Kumkum Bhagya 14th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Prachi feels helpless to marry Ranbir


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The Episode starts with Aryan covering up unconscious Maya’s face and body with blanket and hopes she doesn’t shout. He hopes that nobody shall see identify Prachi and she is sitting with Ranbir to help her. Ranbir and Prachi are seated for their marriage. Beeji tells that they shall drown and die as they can’t stop the marriage together. Vikram says now you both have said right and asks can’t you say Maya’s mother that you don’t want to get the marriage done. Mrs. Chaubey comes there. Vikram tells that the decoration is good, they were saying that and says when two women talks then God comes to listen to them. Mr. Chaubey laughs aloud. Vikram says you are laughing like Gabbar Singh. Ranbir says they are laughing on their own joke. Prachi says ask me, how joke becomes. Ranbir asks if she is not happy? Prachi tells that she had no choice and thinks when Shahana told me that Ranbir sat on the mandap. She saw Maya going out with Mrs. Chaubey and says now nothing can be done. Aryan says even Rahul is unconscious. Sarita behen there might be some way. Shahana says just now Maya went to mandap. Prachi says until marriage happens, anything can happen. She tells that if they do something so that Ranbir and Maya get up from the mandap, then she will take Rahul to Maya and will tell if this marriage happens then Rahul will tell her truth to everyone, so that Maya has only two options, either elope with Rahul or get arrested by Police. Shahana says Rahul is unconscious. Prachi says we will take him as if he is in his senses and will tie his mouth with cloth. Maya will think that we have tied his mouth so that he doesn’t shout. Shahana asks how they will get up from the mandap. Sarita behen tells that she has an idea and tells that if they keep Burada (wood powder used to make Paneer tikka etc. ) then so much smoke will come out then everyone will get up. Shahana says she will change the ingredients plate with wood powder. Prachi says we have done something which nobody had thought about. The pandit ji put the burada in the havan kund, and smoke comes out. Shahana whispers to Ranbir to come to guest room. Dushyant and Mrs. Chaubey take Maya and Ranbir to room. Prachi thinks everything was going good when Ranbir did a mistake. Ranbir thinks if I had not done that mistake then Maya would have been sitting with me rather than you.

Dushyant asks Maya and Ranbir to sit in the room until everything is fine. Ranbir sees Prachi and says you…Maya insults Prachi for coming there. Ranbir says you can’t do this and asks her to shut up. Prachi says its ok and asks Ranbir to snatch her phone as Maya is calling Dushyant. Maya calls Dushyant. Prachi and Ranbir try to snatch phone from her. Prachi manages to snatch phone from her and tells that Rahul is here and I will expose you infront of everyone. She says he agreed to do this. Ranbir asks when? Prachi thinks why did you say this as Maya had a doubt when you said this. Pandit ji asks Ranbir and bride to keep hand on each other. Prachi thinks she had promised Maa…She recalls and a fb is shown, Bubbly’s mother gets upset with her and tells that she will talk to her father. Bubbly tells that Maa is mad and asks Prachi and Pragya to have cold drink. Prachi says Bubbly is strange girl, she did love marriage and saying this. Pragya says she would have told her mother before marriage and asks her not to tell her on the marriage day that she wants to marry. Prachi says she will not do this. Pragya says everything is written in destiny and asks her to tell her, says I have to see if the guy is good. Fb ends. Prachi thinks I can’t marry without Maa’s permission. Pandit ji asks Maya to forward her hand. Prachi doesn’t forward her hand. Ranbir forwards his hand. Dushyant asks if Maya has gone mad? Mr. Chaubey says don’t know why is she doing this? Pallavi and Beeji get happy. Rhea tells Aaliya that she has understood that Ranbir is written in your brother’s daughter kumkum bhagya and not in Maya’s bhagya. Ranbir is about to take back his hand when Prachi gives her hand in his hand and feels apologetic to her mother. Aaliya gets a call and tell Rhea that Suwarni Dadi was right, and that Ranbir is in her destiny. Rhea gets happy.

Prachi thinks Maya shouldn’t have done that. A fb again. Maya tells that she doesn’t have any boyfriend. Prachi says I have seen you both in the mall together, how can you refuse. She says we will tell everyone. Maya says my bade Papa will deal with you. Prachi tells that Rahul told us the truth that it was your plan to marry Ranbir and then divorce him for money. Ranbir tells that she has changed her plan. Prachi says you are telling me now. He says he didn’t have time to tell her. Maya says you both are childish to fight and can’t think big like me. She calls her fool to think to convince her. She says you can’t and tells that you can’t identify Rahul. Prachi says he is in dancer’s costume, your game has ended. Maya acts to cry and asks her not to tell her family as they think that she truly loves Ranbir, but if they come to know that I ..love Rahul then my bade Papa will kill me. She cries and folds her hand.

Ranbir thinks he wanted to marry her, but didn’t know that the marriage will happen this way. Prachi thinks I wanted to marry you, but wouldn’t have been forced to come to mandap, if you had not told me all that.

Rhea comes to Aaliya and asks what happened? Aaliya asks her to come. Ranbir thinks Maya was a big dramebaaz. A fb again, Maya asks Ranbir and Prachi not to tell he family. She says please and then starts laughing. She says you are a big fool prachi, what do you think that I will beg infront of you to agree, no. I will not do this. She tells Ranbir that she will marry him only, but Prachi is creating many problems so she will end her from the roots. She asks them to look out of window and tells that if she throws her out then she will die. She tells Prachi that she has a gift for her and tries to pull her towards the window, but Maya herself falls down as Ranbir pulls Prachi towards him. Maya faints. Ranbir and Prachi get shocked. Mrs. Chaubey knocks on the door. Prachi asks Ranbir not to feel guilty and says you have not done anything. Ranbir says even you are innocent, nothing happened? Prachi says how she can die? Mrs. Chaubey asks Maya to come out and says Dushyant went to take Ranbir from his room. Prachi says if bade Papa comes here. Ranbir says he will kill us then. Mrs. Chaubey says why Maya is not speaking and says I am coming inside. Ranbir asks her not to come inside. Ranbir and Prachi keep Maya on the sofa. Mrs. Chaubey tells Dushyant that she will bring them both and comes inside, asks Ranbir where is Maya? Ranbir gets shocked.

Precap: Ranbir asks Prachi to sit on the mandap. Prachi refuses. Shahana tells that they shall delay the marriage. Aaliya decides to swap the bride with Rhea. Dushyant aims gun at the bride and Ranbir.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. When will prabhi meet.i wish in this marriage they will meet.

    1. I feel when they meet they will have a new battle who favoring which daughter more for Ranbir… Hopefully, Pragya won’t make Prachi a sacrificial lamb for Rhea as she did for Tanu pregnancy smh so fed up of this and the new Alia and Rhea as annoying looking like the last two they should’ve just killed off Alia character all together the show have enough villain as is and Rhea is enough villain for two… So many incomplete stories where’s Purab Disha Sunny won’t they get a good ending or they just throw them out altogether now we stuck on a Maya and Ranbir wedding with no real storyline

  2. rhea if you talk like this to pranchi don’t say characterless about pranchi otherwise pranchi gets upset.
    Abhi you just see your daughter rhea if you talk like this to pranchi about characterless.
    Abhi you tell to rhea we should not talk like that to pranchi please abhi you can do it.
    Abhi that ranbir he gets marry to pranchi.

  3. Prabhi forever! Prachi and Ranbir zinda baad

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