Ek Ghar Banaunga 8th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 8th January 2014 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 8th January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Vidya slapping the sage. The police arrests the sage and Aarti. The people thank Poonam for showing the true side of the sage. Everyone are home are happy seeing Poonam. Poonam smiles and looks at Akash. She walks towards him and Vidya comes in between to thank Poonam and sits in her feet. Poonam says don’t do this. Vidya says you saved me. Poonam says no, you saved yourself, you had courage, I made you realize it. Poonam hugs Vidya. All the women hug Poonam and praise her. People ask Sagar about the winner of Sargagunn Samparn competition.

Kanno says we did not get anything by doing this. Mangla scolds Kanno and praises Poonam. Mama says I m very happy, she made us proud. Sagar says this competition is not over, we will declare the winner and give her the prize money. People ask who is the winner. Shashikant says it will be Poonam for sure. Vandana says Poonam will win. Mangla says the sage is gone, Poonam will win. Sagar announces that the women can decide who is the winner. All the women say together Poonam. Poonam smiles. Akash smiles.

Everyone at home claps for Poonam’s victory. They get happy. Sagar says the contest winner is Mrs. Poonam Garg and everyone claps. Sagar says I m proud of Poonam and we have Sarvagunn Samparn women in our country. Its good that all the women took Poonam’s name, hats off to all of them. Everyone hug Poonam. Sagar gives Rs. 25 lakhs cheque to Poonam. Poonam accepts it and is happy. She also gets a trophy. Akash smiles. Poonam says thanks, life teaches us every day. She says when I came in this competition, I did not know Parulben, Ambika, Pinky and Vidya will become my friends, but today they have won me. I thank everyone by my heart for trusting me.

She says you all have supported me, thank you. She thanks Sagar and says I want to share the prize money with them as I know they all are also Sarvagunn Samparn. Prabhunath and Shashikant are happy with her decision. Kanno says whats the need to do this. Dadi says Poonam needs money, but she is still giving the money to them. Sagar says don’t do this for them as I will be giving Rs. 5 lakh cash prize to them. Everyone claps. The reporters take Poonam’s interview and asks whom will you give the credit of your victory.

Poonam says my parents who have always told me the right way, who taught me to raise a voice against bad things and lies. Mangla says she forgot my name. Poonam names Mangla and Shashikant and everyone. She praises everyone. Everyone smile hearing this. Poonam praises Akash and says he is after my success. Poonam says he has always protected me, supports me and encouraged me to fight against wrong. She says I have realized that his heart is very big. She says he has taught me to live for others and love them, I learnt this from Akash. She says Akash is like his name, with a big heart and gives light to us.

She cries and says he never complains about anything. She says Akash, you are my life and world, you cry when I feel sad, you get hurt when I m hurt. She says I love you Akash and smiles wiping her tears. Music plays…………. Akash smiles. Poonam thinks about Akash’s words and looks at him. She says you were right, its wrong to love you by any other reason, love does not happen by need, it happens by heart, I love you only by one reason, thats love, I m proud of you and our love. Deewanepan ki had dil samaj na paaye………………… plays……………….. Everyone claps for Poonam.

Akash gets up from the audience seat and looks at Poonam. They have an eyelock. They walk towards each other. Yun dil to dhadakna tha har ghadi………………… ab dil ye behekta hai har ghadi……………… dil ki panahon me tu, sansoon ki rahon me tu…………….. ab dil sambhalta na hai, har pal machalta hai…………….. ye jiya na lage na……………… mora piya na lage na……………. plays…………… Akash and Poonam come closer and smile seeing each other.

Poonam says lets walk together on the way of love where there are only us and our love. She says lets make a start of a new life. Soye armaan ko manzilen dikhake……………… plays……………… Poonam and Akash holds hands and look at each other. The media takes their photos. They walk together. Everyone say bye to Poonam. Ye jiya………. na lage na…………… Mora piya………. na lage na…….. plays……………. Akash and Poonam are together and want to say something to each other. He gives her the bouquet he brought for her. He says congratulations. She says Akash and he says Poonam ji. They smile. She says I missed you a lot. He says even I missed you so much. Music plays……………. while they have an eyelock.

She comes closer to him and Vidya and he husband comes and stops them. They say can we come with you. Poonam smiles. Akash says why not, come with us. He gets upset as his romantic moment got spoiled. Poonam laughs seeing him. They leave from the ashram. Everyone welcome Poonam with fire crackers. The family looks at Poonam and smiles. The women say our daughter should be like Poonam. Kanno looks on. Poonam smiles.

Poonam and Akash get closer. Poonam admits her love and they have a hug.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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