Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 3rd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 3rd April 2014 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 3rd April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Jai pacifying Dhara. Jai says don’t worry, I will make you marry the man you love. Jai says I can accept that Dhara loves someone else, if I can marry Dipika, why can’t she marry someone else. We should be happy for her that she is also be settled with someone. He says its our duty to help her. Jai requests everyone to make Dhara marry the man she loves. Jai says you won’t go from here till the seven months get complete and we can talk to that man and explain him that he is very lucky to get you as his wife. Dhara cries. Jai says Ansubaa will talk to him. Ansubaa says yes, I accept your decision, we will make Dhara marry the man she wants to spend her life with. She says Dhara is pregnant and this news should not go outside.


asks how can Dhara be in Jai’s room. Ansubaa says she will be in Jai’s room and no one will forget what I said. Dhara cries and runs. She thinks about Jai’s words. She thinks Jai has promised me but how will he keep his promise as she loves him, he is father of her child. She thinks she has to leave this house and she is a guest here. Dhara comes to Ansubaa. Ansubaa is upset. Dhara asks did you not have anything, I will bring milk. Ansubaa says I m not hungry. Ansubaa says you did the same mistake as Jai, if I did not punish him, then I don’t have any right to punish you. You and Bhoomi’s name’s meanings are same, we felt that you are Jai’s wife and deserves him but maybe the Lord did not had this, so he had joined you both only for seven months.

Ansubaa cries and says if we make you marry Jai, you would have been sad and we would have done wrong. She says I m not taunting you, but why did you hide this truth from us. She says fine, we will accept this truth. Ansubaa says don’t say anything now, it will be good if you leave me alone as if you be here, I may get more hurt. Dhara leaves. Dipika is happy and says Ketki that she will make Jai’s fav food. She talks about Dhara that she did not tell anyone the truth. Ketki says Dhara will not go from Jai’s life. We did not prove anything, we thought everyone will throw her out of the house but she is still in Jai’s room. Ketki says if Dhara tells him the truth, then our plan will not work. Dipika gets tensed and asks what to do now. Ketki smiles and says we will do something.

Jai is in his room and Dhara comes to him. She thinks I know you hate me, but trust me I love only you. Jai thinks he could not have dreamed that she will hide such a big thing from him. He feels hurt. His hand burns and she cares for him. Jai says I m fine. He asks her the name of that man. She says I will leave. He says why are you afraid to tell the name. She says this is not the right time, I m your wife till more 15 days, I will not tell his name. She leaves.

Chandrika laughs knowing even Dhara is pregnant. The man says a woman called and gave me this news. Chandrika says who is it who is helping us. She is happy and says Ansubaa will now have to answer us, the whole village should know this good news. Jai thinks about Dhara and is sad. He says I don’t understand, why is Dhara not telling his name. Dipika comes to him smiling with food. She says we are shocked about Dhara’s pregnancy, forget it, I trust you. I know its not your mistake, don’t feel guilty, now its clear that Dhara loves someone else. She asks him to try this fav food she made. Dhara also comes with food plate. Jai looks at her. Dhara leaves.

Dipika makes Jai eat the food she made. Jai thinks Dhara is even caring for me, then she says she loves someone else, I can’t believe it. Its morning, Jiten asks Jai and Dhara to sign on the divorce papers. Ansubaa asks Dhara to sign on the papers. Dhara is shocked. Jai looks on.

Jiten asks Ansubaa to make the marriage take place well. Ansubaa says it can’t happen.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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