I wanna heart to die but not soul to live – episode 4

Ignore spelling and grammatical mistake
Sorry guys for separate ur favourite couple but as u know

wo ishq he kya jis may judai na ho ishq to wo he mukamal hota hai jo aag say guzar kar sholo may lipta howa ho aur phir wo rangta khud ko us may jo us ko ishqbaaz banata hai

Khanna enter the mansion and ask them to come outside all rushed outside and saw fire and something was burning what’s this? S pov? He got shocked bcoz Anika belonings were burning S shouted khanna bring water and extinugish it but it was too late all became ash just in few blinks

Om step forward and picked up something it was family pic which was half burned om had tears in his eyes bcoz it was their family pic and only ankia pic was burned

Om pov: khud ko kar liya faana us nay
Khud he angni di apni chita ko
Ab jo reha gaya wo to bus khaak hai

Suddenly rain stated

Lol yeh falak bhi roh diya khud aj us ko rula k

Lets go dadi gauri pov and every1 went inside

Few hrs ago: chalo let’s have dinner guys bhavay pov. Dadi plz have it and u all too come  for what reason u r sad it’s good na she has left is house Bhavay and same others have tears in their eyes.

Yes om come u knw na bhabi don’t like and what she requested didn’t u remember. All settled down and Dadi asked rudy to call S

S bhiaya Dadi is calling u for dinner rudy I’m not hungry u go. No bhaiya not without u w8 he ask S to ready this Kya ready karu S asked?

W8 let me ready it for u aur rudy plz kisi aur say bhi kehan k don’t stop…… bhaiya bhabi chali to gye but still she cares for u so come

Every1 now was having their dinner when gauri eyes felt on ALOO PURI and she ran from there om followed her and hugged her G what happened omkara g bhabi ko aloo puri bohat pasand thi om also had tears in his eyes

All left the dinning area and all moved towards their rooms but none could sleep

Bhavay knocked gauri room what happened Bhavay? G asked? Woh mujh neend nahe aa rhe hai both were having tears in their eyes.

Bhavay questioned ? Kya anika di theek ho ge na un ka blood bhi nikal raha tha what if something has happened to her. No nothing will happen to our lioness.

Rudy di ? Why u r calling bhabi di? Gauri changed the topic

Can I sleep in ur lap gauri di oho i mean bhabi and with tears in their eyes they close their eyes. Rudy to slept in omkara’ s room

Night was to long and dark for whole OM

Few days later:
Every1 was busy with their daily routines what? Have they forgotten her so easily …..

Om ask her na i knw she will definitely say yes hv some guts man. Rudy pov

Om: shut up Rudy

Rudy fone ringed; hello yes who’s there what? Somaya u how r u? What u r coming back, yes l’m listening u can tell me now if it’s so important? Ok fine as u wish come soon bye

Haan O i was saying that u should oho O listen to me na O ,O i don’t no when I’ll be caĺled chahu by some1

Hey rudy shivay kaha hai chalo again this  nagini came back to poison us. Hello nagini you r still to piosions so don’t enter this mansion bye from here. Bad joke rudy nagini pov.

Gauri do u hv any idea where is S ? N pov. He’s not at home he has gone from some meeting
Now u leave

Almost week passed on: it was a fair night all gather in Dadi”s  room except shivavy and pinki aunty. So shall I start it yes.

Shivay enter the mansion but it was pin drop salient in the OM. S pov? Where is every1? Sarvent came and said every1 is in Dadi’s room. Ok fine go

Shivavy step to dadi room but was shocked and sad too. All were watching anika pics on multimedia and rudy was telling the story behind every pic with heavy throat.

And all were in  there thoughts and were remebering their sweet memories with A.

Dadi pov: puttar tu kaha hai come back and hug me

Song was playing with Anika pic.
All were crying holding each other remebering their tym with Anika.
S saliently left the room and was also left in thoughts

After 2 weeks
Somaya enter the mansion and first question she asked where is Anika bhabi? None answer it.
Woh out of station hai but still somaya felt something fishy but she let it go.

Rudy u knw na i’hv something very important to tell u. Somaya pov. U can tell me later but before that u rest rudy pov.

Somaya: No I’hv to go my husband is w8ing for me in galaxy hotel. What? All stood up u got married with whom and when. Rudy pov?

Somaya: it’s long story and I want to make it clear what ever happened in last few months it was just a childish act by us. And u knw I’m really happy with my husband.

Rudy: congrats somaya and come i also need to confess something. Actually I’m also in relation with some1 i don’t knw how and when but this tym I’m seriously in love with Bhavay. What? My dumbbell oberia is in love that’s good and all the best and without any further delays confess ur feelings. Now I’ll leave and all the best. Bye every1 and say by hey and bye to every1 hope so I can meet her.

It was end of August now

Om: gauri i knw i took really long to accept it i myself was not sure about my feeling but now I knw what’s that feeling is called and it’s love. Gauri eyes widen and had tears in her eyes.
Gauri I love u and i gently want to purpose u will u marry this ZULFI SINGH OBERIA.

Woh omkara g i need some tym.  G pov

There rudy to confess his feeling and love and purpose Bhavay. Who too accept the proposal. But also asked something

Omru ask every1 to gather in hall as it’s something important to say.

Haan bol puttar Kya baat hai Dadi pov

Both omru without any hestation at the same time shouted we want to get married with gauri and Bhavay.

What all got stocked but then tej hugged Omkara and congrats him and then rudy both were helled shocked to see their dad guester.

After  so many day’s  OM smiled.

Precape: Gauri and Bhavay passed to be reaveled with some conditions put on OBERIA

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