Dil Dosti Dance 9th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 9th September 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 9th September 2013 Written Update

Gang decide to take a tourist bus to reach their destination.They reach bus stand and Swayam gets tickets for all.Sharon asks if he has got 1st class AC window seat tickets.Gang and Rey start laughing at her.An indifferent Swayam replies to her saying they should be thankful that they got tickets in such short notice.Sharon warns him saying whom are you showing attitude.Rey tells them to continue their fight in bus .

They board the bus .During their journey Rey notices a lonely Swayam and Sharon.Gang seem to be unusually silent .He thinks because of him Swayam is alone and all are so silent.He promises himself that he will make them lively like before.He prays to get his friend back.

A group of boys and girls board their bus.They start singing songs and having fun

together.Rey recalls their previous trips where they had so much fun .This time the whole gang seem to be uninterested and calm.

The girls from other gang start admiring Rey and talk about his looks saying he is perfect boyfriend material.Than they notice Swayam ,and say he will shout on them if they try to talk to him.Boys ask Rey what is his plan to get Swayam and Sharon back in the team.He says he is trying to plan something.The other gang start singing songs.Rey gets an idea to strengthen their bond again and sings “tere jaisa dost” for his friends.He tries to win back Swayam and Sharon as his friends.Swayam smiles a bit during his song but hides from his friends.At the end of the song Sharon gets irritated and pushes Rey.He falls on the girls from other group.They start flirting with him.Rey responds to them. Sharon comments on him saying he is just a limelight hogger.Boys from other group are irritated due to Rey’s flirting. Swayam calls Vicky and inform him to call Rey back as the guys are irritated by this act.

Swayam ignores all this and sleeps during the journey.Sharon notices sleeping Swayam and recalls the moments when Swayam used to admire her silently.Now he is trying to hide himself from her and ignoring her.Moments change so fast.She wonders if all those moments were dream or reality.Rey is still flirting with other girls. Boys get jelous of him as he always gets girls’ attention.Aashi says that all boys are same.They never leave a chance to flirt with girls.Sharon seconds her saying all boys are alike.Simmi reminds her that she told her once Swayam is different from others.Sharon says she was wrong and Swayam is also looking at other girls.Simmi says she is wrong and Swayam is not interested in any other girl.Sharon argues saying Swayam is interested in Aashi.

Bus stops on the way and driver instructs them to have food if they want to.Swayam and Sharon share an eye lock while getting down from the bus.Sharon joins the gang .Swayam takes a different table and sits alone.Rey joins the other girls and continue his conversation with them.

Sharon looks at Swayam having tea and she recalls their past dates and beautiful moments related with tea.Swayam notices Sharon who is looking at him but ignores her.She gets upset as Swayam didn’t remember any moment of their past dates.

Swayam could sense trouble for Rey as the other group boys are angry on him.He hopes that nothing goes wrong. Rey says due to his fault his friends left him and he is all alone.Those girls console him saying they will be his friend.This enrages the boys from other group.They go to Rey and confront him for flirting with the girls of their group.Rey looks at Swayam to see his reaction.

Precap:Rey tells those boys he can fight alone even if he don’t have any friends.They hit Rey and Swayam gets affected by this.Whole gang fights from Rey’s side.Swayam is noticing them.

Update Credit to: deep_tanha

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