Ek Mutthi Aasman 4th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Mutthi Aasman 4th December 2013 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 4th December 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Kamla sits and is crying over what happened in the college earlier. Pakiya comes to her. She says why doesn’t she understand. Pakiya says its not her mistake why are going against her. Kamla says tell me one thing how much we’ve spent on her. We sent her hostel so she can study well. Your dad brought her the laptop not me. Pakiya says because she has the strength to fulfill your dreams. Kamla says kalpi wants to be first in the exams and i know she can but for that she needs to be allowed to sit in the exams. When a man wins the pain is less, She will be closer to win if she apologizes. Kamla says i wanna see her winning not anything else.
There kalpi is with Vitthal saying baba Ai hurts be a lot. We had so much problems in the house but she sent me away

because she wanted to be close to Paki. She sent me but kept Pakiya close to her. No one asked me what are my dreams and today for someone else’s mistake i have to apologize. I won’t baba. Never. Vitthal looks at her and says God will make it all right. Kalpi hugs him.

Scene 2
Prem says to Nettu that your son has played so well that Raghav will have to come in front of me. He’s so fond of saving kamla’s family lets see how will he. Nettu says what if he doesn’t come in front of us and poki or your dad get to know about it. I am so scared. Prem gets a call and asks who is this. The other side says who else were you waiting for ? You are so weak that you needed kalpana to meet me. Prem says I know i can do everything for my business. Raghav says lets meet tomorrow. Prem says bu then kalpana’s future will be spoiled. Raghav says all right in one hour. Prem tells Nettu. She says i am so proud of you. I will go along ypu.

Scene 3
Nettu and Prem both arrive at the site and a car stops right in front of them. Nettu says I am with you Prem lets go. They get out of the car. Prem knocks at the window on the car. He says finally you had to come to meet me. Come out whats the purpose of hiding face now. The door of the car opens and a man in suit steps out. He steps towards Prem. Nettu says Raghav don’t you recognize me I’m Nettu aunty. He says hello aunty. Prem says i didn’t know I had to do a lot of effort to see you. Prem says now tell me the purpose you want a fight? Come in the market. Raghav says now I need to tell you what to do in the market. Prem says who else will says that ? He says Raghav Singhaniya. Prem says who are you then ? He says I am his friend he asked me to meet you. But its good looks like I should start acting maybe hero. Prem holds his collar. He throw him away. Prem says who will give me the answers. He says first think about the questions she is gonna ask you. Prem look back and its paki standing there in disgust. His friend says Raghav has asked you to raise your thinking level. He leaves. Paki says what the hell bhaiya what you did ? Prem sits in the car. Nettu asks Paki to sit in the car. They sit and leave for the house.

Scene 4
Kamla plans to talk to Sahil about Kalpi’s matter and ask for help.
Paki is shouting at prem why you did this to kalpi what she did to you. Nettu says its not his fault he did this to save his business. Paki says because of bhaiya’s mistake they’ll rusticate kalpi kamla maa’s dream would be shattered. Kamla over hears this. She goes to Nettu you have done this second time i told you stay away from my daughter/ Prem says kamla bai talk to my mom in a low tone. Kamla says when elders talk children should stay quiet. You did this once when prem stole the money and put it in kalpi’s bag. You have the problem with me. You made my daughter servant but still I came here to raise Paki. She is grown up now and can live without. You have no right of playing with my daughter. Paki is on tears Kamla says please don’t stop me today Paki. Paki tries to stop her but kamla leaves.

Precap- Kalpi is giving the apologizing letter to Principle paki jumps in and says i wanna say something. She says i wanna confess that i stole those papers not kalpi.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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