmadev about Devi Paulmi doing puja, it will increase bad thoughts in puja. Brahmadev asks Devi Paulmi is Narad saying true. She says I m Indrani, I have devotees on earth, if anyone wants to pray to me, what’s my mistake, like devotees pray to other devis, humans will have greed, jealousy and enmity in heart, if they don’t have these emotions in heart, how will he progress, I can’t make person imbalanced. Santoshi Maa says balance is necessary, else human will bear bad result.

Devi Paulmi says human pray to even humans, there is someone in Santoshi Maa’s devotee’s house who is calling himself Lord, I m Devi, I don’t have powers and can’t stop my devotees, they are doing this by their senses, is Narad taking revenge from me. Brahmadev says I m worried for earth, if the bad qualities get in humans more, then pity and Dharm can fall in trouble. He says its not Devi Paulmi’s mistake, I will look after this matter.

Trishna starts the drama. She says someone has hidden camera in my bathroom. She scolds Pushpa and servants. She beats servants and asks Santoshi not to talk in between. Kaka comes. Santoshi tells matter to Kaka. Kaka defends servants. Trishna says they were trying to make MMS. Kaka says wrong, they are like family members. Trishna says someone has done this, how to find out who has done this, this house has CCTV footage. Santoshi says yes, we can find out who went to your room for the last time. Trishna asks her to come to Dhairya’s room. They check CCTV footage and see Kaka going to Trishna’s room.

Trishna says Kaka has come to my room. Santoshi and everyone get shocked. Trishna says now I understand why you got scared, did you not get shame to do this, tell me. Kaka asks what are you saying, can I do this, I went to your room to check ringing phone, I called you out too. Trishna says you are making excuse. Santoshi asks her to come to senses. Trishna says how can you be blind, I will call police, I will complain about him. She records everything.

Kaka says you have big misunderstanding, I can’t even think of this, I went to check ringing phone. Trishna says no use of emotional drama. Santoshi says you are saying anything now, Kaka is Dhairya’s father, he is like your father. Trishna says then he should have behaved like father. She scolds Kaka and holds his collar. Santoshi slaps Trishna. Trishna falls over vase, and phone breaks. Dhairya comes and sees this.

He holds Santoshi by hair and scolds her. Kaka stops him. Dhairya says don’t stop me. Kaka says I will tell you why Santoshi slapped Trishna, Santoshi is your wife. Trishna thinks to use this chance. She says Santoshi has right to slap me, leave her. Dhairya holds Trishna’s hand and promises to marry her the day he divorces Santoshi, he will kick out Santoshi from this house after six months, then he will see who stops her. Kaka and Santoshi get shocked.

Santoshi thinks I will leave from Dhairya’s life forever. Santoshi Maa says Santoshi is depressed and going wrong way, Gaumata you have to show right way to Santoshi. Trishna thinks Dhairya accepted my marriage proposal, my mobile damaged, I collected proof for divorce. Devi Paulmi says Trishna should have been careful, she succeeded to get Dhairya. Santoshi packs bag. Kaka stops her. She says I have no right to fight now, I will not stay here. He says I could not do anything for you. She says no, you did a lot for me. They cry.

Santoshi leaves from the house. She recalls Dhairya and Trishna. Gaumata meets her at the tea stall. She says I left work at your house and selling things on road, where are you going. Santoshi says my Maayka, my husband is going to marry Trishna. Gaumata says I had doubt this will happen, I could not tell you, Trishna is the one who filled poison in Dhairya’s mind, Dhairya is good at heart, expose that woman, else she will ruin your house.

Santoshi and Gaumata hear Trishna meeting lawyer and saying I have to marry Dhairya, he is trapped in my love.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sick of these stupid storylines!! For goodness sake, how many times does Santoshi has to face a test? How can Bramadev be so blind to Devi Polouami? What happened to his powers of wisdom?

  2. leisa s morris

    How can d head god not be able to tap into his powers to see exactly where d wrobgs have started. He keep sayin it will be bad but not doin anyting to change it. If hes so powerful y is devi paulomi able to get away with lying,makin a human and enterin bkack smoke in ppl to control dem. She keeps sayin dat its humans free will to worship her and for her to go to dem but dairya had no free mibd as she used black smoke yet d all great god bramadev cant even realize dat. Its one ting to say god allows tings to happen but its another ting entirely wen he cant even see wats goin on. This isnt a real portrayal or d main god who should kno everyting

  3. Alister La Frenais

    The head god is nothing more than a puppet. He has three heads and 3 pairs of eyes yet he is blind as a bat. The evil Devi Poulomi has admitted that she is the daughter of a demon and has secured demonic powers. Santoshi Devi, is not very wise because she is only interested in guiding Santoshi her devotee on to the right path, when she should be directing her efforts to bring Dhairya on to the right path. How about a huge fire to cleanse the Mishra household, that would really put the cat amongst the pigeons.

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