Ek Ghar Banaunga 3rd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 3rd April 2014 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 3rd April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kanno getting into Sarita and Dolly’s words. She says yes, I will dance and calls the dance academy for the appointment. Ramesh is tensed as Akash reaches the hotel to return the advance to him. Ramesh tries to call Kothari but could not talk. Akash asks in the hotel about Kothari. Kothari meets Akash and Ramesh gets happy. Akash tells Kothari that he is sorry but he can’t do his work. Kothari looks at Ramesh. Akash returns the advance and says i m unable to arrange money so I won’t do the event. Kothari gets angry on Akash. Akash apologizes to him again and says its my mistake. Kothari says its my mistake to trust you. Kothari taunts Akash. Ramesh signs him to calm down. Kothari challenges Akash to take up the work.

Kothari insults Akash and says

you are good for nothing. Akash says enough, you don’t have right to talk about my personal life, I would have ran with this money, but I came to return the money, take it and leave. Ramesh gets a call and says its great, thanks for arranging the money. Ramesh tells Akash that he has arranged money for him. He asks Akash to take up the work and fulfill his dreams. Akash refuses to take his help but Ramesh insists. Ramesh asks him to take a decision and become a big man. He says you have to take big risks to do a big work. Akash agrees and talks to Kothari. Akash says i m ready to do this work. Ramesh smiles.

Kothari says whats the proof you will not back out. Akash says I don’t have any reason to say no, I will do it. Kothari says I will give you Rs. 45 lakhs rupees but it will be post dated after two days. He asks Akash to take the cheque and sign the contract. Akash is happy. Ramesh hugs Akash and says congrats. Kothari smiles. Ramesh asks Akash to keep this as a surprise and not discuss at home as they will be worried about the loan. Kanno is making tea. She says I have to go now. Poonam hears this and asks what happened. Kanno says nothing. Kanno thinks Poonam is still upset, it won’t be good to tell her about dance class.

Kamal looks at Poonam while she is alone in the kitchen. He enters the kitchen smiling. Poonam turns and the tea falls on him. His hand burns. Poonam says sorry. She applies cream to his hand. Kamal gets happy. It was Kamal’s imagination and he is still standing at the door staring at Poonam. He then comes to Poonam and she turns. The tea really falls on his hand and she says sorry as she said in his imagination. he brings the first aid box and applies the cream. Kanno and Mama come and asks what happened. Kamal says hot tea fell on me. Kanno treats his hand with water. Poonam says I will apply the cream. Mama says give it to me and applies it. Kamal’s plan flops. Mama says come with me, I will do the bandage.

Ramesh tells Akash that Rs 5 lakh can’t be arranged, lets take it on interest. Akash says who will give me in so less time. Deepak comes and says I will give you. Akash greets him and says come sit. Ramesh asks you are Poonam’s brother. Akash asks how you here. Deepak says I had a meeting here, I can also earn something in 5 days. He says dad gave me money and I can give you, I can get the interest. Deepak says my money will be safe with you. Deepak insists and asks Akash to think about him. Akash agrees. Deepak smiles. Akash says I will return you the money with interest. Akash says don’t tell this to Poonam and everyone. He says I want to give everyone a surprise. Deepak says fine. Ramesh smiles.

Akash gets the Rs. 25 lakhs and is very happy. Poonam comes and is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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