Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 5th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 5th September 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 5th September 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Ansubaa getting happy with Ketki’s pregnancy. Bharti looks evilly with jealously. Parul asks Ketki to take rest and everything will be prepared according to her likes. Bharti asks Ketki to be careful as this is going to be her first child. She says she won’t let her do kitchen work. Ketki gets happy. Bharti asks Avni to prepare for dinner. Avni says she don’t know how to prepare food for all the family. Lily is irked. Bharti says as if you are not going to college, take care of kitchen work. She says she won’t let Ketki bhabhi do any work and says she will take Ketki to her home now.

Kishan is in thoughts, Bhoomi asks what happened? Kishan says he is doing Puja alone for the first time, as he always had puja with his family. Bhoomi suggests, shall she call Ansubaa and maa. But Kishan says it will be wrong as he has promised Ramila that he won’t have any relations with them. Kishan feels sad that his Ansubaa is not around him.

Someone gives the lamp to Kishan. Kishan holds the lamp and remembers that Ansubaa showed him the lamp and said Dadaji got it made specially for the first puja of their mill. Kishan smiles. Kishan shows the lamp to Bhoomi, and says Ansubaa sends her best wishes and blessings to him. Parul and Ansubaa looks at Kishan’s shop and Parul says we didn’t let Kishan’s break his promise.

Ankit tells Dilip that he got a order of 50 crores rupees for their mill. Dilip is shocked. Bharti comes and says if one have to get big then should take a chance. Ankit taunts Dilip and says you never think big. Bharti steals red colours from Bhoomi’s part of house and throws it on the floor so that Ketki will suffer miscarriage. Dilip says you can’t mortgage this mill and house, you have to asks to the elders. Ankit says he is the MD and he have to work according to his wish. Ankit asks him to leave the office. Dilip says he will resigned.

Meanwhile Bhoomi comes and looks for colours, Ketki is coming from the other end. Ketki is about to place her foot on the colours, Bhoomi remembers Kishan words that no one should cross this line in any circumstances. She shouts and runs to hold Ketki on time and saves her from falling down.

Bhoomi saves Ketki and in the process she gets hurt. Ketki is shocked that Bhoomi saved her. Bharti comes and says Bhoomi tried to kill you and she planned this for you. Ketki says what will she get by troubling me. Bharti instigates Ketki against Bhoomi. she says Bhoomi had planned to enter the house with this excuse. Ketki is in thoughts. Bharti says Bhoomi that if she dares to do anything with her family then there is no one bad than her. Ketki gets vomiting sensation and leaves. Bharti tells Bhoomi to leave her dream to become the bahu rani of the house again.

Bharti asks didn’t you get angry on Bhoomi. Ketki says she is happy that she is saved and asks her to forget everything. Ketki says she needs money for her checkup as she forgot to take it from Dilip. Bharti asks how much you want? Ketki says may be 3-4 thousand. Bharti asks Ketki, to let it be and don’t bother about the check up. it is not necessary. Ketki says what if something is wrong. Bharti thinks today Bhoomi saved you but tomorrow you won’t be safe.

Bharti asks Karsan to listen to Ankit. Hasmukh shouts at her. Ankit gets hyper and misbehaves with Hasmukh. He says you should respect my wife, she is bahu rani of this house and push Hasmukh. Hasmukh falls on Karsan. Ansubaa is shocked.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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