Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 4th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 4th December 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 4th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with jai coming home with Dipika. Dipika and jai bring the cake for Aarvi. Everyone are happy. Dhara is upset. Parul looks at her and sees her crying. Parul says I know what you are doing, but the way on which you want to walk, is very tough. Dhara says Kishan ji taught me to walk. Parul says but think again. They hear Aarvi shouting and go to see her. Ketki says Aarvi and Dilip are so adamant. Aarvi hugs Dhara and says see whats happening. Dhara says you are our beautiful princess, I will get your crown. Ketki says make her ready and bring her down. Dhara makes Aarvi ready for the birthday party.

Nanku comes there and everyone laughs on his seeing his clothes. Nanku says why are you laughing Aarvi. She says you are looking a joker.

jai comes and says don’t dare to call him a joker, as he is your best friend. He says make him look like a prince. He says I will make him ready for the party. Dhara smiles. jai takes Nanku with him. Dhara says jai does so much for Nanku, but what I m doing is nothing infront of that. Dipika puts the cake in the fridge. Ketki says I will keep it. Ketki asks what happened on the way, did you talk. Dipika says this was not the first time. Dipika says I noticed jai got very serious, he is not like before.

Ketki says he is your responsibility now. Ketki thinks jai will be around you from today as I will make you ready. She asks Dipika to come to her room and she will help her in getting ready. Dipika agrees and leaves. Dhara makes a crown for Aarvi and shows her. Aarvi likes it and says its best and hugs Dhara. She says you are very nice. Dhara says I know, come on, close your eyes now. She makes her wear the crown. Aarvi says I m ready now and thanks her and says I will go to mum, you get ready and come, till then I won’t cut the cake.

Ketki and Dipika are happy to see Aarvi. Ketki says my little daughter. Dipika says you are looking a princess. Aarvi says Dhara made this crown and she is getting ready now. Aarvi says Dhara will look good after getting ready. Ketki makes faces. Ketki goes to Dhara. Ketki calls Dhara and Dhara leaves her saree and goes out. Ketki scolds her and says wash the clothes first, get ready later. Dhara says now? Its Aarvi’s birthday. Ketki taunts her and asks her to wash the clothes and sends her from the room. Ketki smiles and goes to her room. Dhara thinks about Aarvi’s words. She starts washing the clothes.

Ketki makes Dipika get ready. Ketki praises Dipika’s beauty. Ketki says you are looking Bhoomi’s xerox copy. Dhara is washing the clothes and looks at the clock. Dipika is ready. Kekti says think what will jai think seeing you. Ketki says you are looking good, but keep your hair open. Dipika says I don’t like. Ketki says but jai likes this way. Dipika smiles. Ketki sees Dhara washing clothes and thinks what to do. She smiles and closes the water tap. Dhara is shocked.

Dhara sees the water is gone and thinks what to do. Ketki comes and asks her to go to the well and bring water and wash the clothes. Dhara goes to the well. Ketki smiles and thinks I won’t let Dhara come in the birthday party. Aarvi looks for Kekti and thinks she will give some necklace to Dhara for wearing it in the party. She sees Dipika’s earrings and thinks it will match with Dhara’s saree. Ketki sees Dhara has washed all the clothes, now how to stop her. Aarvi comes to Dhara’s room looking out for her and thinks where did she go. She says the saree is here, it means she is not yet ready. Dhara comes and says I will be ready now. Aarvi says hurry up.

Dhara says I was doing work, so I got late. Aarvi gives her the earrings. Dhara looks at them and says whose this. Aarvi saus wear this and get ready, and come down. Dhara asks I told you not to take anyone’s things without asking. Lily comes and Aarvi tells her. Dhara says see Aarvi brought someone’s earrings. Lily says no one will tell anything, you wear it. Aarvi says see I told you it will suit you. Dhara thinks its good but whose is it.

Dipika sees her earrings missing and Ketki comes with the ornaments. Dipika says where are my earrings. Ketki says maybe I forgot it somewhere. Ketki says you will get it, where will it go. Ketki sees Dhara getting ready and thinks what to do. She says Dhara looks good in this clothes, when she gets ready, she will look more beautiful. She calls Dhara and does not let her get ready. She says see the water fell on the floor, clean it. Dhara says I have to get ready. Ketki says do this first. Dhara cleans the floor. Ketki smiles and goes to Dhara’s room and puts acid on her saree. Ketki smiles seeing the saree damaged and leaves. Dhara comes to her room and is shocked to see the saree damaged with big holes all over.

jai brings Nanku and dances with the kids.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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