Jee Le Zara 5th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Jee Le Zara 5th September 2013 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 5th September 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Saanchi and Pradeep conversation. Pradeep asks Saanchi to sell the farm land but Saanchi speaks against it. She says it was their father’s dream but Pradeep says their father’s have gone and whatever he is doing is for their betterment. Saanchi is shocked and says she won’t sell her farm and land. Pradeep asks Saanchi to sign on the papers. Pradeep says farm and land will be snatch away. Saanchi says don’t try to threaten me. Saanchi leaves.

Dhruv is talking to someone lovingly, Dilshaad hears it. Dhruv says I love you mom. Dilshaad is relieved. Dilshaad asks are you going? Aren’t you fighting Saanchi’s case. Dhruv says till now she didn’t say yes to give him the case. Dilshaad comes to Saanchi, while Saanchi is busy cleaning Advait’s room. Dilshaad says Dhruv got the cookies and she came to give them. saanchi gets a call and says she wants to meet him in one hour. Saanchi comes out of her house, Dhruv sees her and asks how was the biscuits? Dhruv tries to jump through the balcony. Saanchi says you are impossible. Dhruv makes the situation light with his joke. Saanchi meets some old employee and asks about his health. He cries, Saanchi says why don’t you go to your son’s place. Saanchi says she will take him to the doctor.

Saanchi meets Sunil, Prachi’s restaurant. Saanchi asks do you know why I come here. Sunil says I know that you will take my interview and comes with my CV. Sunil says Prachi told me about you. Saanchi asks did you talk with your parents about Prachi? Sunil says his family is orthodox and he will tell them.They order food and eat it. Saanchi seems to like Sunil. Saanchi says whatever she will say now, dont tell to Prachi.

Prachi asks don’t you trust me and Sunil. Saanchi says she trusted her that’s why met Sunil. Saanchi says she went to see whether he loves her. Prachi asks did you like Sunil? Saanchi says he is different and interesting. She says he is good and adjusting. he will make you happy. Prachi asks what did you tell him? Saanchi replies that she asks Sunil to come with his parents and make their relationship official. Prachi gets happy. Saanchi says lets go and inform Nani and Aaji. Both Nani and Aaji are shocked. Saanchi says she met him and he looks nice. Nani says you should have stop Prachi but you are helping her. Saanchi says she met Sunil, so that she can decide what to do? Saanchi praises Sunil and says he is perfect for Prachi. Nani says you are talking much. Aaji says you aren’t married yet and how can we let Prachi marry.

Saanchi tries to make Aaji and Nani understand that Prachi is happy being in love with Sunil. She says she thinks they have to bind them in a relation. Aaji says you feel love but you don’t think about yourself. Nani prays that Saanchi should get a good guy soon. Nani and everyone hears flute music and goes out to see who is playing the instrument. Dhruv is shown playing the music. Saanchi looks at him smilingly. Suddenly Dilshaad closes the recording and Saanchi and others smile as Dhruv was faking to play the music. Dhruv smiles, Saanchi too smiles.

Advait and Dhruv leaves early morning. Saanchi waits for Advait and calls him to have breakfast. Nani says he left early in the morning.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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