Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 9th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 9th September 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 9th September 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Ankit pushing Hasmukh and he fells on Karsan. Karsan gets angry. Everyone is shocked. Hasmukh remembers Ansubaa words “that we will learn a lesson from our loved ones. She says she had learnt it and now it is their turn. She says I have full faith that your Ankit and new bahu rani will bring happiness into the family”.
Ansubaa watches everything with tears in her eyes. Karsan asks the lawyer to go. Ankit is about to speak but Karsan asks him to stop. He says don’t you feel shame, he is your father. Asks for forgiveness, but Ankit says no one can speak with his wife in such a manner. He says he and his wife should get respect. Hasmukh says he failed by his own blood. He says Ansubaa was always right. Bharti smirks happily.


tells Kishan to wake up in the night. She says today is my husband’s birthday. She says it is time to cut the cake. Kishan looks at the candle and the cake. He blows the candle while Bhoomi sings Happy birthday to you. Sweet music plays in the BG.

As Kishan is about to offer the cake bite to Bhoomi, Bhoomi shows him the family photo. He gets emotional while the sanskaar song plays in the BG. Bhoomi then gives him a card and greets him happy birthday. Kishan thanks her for being with him. He says sorry to the troubled she had been going on. Bhoomi says everything is looking easy because they are together. Kishan says you tried to tell me about Bharti trust, but I didn’t trusted you. Bhoomi says it is your birthday today, and the truth will come out soon. Kishan says he will plan something. Bhoomi says she gave the card as a birthday gift. Bhoomi says she got the return gift as his trust. She thanks him for trusting her. Parul and Karsan comes to Kishan, but stops at the boundary. She does his aarti while the sanskaar song plays. Kishan and Bhoomi gets teary eyed at her gesture. Kishan tells Parul that your tears will make me weak. Karsan asks her not to cry as it is Kishan’s birthday today.

Karsan asks Parul, not to worry about Kishan as their bahu rani Bhoomi is with Kishan. Ansubaa is swinging the cradle in which Dwarkhadeesh is placed. Karsan and Parul comes, and says Kishan didn’t break his promise. He says he didn’t able to say anything and Kishan didn’t ask for anything. He asks her to speak but Ansubaa stay silent.

Kishan tells Bhoomi to go to shop, and she will bring the tiffin. Bharti tells Ankit to go to the mill by the new car. She gives him the car keys. Ankit looks at Kishan. Kishan greets Bharti. Bharti comes to Kishan and wishes him Happy Birthday. Kishan says he is happy that she remember his birthday. Bharti shows him fake concern towards him and Bhoomi. Kishan asks her to keep the family united. Bharti says she will fulfill this responsibility. Kishan says you are lucky for our family as Ketki bhabhi became pregnant after your marriage and Ankit became the MD. Kishan tells Bharti to go to mandir for the janamashtami puja, he says Bhoomi can’t go as she is no longer part of the family. Bharti says she will go and pray for their family. Kishan tells Bhoomi that you didn’t give me a gift. Bhoomi says I gave naa, Kishan says he needs a big gift.

At the mandir, Bhoomi gives 101 Rs to Panditji for the puja. Bharti gives 10000 Rs to the panditji. Bharti asks panditji to pray for her husband as he got a very big order. Bhoomi turns away, Bharti says she threw her out of the house before she could do anything. She says your husband think of me as his good friend and this is called as luck. Bhoomi says they have to left the house for their family. Bharti tells Bhoomi that Akshay was her discovery, for whom their sister in law Avni ran away from home. She says whatever Akshay did with Avni was according to her sayings. She says everything was her plan.

Bharti proudly says that she published Avni photos in the magazine to malign the family’s reputation. Kishan and all the family members comes out. Bharti is shocked as they have heard everything.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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