Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 2nd August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 2nd August 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 2nd August 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with the people bad mouthing against Bhoomi. Kishan says he will not tolerate a word against Bhoomi. Others says Kishan is not respecting the elders and stopping us. Karsan says Bhoomi is not at fault for whatever happened. Someone says Bhoomi is impure, Kishan says your thoughts are impure. That lady tells Ansubaa whether you believe Bhoomi to be pure or impure. Bhoomi says talk is about the truth, our nation daughter is modernised in every way but when if something happens to her, then why she is the one to be blamed. She says how can we insult any woman who is equivalent to Devi maa. Is not that wrong. That lady instigates all others against Bhoomi. While they starts arguing and shouting, Hasmukh asks them to stop the drama. He tells the old

man that he knows about his values/ sanskaar and asks him shall I tell the truth of your family infront of everyone.

Parul tells the neighbour, if anything like that happen to your daughter, then what would be your thoughts. She gets angry. Ramila says you can’t even hears anything about your daughter then how could we not trust our Bhoomi. Karsan and Parul says, we will stand by our daughter in law and it is our sanskaar. Parul says we will be with our Bahu and will always be and says we will see who stops her from doing the Puja. Parul asks Bhoomi and Kishan to do the puja, that old man standing there stops Bhoomi and says he is the trustee of this mandir, he can’t let her impure the mandir and takes away the puja thali from Bhoomi’s hands. Ansubaa shouts at him but in vain. Kishan says this is her first puja after marriage and she will anyhow do the puja. Kishan lits the diya on his palm and prays to Devi maa to accept the puja. Kishan takes Bhoomi hand underneath her palm and starts doing the aarti for the puja.

Bharti gets annoyed by seeing her failure to malign’s Bhoomi’s image, while all the Vaishnav family feels happy as Kishan stood by Bhoomi. After the puja gets over, Bhoomi sees Kishan’s palm burnt a little and feels sad. Kishan says your tears will work as an ointment for this wound. Parul tells Bhoomi to complete the remaining puja rituals. Again that old man takes the holy thread from Bhoomi’s hand and says you are not allowed to tie it. He asks the other people to throw Bhoomi and Kishan out of the mandir. Ansubaa comes in their way and says dont dare to touch them. Karsan says everyone of us with Kishan and Bhoomi. Everyone holds each other hands in support of Bhoomi and Bharti too joins them unwillingly.

Bhoomi says but where is the thread to tie. Kishan takes out the thread from his shirt and Bhoomi ties it while the people asks her against it. Kishan and Bhoomi completes the thread tieing puja while their family surrounded them for safety. Bhoomi prays to the Devi maa to stay her family united always. That old man again speaks against the Vaishnav family. Kishan says you are the trustee of this mandir but not the trustee of our bhakti or prayers. He says our thinking is beyond your 18th century thinking. He tells her Jai Dwarkhadeesh and smiles.

After coming home, Bhoomi feels sad and cries. Kishan consoles her and says their thinking is old and not to think about it. Bhoomi says she is hurt and their words still hurting her. She says you supported me infront of everyone. Kishan says he loves her a lot and will be with her in any circumstances, that’s why she don’t need to feel scared. Bhoomi thanks him for showing faith on her and says everyone stood by her and supported her. She says she feels their gesture and support and understood about the meaning of family.

Hasmukh tells Ramila that he was away with his family but now united with his family. He thanks Ramila who is teary eyed at his words. He says forgive me if you can, She replies him to forget it and praises him that he supported Bhoomi in the temple. She says everyone is happy with you. Hasmukh says he understood the family unity and values are his biggest strength.

Bharti tells Ankit that your family unity is the biggest stone of our path. She says she didn’t able to do anything and therefore it is good to be with them and waits for the right moment. Ankit tells her that we will not get a chance as Papa too became gentleman now. Mayank tells Hasmukh that you had done such a good acting and Ansubaa forgave you. Hasmukh replies him that whatever he did or said was the true words came from his heart and says I was wondering why I took over the wrong path. In the right words, I am reborn now. but it will take time for everyone to have faith on me. He leaves. Mayank wonders and says he will see the day when he will show his true colors to Ansubaa. Ansubaa talks with her husband that because of your aashirwad/blessings, our family is united.

Bharti looks at the Vaishnav family picture and says she have to become part of the family to break them.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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