Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 8th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 8th January 2014 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 8th January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Dipika thanking Dhara for sacrificing her life for saving jai. Nanku and Aarvi have a cute talk about Dhara and jai’s marriage. Everyone are done with the wedding preparations. Dipika brings Dhara and Rukmani praises Dhara’s beauty. Rukmani asks where is jai. Parul says he might be coming and asks Lily to call Dilip. Lily forgets to call. The guests start coming. The bangle seller comes and Parul asks everyone to select their bangles and wear it.

jai and Dilip are going to the mandir on bike. Dhara’s bangles break and she is hurt. Everyone are shocked. jai’s stole is coming in the bike’s tyre. Dhara calls Dilip and Dilip stops his bike and talks to Dhara and says we are reaching in 10 mins and thus jai is saved. Everyone at home are happy. The pandit asks Dhara to come in the mandap. Nanku asks Dhara to step in the mandap fast. Dipika takes Dhara there. jai comes dressed as a groom and the pandit asks them to exchange the garlands. Music plays………………

Everyone smile seeing them. Dhara and jai exhanges the garlands and everyone claps happily. Ketki and Dipika are annoyed. The pandit says sit now and says the bride should sit on left side. Dhara and jai have an eyelock. She slips and jai holds her. He taunts her and hurts her. He asks her to sit. They sit together. Dipika asks Dhara why is she sweating, don’t worry, everything will be fine. Ketki sees Aarvi is a different dress and says I asked you not to wear this, even then you did not listen. Aarvi tells Nanku that Ketki scolded me. She says she asked me to wear this after seven months, don’t know who is getting married after seven months.

Aarvi does the ghatbandhan. Rukmani says do it as strong as it should be for seven births. Dipika gets angry. Aarvi asks Dhara how am I looking in this dress. Dhara says very beauiful. Aarvi says but less than you. Aarvi says Nanku said you will leave this house after seven months. jai is shocked hearing this. He looks at Dhara. Everyone looks on.
jai asks Aarvi what did Nanku say. jiten interrupts and changes the topic. jai asks Dhara where are you going after seven months. He asks her again. Dhara does not answer him. The pandit says the mantras. Everyone smile seeing them. The pandit asks Parul to do the kanyadaan. jai asks Dhara again. jiten is worried as it will be a problem if Dhara tells the truth. Dhara cries and looks at jai thinking what to answer jai, as she does not want to lie to him in the mandap. Rukmani asks jai not to talk. Parul says Nanku can do the kanyadaan. The pandit guides Nanku what to do in the kanyadaan. Nanku follows the steps and does the kanyadaan.

The pandit asks Nank to give Dhara’s hand in jai’s hand. Nanku does so. Everyone are happy. The pandit asks Nanku to go and sit. Nanku is upset thinking Dhara won’t be with me now. Lily says Dhara will be always with you, this was only a ritual, you will be staying with us. The pandit asks jai to make Dhara wear the mangalsutra. Dipika gives the mangalsutra. jai says I will not do this. Everyone are shocked. Dhara looks at jai.

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