Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 3rd September 2013 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 3rd September 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 3rd September 2013 Written Update
The episode with Ketki doing the aarti of Dilip as it is his birthday. Dilip says he is getting late for office. Dilip takes the blessings from Parul, who gives her some money as shagun. She blesses him for his happiness. Dilip is sad though. Ketki thinks Dilip will become Md today and she will become the Bahu rani of the house. Ansubaa asks Dilip to sit on MD’s chair but he declines and tells Karsan that he don’t want to become MD. Ankit comes and is about to sit on MD’s chair, Dilip stops him. Ankit says he is sitting on the chair and is not stupid to decline this position. Dilip gets angry and is about to slap Dilip. Ankit holds his hand and also misbehaves with Karsan.

Dilip leaves, Karsan says you can’t sit on this chair to Ankit. And says until I am alive, you can’t sit. Hasmukh says injustice is being done to Ankit and says Ankit is the rightful owner of the chair. He says he will see who stops Ankit from sitting. Ansubaa says that hasmukh showed his true colors and says she wants Ankit to become the MD. She tells Karsan that we have to learn from our life and I had learnt it and soon Hasmukh will learn too. She asks Ankit to sit and this time be careful as he slipped the last time. Ankit sits on the chair and looks evil.

Kishan comes and Ankit says I would have sit on this chair infront of you. Kishan says he knew that mota bhai never sits on the chair. He asks for Dilip, and says he came to give him the car keys on his birthday. Ankit snatches the keys from Kishan’s hands much to his shocked and says he will decide who will drive this car. Kishan tells him to be careful as he drives recklessly. Ankit gets sms and he reads it very carefully. Ketki tells Ramila that she shall get the house keys as Dilip might have become MD till now. She tells Parul that my bahu will take care of the position and asks her to give her the authority and house keys. She asks give the rights to the new bahu rani, Parul hesitantly forwards her hand to give the keys to ketki, but Ankit comes there with Bharti and stops Parul. He comes in a wedding attire with garlands on his and Bharti’s neck. Everyone is shocked.

Ramila is shell shocked and asks why did you married in a hurry? We would have get you marry grandly, everyone was elated with your upcoming marriage. Ansubaa comes and tells Ramila not to hope anything from the kids as something will happen which had not happened in the past. Hasmukh asks why he didn’t give him opportunity to organise the wedding grandly. Ankit says he got married in a simple ceremony as he don’t want any expenses to be spend on the marriage. Kishan calls Bhoomi. Ankit says he got married to Bharti and not to other girl. Ansubaa asks but why you married in a hurry. Ankit says it is a auspicious day for him and he became the new MD. He says he wants Bharti to become the new bahu. Bharti looks evilly with a lots of make up. Ankit says, give the keys to Bharti instead of Ketki, as she is the new Bahu rani of this house.He says Bharti is the rightful owner of the keys, new bahu rani. Ketki is shocked and thinks that Dilip didn’t become the MD. Ansubaa, Karsan and others are shocked.

Ramila says what are you saying. Bharti says Ankit is not listening to her. Ansubaa says Bharti is right and Bharti should become the new bahu rani of this house. She says we shall see the new colors of the relations. Bharti and Ankit takes Ansubaa’s blessings. Ansubaa says so much happened which may not have happened and she is sure that Ankit and Bharti will bring the happiness. She says she don’t need anymore and therefore it is better to keep quiet. She declares that she is keeping the silence fast since today. Everyone are shocked. Ketki faints as she is unable to take it anymore.
parul, Ramila and Lily fayi takes her inside. Bharti picks the keys and says your family is in my clutches.

Ramila tells Dilip to take care of Ketki as she is going outside and speaks bad about Kishan and Bhoomi. She says happiness came to their house after a long time and she don’t want any bad eye to look at them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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