Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 31st January 2014 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 31st January 2014 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 31st January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Dhara saving jai from making him come out of the lift. They have a talk. Dhara apologizes to jai for going without his permission. jai and Dhara comes to know that the lift was under repair. He says my wife has stopped me from entering the lift. The manage sas you should bethankful to her, the lift just fell. jai is shocked and Dhara faints hearing this. jai thinks about Dhara’s and Parul’s words about Dhara. He looks at Dhara and thinks how can this be, she has saved me today, else I would have got hurt. Maybe Parul is right, that Dhara is saving me from every accident. Dhara is sleeping. She dreams that jai got in the lift and the lift fell.

She shouts and wakes up. She hugs jai. He asks what happened. She cries. She asks are you fine. He says yes, why are you afraid, tell me why are you crying so much. She thinks about Dipika’s words and moves away from jai. She says I have seen a bad dream and tells him about the lift. He says I m fine, nothing happened to me. He pacifies her. She holds his hand and they have an eyelock. He says Dhara, I m going to bring water for you. He gives her water. She drinks the water and he asks her to sleep as everything is fine.

She rests. She holds her hand and asks will you leave me and go. He says no, I will be with you, now close your eyes and sleep. She closes her eyes. He looks at her and thinks she worries for me really, she cares about my life. jai gets ready. Dhara says you promised you won’t leave me and go. He says but. The waiter comes with the breakfast. The manager asks jai to visit Mumbai and gives him two tickets. He says we are shifting everyone to our next wing, sorry for the inconvenience. jai shows the tickets to Dhara and says now you know. She says you are going leaving me.

jai says its two tickets. She asks who is going with you. He says manager, and jokes. He says you are coming with me. Dhara is happy. He says lets do some shopping. She says sorry, I thought….. He says that I will leave you alone. He says I won’t leave you alone, don’t be shy now, go and get ready. He holds her hand and they have an eyelock. Music plays………………… Dipika calls jai and says you forgot us. jai looks at Dhara while she comes out after having a bath. Dipika asks are you missing me. jai says yes. She asks what are you bringing for me from Mumbai. jai says nothing. Dipika gets angry.

jai gets another call and he keeps Dipika on hold. He asks Dhara to talk to Dipika. Dipika asks Dhara how are you. Dhara says fine. Dipika says we are worried about you. She says jai might be busy on work, and you might be getting bored, I m feeling bad for you. Dhara says no, we are going out now. Dipika is shocked. Dhara says we are going for shopping, tell me, what should I bring for you. Dhara ends the call. jai says I will call again. Dhara says I m hungry, lets have food first. Dhara smiles and says only Kishan ji knows what will happen next, but today I want to be his wife.

Dipika tells Ketki what Dhara did by ending her call. She tells her everything that jai is taking Dhara with her to show Mumbai. Ketki says it does not mean he accepted her. Dipika says I have to do something. She thinks of some plan and smiles. Ketki looks on. jai and Dhara are on the beach. Dhara enjoys with the kids. She dances with them on the sea shore. jai looks at her and smiles. Dhara asks him to come and have fun. She hugs him and Ore piya………………. plays………………… They have an eyelock. They sit on the beach and have pakodas.

She likes the pakodas. He looks on and thinks of having it too. She asks how is it. He likes it. She smiles looking at him. Dhara says she wants water and jai brings coconut water, A coconut falls and they have to share it. They drink from the same coconut. Sajna Ve…………….. plays………………


Hasmukh is trying to find Chandrika’s truth.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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