Sanskar: My Kidnapper – chapter 12

Swara’s POV

I walked through the corridor of the hospital and down the steps till the lobby, only to see no one I know, there. I was so into searching the person that I gasped when a hand rested on my shoulder. I cautiously turned around to see. I was surprised at the sight. Sahil? What was he doing here?
Before I could process things, he pulled me into a warm hug. That friendly hug that I had missed. I hugged him back with the same affection.

“what are you doing here? ” I asked astonished once we broke.

“just stalking you… ” he replied, grinning.

“stalking? ” how? Okay, as if even I could notice!

“of course. I see that you haven’t realized this, I’ve been stalking you since the day I saw you with some b*t*h in that blo*dy red car… ” he gritted, his face turning slightly red.

“Sahil? ” of course. I was surprised. No… I must say I was taken aback. I had heard guys swearing now and then. But not him. And not with me around. He never did that and that is the reason I believe I accepted his friendship years ago.

“oh!! Mm… Swara.. I… I was… ” he fumbled.

“I didn’t expect…” I was cut off.

“never mind Swara…. The only thing now is… Finally…. You know… After all the struggle… I finally got you…. It’s time for celebration…. ” he said. Excitement dripping in his voice.

I tried to smile. But it was rather difficult. In the hell it was time to celebrate! I was supposed to meet people there…. My family, There, was awaiting me… Maybe in fury. But I deserve it. Don’t I? I have to face the wrath.
But turning Sahil off can’t be done. He’s my friend after all.

“Swara… We’ll start? ” he asked shaking me.

“Huh….? Where? ” I asked confused.

“I guess I was talking to the wall nearby… ” he sighed.

“listen, Sahil, I have to go. My family is here, and I can’t go anywhere. Maybe sometime…” I hoped I convinced him. But I knew I didn’t.

He looked…. Surprised? Angry?

He nodded, cautiously.

“your dad, you know, he’s off since you’ve gone. It’s just he wanted to see once if possible. He’s almost laid. ” he said staring at his fingers, finding something really amazing over there.
My hand involuntarily reached his, compelling him to meet my eyes.

“I’m married now. Unless I get permission from my in laws, it’s not healthy to stalk around. Say him I said hi. And yeah. Don’t tell him this, but take care of him. I heard things aren’t going too well. Company in loss, reputation at stake, things there must be real difficult. ”

He nodded. What else could he do?

“you know Swara, you’ve changed. ”
He said and something in me, stung.
“I meant, after your marriage and all, your priorities have changed. ” he corrected himself immediately but it had already seeped deep into my mind.

“you people are always my first, but things here aren’t too good as well. ” I tried to clarify, taking my hands off his.

“I don’t understand how it matters to you. But okay, as you said. ” he said again getting me into grip.
“things aren’t great, but manageable. Your husband of a person isn’t as ruthless.” he smirked.

All I could do was just stare at him. Again telling him something that has damaged Sanskar’s mind, may get something else in his mind. I stayed put as he started about the Maheshwari’s and the loss. I wished I could help.

“Sahil you’re not helping…! ”

“well, that’s what a friend is for? ” he smirked, soon laughing at his non-comical joke.
I just shook my head in disbelief.

“I regret talking to you… ”

“oh well! You know me. Fine, so how have you been? ”

“a question to finally ask! I’m well here…. What about you? ” I ask winking, my lips turning up.

“thing is actually, uncle’s been worried about you and I guess when I tell him that I ran into you, he would be happy. ” he smiled genuinely.

“had you not mentioned that you were stalking me? ” I asked confused.

“nope. I just saw you once with that bi.. I mean Ragini, when you were out somewhere. But I couldn’t get hold of you… You’re husband is damn protective.” he shrugged.

“I was “kidnapped”” I quoted.
He nodded.

Not really wanting to but I gazed my surroundings only to see Sanskar standing there, his eyes red in fury. I immediately took back my hand from Sahil’s as soon as I saw his gaze trailing downwards.

“what’s wrong? ” Sahil asked as he turned to the direction I had set my eyes.

I slowly, shifted my eyes from him to Sahil, only to see him smirk.
“here we go…. We have Mr, Maheshwari here… ” he said sarcastically.

I was supposedly shocked when I saw Sanskar over there. Things between us weren’t even good, for that matter and the superlative wouldn’t at all work.

Sanskar stayed mum, clenching, his gaze set on me. I was confused, to react or not. To look at him or not.

With my hand still in his, Sahil walked towards him, dragging me along, a mischevious glint in his eyes playing along.

“Sahil!” I whispered to stop him but nothing worked.

“Mr. Maheshwari. How have you been? Well, how’s that whatever sister of yours? Healing? Tsk tsk. Boy, I wished you were helpful. Regardless to say. You’re the person who dumps everyone who loves you. Anyway… All the best back there… Tell your family I said hi. ” he iced at last.

I took a deep breath before getting my hands out of his. He was getting into Sanskar’s nerves, and I can tell it with his looks. Unbelievably, Sanskar just walked off before I could say something.

“I’ve got to go swara, uncle would be awaiting you. Try meeting him. He’ll be happy ” he said before bidding me a bye with a hug.

Fidgeting, I walked along the stairs and then towards Shruti’s ward. I hope she was awake. But I so hope she’s not. It wouldn’t hurt if she wakes after a while until I tell things to Sanskar. But if she’s, then…… Even then, it would be okay, I guess. Well, it had to be.

My heart thudded as my feet walked closer to her room. Everyone stood there awaiting something or someone? I slowly made my way to them. Laksh’s eyes soon caught me. He smiled a little before walking to me when Aadhya tugged his pant. Lifting her up, he walked to me.

“are you okay? ” he asked, concerned.

I nodded. Things were getting awkward. At least to me. I smiled lightly. I noticed Aadhya was way too silent for my liking. She held on to laksh’s neck, her head buried in the crook of his neck.

“what’s wrong?” I asked him, skimming my hand over her short, soft locks.

“she’s tired. She’s been up for way too long. I’ll take her home. Wish to come?” he asked brows quirked up.
As if desperate, I nodded. Well, I was. I need to get myself trained up to face people. Especially, my husband. I need to tell him now. I had to tell him why things went off way.

“she’s asleep… Can you drive for me? ” he asked when we made it to his car.
I nodded. I would have preferred holding her but knowing that she’s too tired I didn’t want to argue. I opened the door of the passenger seat for him and he smiled.

“this had to be the other way round sissy… ” he laughed.

“what’s so hilarious about that?”

“no… It’s just your expressions…. They’re my treat. ” I shook my head biting my lip to keep myself from grinning stupidly at his words.

“Now, now…. Drive safe… I don’t trust girls in driving. ” he smirked and I glared, as the wheel took off.

He never asked me anything about shruti. Good for me. But I was determined to tell things to Sanskar as soon as possible.
“Sanskar’s POV

“how’s she? ” I asked Siddhanth, when he sat next to me.

He smiled at me sadly. It took all of me to get a word out of my dry throat.

“hmm… I don’t know… ” he said quietly. I knew that meant a lot. A lot had to be known and a lot more had to be faced.

“you… You’re scaring me… ” I almost groaned.

“she wants to meet you Sanskar. ” he said, monotonous.

“I…. I can’t…. Face her… ” I was devastated.

“she’s knows you in and out. I told you, she may not be able to talk, but she could hear you out. She holds herself responsible for what happened to Aadhya and here you are doing the same. You brother and sister are insane and out of my knowledge. Go, meet her. ” he said genuinely pissed off.

Of course, I had to pity him for what he’s dealing with. My little sister would have put her wrath on him. Knowing her, she probably wouldn’t be crying, but yet, her eyes speak a lot. I nodded at him and started to her room.

With a deep breath, I opened the door, to see her connected to several machines around her. Her face flushed, nose wrapped with the artificial respirator. As soon as her eyes landed on me, she tried getting up. I swiftly walked to her side stopping her.

“don’t. ”

“where’s she? ” her eyes expectant. Or didn’t take me a second to guess who she’s talking about.

“I… I don’t know… ”

She pushed the respirator away.

“you must be kidding me. I’ve waited all along two years to see her. Come-on, call her… ” she hissed.

“you get home first. ” I tried.

“shut up and get her now… Or I know how to get things done. ”

“shruti… ”

“nope… ” she turned away.
I shook my head at her impossible behavior. She does know how to get things done. By hook or by crook.

“fine… ”

“my, my… Did you just accept something I said?” she smirked.

“stop it. ” I groaned.

“and get Aadhya too… ”
I nodded.

“bye… ” she said turning away, placing the respirator back.

Appalled, I just moved out of the room. It wasn’t as bad as I expected. I smiled to myself before lifting up my phone to my ear after dialing laksh.

“get Aadhya and Swara. Shruti wants to see them. Be calm with Swara. ”

He sighed.

“maybe I’ve kidnapped her, but the cause was you. I behave. Unlike you. ”

It was my turn to sigh.

“I hate that I love you both. How’s mom??”

“she’s tired. Dad will be here in three days. Maybe. ”

“oh! Okay, be here soon.. ”

“sure, sunny… ”

Urgh. Will he stop calling me that? A minute before, I was shivering with fear and now they’ve managed to get me frustrated. Do I need them?
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