Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 3rd June 2013 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 3rd June 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 3rd June 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Panditji asking Ansubaa how long will it takes to start the puja. He says he have other work also as it is Akshaya Tritiya today. Ansubaa says please wait for some more time. She asks Karsayi to call Kishan. Meanwhile there is a chaos the impending puja. Ketki tells some ladies that she dont think Kishan can do anything and she is uncertain about the puja. Bhoomi comes and says puja will be done and mill will start also. She assures her that everything will be fine. Ketki says people will go after mahurat time finishes. Bhoomi says nobody will leave. They will not let anyone leave. Labourers asks Karsan whether mill will open or not. They decides to leave. While they are leaving, Vaishnavi family is shocked. They are stopped by Bhoomi’s bhagan and comes back. All the family and labourers are mesmerised by her Bhagan. Hasmukh is shocked at the turn of events. Kishan comes there with the papers and all the family is elated to see him.

Ansubaa is very much happy and asks Kishan what to answer to the labourers. Kishan says this mill will open. I have cancelled the stay order on this mill. Ansubaa is touched and tells Karsayi that Kishan did it.

Kishan tells the labourers that he had to fight the enemy to get the stay order removed from the mill. Labourers says they are not informed about it. Kishan says they only wanted to give them good news and the good news is that the troubles have been removed. He tells Ansubaa that mill be open and today only.

Everybody sit for the Puja. After Puja is done, Kishan asks Ansubaa to keep the kalash after they get inside the mill. Someone is about to open the lock but is stopped by Amritlal’s voice. Amritlal comes with the police in tow. Hasmukh is all more shocked and hides. Amritlal says with whose permission they are unlocking the mill. Karsan asks how dare you come here? Amritlal replies how dare you open the mill?

Kishan informs him that stay order have removed. They have all the legal documents to start the mill so you go quietly. Amrital says how can you get mill open when I have all the papers. He tells the labourers that he have all the papers. Kishan informs him that he have the fake papers. Kishan says he submitted the original papers in the court and got the stay order lifted. He asks Neeraj to show him the papers.

Kishan shows him original mill papers and asks Amritlal if he wants he can verify it with his lawyer. Amritlal asks the lawyer to check the papers and tells them they have fake papers. Lawyer says they are right, this is original papers. Amritlal is shocked and confused. Says no. Kishan says mill will start again. Lawyer says they can start the mill on the basis of these papers. Kishan tells him that mill is theirs and labourers and you thought to snatch it. Amritlal wonders. Kishan asks Ansubaa lets go and open the mill. Amritlal thinks it is Hasmukh’s work and I will not leave him.

Amritlal sees Hasmukh hiding,pats on his shoulder and takes him infront of the all. Amritlal informs Ansubaa that he will tell her truth. Kishan says they dont want to hear anything and leave my kaka. Amritlal says you have ego on your family values naa, your son took 25 lakhs from me and gives me the papers which he stole from your locker. Amritlal is holding hasmukh by his collar and further adds that he is the brother who backstab his own brother. Ansubaa remembers how Hasmukh comes to her in the night on the pretext of massaging her legs. Amritlal says he changed the papers. Hasmukh says he is lieing. Ansubaa is shocked.

Amritlal is about to hit Hasmukh but Kishan stops his hand. Kishan stares him and says dont dare to hit my kaka, I will take out your hands from the roots. Amritlal sasy you will do, always remember that you stamp on snakes tail. You ditch me, I will get you two arrested. Kishan says you did a fraud, first you hired kaka to get the papers and then lit the mill on fire. Amritlal is shocked and all others too. Amritlal says do you have any proof, but I have proofs. Hasmukh will tell everything if he is beaten by the police. He asks the inspector to arrest them. Suddenly Amritlal confession recording plays in the loud speaker by Bhoomi. Amritlal is shocked and Vaishnav family is surprised to learn that Amritlal was the one who lit the fire in their mill. Episode ends on Kishan winning face.

Kishan tells the Inspector that the proof is right infront of you, now tell who will you arrest? Amritlal keeps the gun on Hasmukh’s head. Amritlal says he will die along with Hasmukh…

Update Credit to: Hasan

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