Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 3rd September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 3rd September 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 3rd September 2013 Written Update

Aai introduces RJ to Naina. Megha thinks to herself what she should tell RJ as she herself is not sure if Naina is the real Naina or not. Aai tells RJ that if she is alive today it is because of Naina. Aai says if Naina had not left her that day she wouldn’t have been alive. Aai tells RJ that very few are lucky to get such a good mother. Naina showers love on RJ and pretends to be happy.

Ruku and her mother tell Sridhar that they are stepping out. Uncle assures them to go as he would look after Sridhar. Uncle closes the door. Uncle tells Sridhar that his family is a bigger bunch of fools than him. Uncle says they left him alone when Aai has asked him to kill him. Uncle tells Sridhar that he was warned to keep his nose out.

Uncle tells Sridhar that he is a goner now.

RJ compares her hand with Naina and tells her that you cannot be by mother. RJ says a child’s hand should match that of the mother’s and their’s don’t. Naina is baffled and asks who taught her such things. Naina says such things are not same all the time.

Uncle wonders to Sridhar how to kill him. Uncle says that perhaps he ought to slit his throat but that would land the suspicion upon him. Uncle says he should probably mix poison in the IV. Uncle says that the easiest thing to do would be to stifle him with a pillow. Uncle takes a pillow and proceeds to stifle Sridhar. Sridhar tries to call out for help. Suddenly the door opens and it is Vasu with Ruku. Uncle is shocked. Uncle quickly tells Sridhar that everyone is here and he should take the pillow. Uncle tries to slink out when Bala tells him that he made a huge mistake by thinking of them as fools.

Naina thanks Megha for looking after RJ for 13 years. Megha corrects her by saying 10 years and not 13.

Bala chokes Uncle and asks him why he did what he did. Ruku tells them that she is going to check on RJ.

Naina handles the situation by saying that time passes by really quickly. Naina says she will take her daughter away now. Megha says it is not possible. Aai says when RJ is Naina’s daughter she will take her. Naina drags RJ away.

Bala continues to hit Uncle. Uncle says the whole game plan is that of Aai’s and he only follows orders. Vasu goes and sits next to Sridhar. Vasu tells Sridhar that whatever he says he will listen.

Ruku watches Naina putting RJ in a car and going away. Megha chases the car and Aai follows her. Aai asks her men to follow.

Sridhar tells Vasu that he is in this condition because of Aai. Sridhar says he knew for a long time that he is not Vasu. Sridhar says he told Aai the same but he didn’t know that Aai was behind it. Vasu asks if he is not Vasu then who is he. Sridhar says he is MOHAN BHATNAGAR!!!

Megha chasing after the car.

Sridhar tells Vasu that he is Megha’s husband MOHAN. Sridhar tells him that when Mohan fell from the cliff he died for the entire world but no one knew that he came alive in the form of Vasu. Sridhar tells him that Aai made him Vasu for her gain and greed.

Vasu beats Uncle. Uncle says even he feels he is not the real Vasu as the real Vasu used to hate Aai. Uncle says and he worships her. Uncle says he knows just this. Vasu throws Uncle from the balcony. Ruku comes and tells Vasu about Megha and RJ.

Megha continues running after the car. Megha stops running, sits on the roads and weeps. Suddenly a car comes and tries to run her over. Before the car can run her over Vasu intercepts it with his car. Vasu gets down from the car and Megha gets up from the road. Vasu and Megha look at each other. Vasu has FB of various moments with Megha and RJ. Vasu continues staring at Megha and remembers Sridhar’s words.

Mohan walks towards Megha (phir le aaya dil playing in BG) and stand in front of her. Mohan lifts his hand to touch Megha when Megha tells him that someone has taken RJ away. Megha tells Mohan to go get RJ in case someone harms her. Megha asks him why he is not listening to her. Megha walks away. Mohan is left confused with a lot of things running through his mind. Mohan finds Megha’s hanky and he picks it up. Mohan is upset and in pain as he cannot remember a thing.

Precap: Aai tells Megha that this fight is far from over. Megha says she has declared war they should wait and see if you win or Mohan and Megha come together once again. Aai continues threatening Megha. Megha says ganapati bappa morya and walks away.

Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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