Santoshi Maa 11th September 2020 Written Episode Update – Swati enters indresh’s house in disguise for massaging him.


Santoshi Maa 11th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with mahadev tells polomi that it’s gods duty to know it’s devotees problems so he asks her can you tell me what is wrong with swati’s deeds to face such problems in her life then polomi says it may be written in her fate & mahadev tells her I asked you about her deeds & not her fate so if you can answer tell or you can leave but understand one thing that I do not need anybody’s influence to reduce any gods powers due to wrong deeds. Polomi leaves & watching swati’s devoting towards him mahadev tells paravati mata that if swati keeps doing this meditation for me then I will cease all powers of polomi & paravati mata smiles while santoshi mata thanks mahadev.
All of them complete Pooja & dev rishi tells swati first monday’s Pooja is finished & santoshi mata tells her this is good you have started doing while swati thanks both & they leave.
Swati calls indresh’s aunty to know about his health but she tells her he is still in same condition & swati asks nidhi is medicating him but she says do not know what kind of medication she is doing so swati asks some help from her.
Devi polomi comes to discuss with her asoor gurudev about mahadev & paravati mata supporting devi santoshi for her devotee & also saying he might cease my powers so guru says always gods have done this with asoors but conditions have become this way as if swati’s meditation succeeds then nothing can happen because meditation with pure dedication impresses mahadev & then swati cannot be defeated so polomi says that I’ll kill her then if this is to happen & guru advises today’s day being best due to moon hiding & no gods can see anything happening in this world & polomi feels glad saying then I’ll do this work immediately & then I’ll tell dev rishi whoever tries wrong with me gets killed.
Indresh’s aunty is discussing with a woman about remedy for indresh in between his mother arrives scolding his aunty then the woman tells his aunty to tell her what I was advising but she says this may not happen then indresh’s mother asks her what so the woman tells her my son had also faced similar condition then I had called a massaging person by which he got better so indresh’s mother tells her to call as I‘ll do anything for my son.
Swati & her brother comes in disguise as a massaging people & asks permission by indresh’s father but he is ignoring them & swati’s brother anuj says do not ignore us as you don’t know about her hands art in massage & indresh’s mother tries to convince his father to let them do as I cannot see such conditions of indresh but he refuses then too she is trying to convince saying only half an hour will take daily which might get indresh better & he allows her saying it’s only because of you or I wouldn’t had allowed these people. They are welcomed by indresh’s mother while swati is moving fast but indresh’s aunty stops her to slow & swati’s brother tries pretending that he doesn’t know the house so indresh’s mother guides him while indresh’s sister insults them & swati says we’ll go from here if they are insulting us & he too says the same while indresh’s mother calms them & do nicely so that my son will get better. Swati’s brother tells his mother to leave this room as we will be doing it without any disturbance & she leaves.
Indresh is telling them I have not slept for long so swati’s brother asks him where is your other wife & he says she won’t come. Swati is looking at indresh hiding her saree emotionally & weeping while her brother is calming her & she is pressing her head as he gets sleep.
Indresh’s aunty hugs swati explaining her how much she missed her & was remembering her & saying good you came here & says to see how indresh is sleeping by getting massage through your hands & swati too feels right as it’s because of you it has all happened. Indresh sees them & calls shouting his parents but swati tries to calm him then too he shouts swati saying so this was all planned by you & indresh’s father & all members come running to see & they find all planned by indresh’s aunty so indresh’s mother pulls her out to throw her away from this house & swati too is pulled by indresh’s sister while indresh’s father pulls swati’s brother. Swati’s brother scolds swat saying I had told you these people are not worth & let indresh die once & for all while swati shouts him to not to say anything henceforth.

Precap : Swati tells her parents i’ll go & come but her father tries to stop her saying within sometime moon will hide so she says that’s why santoshi mata’s Pooja has being arranged. Swati & some people are performing Pooja in santoshi mata’s temple while some goons come & they are fighting with swati as swati is retaliating & polomi says today swati will be killed & swati is hit with a stick as she falls down unconscious.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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