Ek Mutthi Aasman 31st January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Mutthi Aasman 31st January 2014 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 31st January 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Kalpi enters the house. Aaji says where were you I called the guy. Kalpi says I told you that I don’t wanna get married. Aaji says I made your parents meet them. Votthal asks Kalp where was she ? She says I cam home but I saw that guy and left. Kalpo says Aaji I told you already I don’t want to meet anyone. She says you talk to me like that. She slaps Kalpi but Kamla comes in between and gets the slap. Kamla says you said that it was all my mistake then punish me but you don’t have any right to hit my children. Kalpi says aaji I have got the job a hotel. Pakiya says wow Kalpi congratulations, sorry Aaji but I think you have lost. Vitthal asks whats the job ? She says its a hotel job. My training will start from tomorrow and will make me permanent after

a month. Aaji says try to understand Vittha; the burden of girl should be taken off as soon as possible. Vitthal says I don’t consider her burden. There is no difference between Pakiya and Kalpi. Kamla thanks God and Kalpi prays that Kamla should never know what her job actually is.

Scene 2
Paki’s car gets punctured on the road, she calls driver and start looking for an auto. Some stag boys stop by her and start moving towards her. Paki smells the fear. One of them says we cam fix your car. You will be tired lets give you a lift darling. Please comes. Paki says please go away from here. He says relax baby we are good boys. They start pulling her hand, she screams for help. Suddenly Raghav comes there and hits on those guys. Paki is stunned. He makes her sit in his car and takes out a bottle of wine. One of the guys ask who are you ? Don’t try to mess with us, she is our girl. Look he has got us a wine get us the girl as well. Raghav says combination of wine and car is good specially when there is some fire. He asks what are you doing ? Raghav says creating the environment when the tyre and leather of shoes will burn together. He starts pouring it on their car and shows the lighter. They run away. They says have you gone mad. He says I wish someone was taking picture and there would be a poster of movie like lost of lust. Paki starts shouting seeing the fire. He says shut up fire has been blown. He gives her water. She says water ? He says yes i don’t waste wine on idiots. Do you want a glass.
paki says thanks Raghav. He says its late go home. Paki says I know you are so upset because of my parents but Kamla maa says that you should move on. He says sounds weird that you call a maid maa. She says she is more than a mother to me. I love her. May I ask why didn’t you meet Kamla maa ? I feel like you have some issues with relationships ? He says yes. She asks don’t you have a girl friend ? He says we are at you house now. People will take it wrong if you sit here with a stranger. She says that means you don’t have girl friend. He says good night miss Kapoor go home. He leaves. Paki says why are you scared to tell when you don’t have one and smiles.

Scene 3
Vitthal says to Kalpi show everyone what my daughter can do. Don’t think much your Ai will be okay. He asks Kamla is the tiff-in ready ? Kamla is lost in thoughts. She says yes. She gives Kalpi lunch as well. Kalpi says thank you Ai but they will give food there. Kalpi says that’s the spirit. In my office the meal of sir comes from the office, madam. Kalpi is quiet. Vitthal wishes her luck for her first day. She says its my first day I want prayers from both of you. Ai I know even if you don’t talk to me this day means a lot to you. I will never let you down Ai. Vitthal says whatever Kalpi does we will be proud of her. He says take care and leaves. Kamla says to her God that she needs your help. Keep her happy always. Thank you for everything.


Precap-The manager tells Kalpi that the most important thing while being a waiter is that costumer is always right. You have to welcome and serve them very well. Kalpi later works at the hotel and she is not feeling good. .

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Paki is a total idiot.

  2. Can’t Kalpana ge what she deserves.. Why doesn’t she pass already.. Shame mahn, she studied so hard..

  3. Zahreen Saley

    Paakhi.. Why is she puting her nose ino everything … And if she wants to help, she shoul change and stop going all mad for Raghav… But nice episode though.. Its just Pakhi but still, he episode was fine .. Was cool

  4. Mohammed Patel

    🙂 thanks (www.tellyupdates.com) for the updates, and thanks to whoever poseted It..

  5. Yes .. Thank you… But I just want to share something … ” Whenever you see someone in trouble, or in need, help them, or pray for them, it will only make you happy and it will make you a better person “

  6. Guyz I would like to share something too..
    Scienists are not able to find out how the human embryo is created .. BUt it was created by one, and that is ALLAH (S.W.T)…you all have a life and you never know when it might be gone .. So I tell you my dear brothers and sisters, ACCEPT ISLAM, because believing in idols is wrong ..
    The idols are made of stone and it cannot hear , see, or do anything, so how can you believe in idols … And how can you believe in the cross… It will not grant you anything , it is just a cross with a man on it ….. And all the relegious books have been altered but the Quraan is in its oringinal form and not changed … AMAZING… Accept Islam before its too late, before you will be resurrected for your deeds, ACCEPT ISLAM… Islam is the way of life …

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