Sanskar Ki Sanskari Swara (swasan fs) by Marsuu Shot 6

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Sanskar Ki Sanskari Swara(swasan fs)
Shot 6:
Precap: swara get to know that sanskar is engaged to Nikita and Sanskar shocked.

Swasan Room:
Swara is standing in balcony staring blankly. Tears are flowing from her hazel nut eyes. Sanskar came hurriedly inside the room but didn’t find swara. He went to check in balcony and she is standing there. He went near her and place his hand on her which was resting on railing. Sensing him, she removed her hand and quickly wiped her tears.
Sanskar: swara
She still didn’t turn towards him. He made her turn but she was looking down.He was not understanding how to start.
Swara: why u betrayed me???

Her question made him senseless. He never thought like this that he is betraying her.He spoke not able to find words
Sanskar: swara I..
Swara(cut him): its okay I can understand that u love nikita and was going to marry her and it was me only who unwantedly came in your life. But don’t worry I don’t want to become obstacle in your life and I will leave you.
Sanskar was shocked that what all she is saying is not correct. Yes she never thought that she will come in his life but she was not unwanted in his life.

Sanskar: swara it’s not like that u r my wife. We are married.
Swara: if u really care for your wife and marriage then u would have broken the engagement with nikita.
Yes she was right. Is he trying to fool her or himself.
Sanskar:Swara I have a reason plzz listen.

Swara:yes say
Sanskar: actually Nikita’s father is supporting my company and if I will break this relation then my company will go in loss.
Swara: sanskar Ji I never thought for your selfishness u will spoil others life.
Sanskar: I want to live a normal life with u and will break my relation with nikita.
Swara:this same thing u had told nikita also. Why u r double crossing both of us???
Sanskar: Swara try to understand…
Swara:what should I understand that my husband is having relation with some other girl.
Her words hit him hardly. He don’t want anyone blame him like this specially swara.
Swara: plzz I don’t want to live with you.

Sanskar: Swara just give me one day I will break all my relations with nikita plzz.
Swara thought for few seconds then said
Swara:okay if till tomorrow u didn’t break your engagement then just bring my tickets to India.
Sanskar was left with no other option so he just nodded.
Swara silently went from there.
Sanskar didn’t felt like going to office leaveing her alone so he sit in his room and called his pa.

Sanskar:hello john
John:yes sir
Sanskar:tell me if shekar uncle will not support our company then how much loss will be there?
Sanskar closed his eyes.
Sanskar: contact will all the big companies those who want to do business with us.
John:okay Sir
He cut the call and went downstairs.

Sanskar came and saw swara.
Sanskar:swara can u give me a coffee.
She just nodded and went to kitchen and sanskar felt sad that she didn’t talked to him.
Later,swara came to hall and give coffee to sanskar and was leaving when she said
Swara:I m going to bring some things which are finished.
Sanskar; okay take my credit card.
Swara:no need I will manage.
She left without listening his answer. He signed and started working on laptop.

On the road:
Swara was going to nearby mall when she strike with someone. The person held her carefully. He is shekar.
Shekar:be careful beta.
Swara:thank you
She looked at shekar and got shocked.

Her blood boil seeing him.
Shekar:u r fine??
Swara didn’t answered as she was astonished to see her father who left her and her mother long back.
Then only Nikita came.
Nikita:let’s go dad.
Nikita:swara u here??
Shekar:u know her.?
Nikita:yes she is(stops for a second) my friend.

Shekar: ohh nice to meet u beta.
Swara:excuse me.
Swara went from there back to home.
She don’t want to face that man and the biggest shock he got was he is Nikita’s father.Shekar didn’t recognized her as she was very small when he left.

Swasan Apartment:
Swara came inside and Sanskar was confused that she came so soon and empty handed.
Sanskar: Swara
But she didn’t answered and went to her room.
Sanskar got worried and went after her.

Swasan room:
Sanskar came inside but swara was not there. He heard some noise from washroom and waited outside.
Its half an hour that she is inside, now sanskar was worried like hell.
He went near washroom

Sanskar:swara u are fine?
Then swara realized that sanskar is also at home. She slowly opened the door and came out. Sanskar got shocked seeing her condition. Her eyes are red, hairs are wet and tears non stop flowing from her eyes.
Sanskar (cups her face): what happened.?? Someone said u something.
Swara (pleading): plxz I want to go to India I don’t want to live here.
Sanskar: but u said u will wait
Swara:no I want to meet ma I don’t want to live here….

Her words left incomplete as she fainted. Sanskar held her
Sanskar (pat her cheeks): swara open your eyes.
He picked her in his arms and made her lie on bed. He immediately called doctor.
Later, doctor came and checked her.

Sanskar:what happened to her?
Doctor: she is having fever and fainted due to stress.I will give medicine when she will wake give her.
Sanskar nodded. When doctor left, he came and sit near swara
Sanskar: something happened outside only, she don’t want to go to India just bcoz of me may be there is some other reason.Let her get well I will ask.
Whole day Swara slept as Doctor has given injection so that she can relax.
Sanskar also didn’t went out and was working at home.

Swara moved her head and then slowly opened her eyes . she don’t know when she slept.
After seeing her awake, sanskar went near and checked her forehead.
Swara stare at him blankly
Sanskar: how are u feeling now?

Swara got up and slowly went to washroom.Sanskar was about to held her when she show her hand
Swara:I will manage.
Sanskar waited for her and when she came back he went down.
Swara was lost in her thoughts that how many shocks she got.
Firstly that sanskar is betraying her and shekar her ex-father is here and Sanskar is engaged with her step sister. Ohhh god these all things are spinning her head. All are playing their own games and hurting her. Her thoughts were broken by sanskar who came with soup.
Sanskar sit near her and was about to feed her when she stopped and said
Swara:I will eat myself no need to show your fake concern.

Sanskar silently give bowl to her as he don’t want to stress her by arguing with her .Later, swara had her medicine and lie on bed.
It was night now, so Sanskar also stopped working and lie on his side of bed.Sensing him swara sit on bed.
Sanskar:swara u want something.
Swara:I don’t want to sleep with u on bed.

Sanskar signed and went to couch.
Sanskar:take rest.
Swara lie on bed and turn her face other side. Sanskar was still in dilemma that how to make all things normal.

To be continued….

Precap: swara’s outburst

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