Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 3rd June 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 3rd June 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 3rd June 2013 Written Update

Jiji praying asking god not to give any more problems to Megha. Renu praying when Beera comes and falls on her feet calling her Older MIL. Renu is confused and asks Jiji what is happening. Jiji holds Beera’s ear and asks him to say what the truth is. Beera says he feels shy. Renu asks him to spill out the truth. Beera says he loves Navi. Jiji asks Beera not to mess around as MM wouldn’t be happy. Beera tells her that MM have accepted their relation.

Mohan and Addu in his cabin. Addu painting and splashes water on Mohan. Mohan hides his face with a file Munna comes to the office and gives chocolate to Addu. Addu is not happy to see Munna and turns away from him. Mohan is bemused when he notices the wound on Munna’s hand. Mohan asks him how he got the wound. Munna says he got injured while getting off the bus. Mohan asks him where he has been all these days. Munna says he was spending time with his Dadi. Mohan tells Munna that he wants to talk to him about Addu. Mohan gets a call and leaves. Addu gets really uncomfortable being alone with Munna.

Mohan is with a policeman and tell him that Munna-Addu were kidnapped as kids and their testimony would nail Dada.

Munna walks up to Addu and puts his hand around his throat. Munna says because of you all our plans would be screwed. Munna warns him never to leave any proof behind and never to get into danger for someone else.

Some goons break things in Munna’s house and threaten his Dadi.

Munna’s Dadi comes to Mohan’s office and asks him to keep Munna away from being a witness. Munna tries to reassure her but Dadi says that she had found him after so many years and doesn’t want to lose him . Dadi takes Munna away. Mohan is worried as Munna was the strongest witness to the case.

Mohan goes into his room to find Addu missing and all this stuff scattered. Mohan finds Addu hiding under the table shivering. Mohan gets Addu out and makes him sit. Mohan gives him water. Addu hugs Mohan and cries loudly. Mohan is bewildered and worried. After sometime Addu is shown with his head on the table and Mohan having FB’s of Munna’s Dadi’s words. Mohan calls the Policeman and tells him that he cannot bring the boys in to stand as witness. The Policeman says if he is scared of anyone then to tell him but not to back out. The Policeman continues pleading and Mohan says no one wants them jailed more than him. Mohan says his son’s condition is not stable and he cannot bring him to the court. Mohan says he will deal with it when the right times comes. Mohan has fb of finding a scissors with blood and Munna’s wound. Mohan calls Guru and asks him to get a packet with the scissors in them. Mohan asks Guru to take the scissors to the lab and get it tested.

Beera is packing and NAvi asks where he is going. Beera says he is going somewhere as he cannot stay here anymore as they are getting married. Beera says he cannot be a ghar jamai and has to find another place. Renu gives tiffin to Beera. Jiji brings ladoo for Navi so she can distribute in office. Beera says he is going to find another house so that he can get married and take Navi there. Renu is sad that she will lose the rent as an income. Jiji asks Beera to find a house before he moves out.

Megha cleaning Mohan’s old house. She looks at their wedding picture and takes it off the wall(Darmiyan playing in BG) Megha’s has FB of their wedding and life after marriage. Mohan comes to the house and looks at Megha all lost in the picture. Megha wipes the picture and says it was stuff made of dreams Mohan calls her Mirchi Madam. Megha gets scared and falls into Mohan’s hand. MM staring session.

Mohan asks Megha that she has never looked at him with so much love. Megha asks him how he knew she would be here. Mohan says that a person is always found where they find peace. Megha asks Mohan where Addu is. Mohan says she refused to take Addu to court. Mohan asks Megha what she is doing in the house. Megha says she was thinking. Mohan says that NB should move here. Megha says there are so many memories in this place and NB too should start here. Mohan says let NB start a new then we too can start a new life. Megha says yes with RJ, Addu. Mohan says the only sad thing is that Nanhi won;t be there. Megha says Navi will always be a part of us. Mohan is all glum and Megha touches his chin. Mohan is surprised and amused. Mohan touches her chin. Both high five each other and hold each other’s hand. Megha puts her head on Mohan’s shoulder.

Precap: Beera dressed up in garish clothes with “sala main toh sahab ban gaya” playing in BG. Mohan is exasperated looking at him. Mohan tells MEgha that the marriage muhurat is in the next 10 days. Megha and Navi hug. Dada comes to Awaz India channel with his goons.

Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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