Amita Ka Amit 2nd August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Amita Ka Amit 2nd August 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 2nd August 2013 Written Update

All the things are set for puja. Fallu is still sitting making weird faces. Nani tells her to relax. See, Ammu has done everything so nicely. You are only worried about your thaali (the same ancestral plate). It’s alright till now. Fallu nods. Amit and Batuk come there. Fallu asks about the decor. Amit assures her all is set. Ammu who is lighting the diya mutters to herself. He is saying as if he has done everything on his own. His mom tells him check the seating outside as well. Batuk offers to go and check. He gestures Amit to talk to Ammu. Baa asks Ammu if all the preps are done then give me the plate I will offer the flowers. Ammu goes to get it while Batuk reminds Amit of the task at hand. You wont get time after the puja begins. Amit comes and holds Ammu’s hand and she screams

thereby dropping the plate. And finally it breaks! All look at it shocked. Fallu shouts at her telling everyone how her fear turned out to be true. Tina too reprimands her for the same. Fallu bhabhi does the puja every year using the same thaali. It was ancestral and also very expensive. First you made her open her fast and now this. Ammu apologizes and leaves with the broken pieces for her room.
Amit says it was his fault not her. fallu charges at him. She dropped it thereby breaking it and yet you are saying this. I think if she does anything else as well then also you will take the blame on you. Amit tries to explain it happened as he had held her hand. She tells him not to make her understand she cannot make a mistake. She cries. Amit leaves sensing no option to make his mother see it.

Ammu is trying to join the thaali when Amit enters his room. He comes and sits next to her on the floor. He asks if she is ok. She continues with her work and quietly wipes a tear out of the corner of her eye. He tries to help but she stops him with her gesture. You have already done what you could. He agrees he was at fault. I shouldn’t have done it. She tells him not to offer any explanation. You cant look at me eye to eye and outside were you not trying to hold my hand intentionally? He tries to say something but she cuts him off. They get into an argument of taking over the task. Finally Amit takes the glue from her and starts doing it himself. She taunts he isn’t doing it the way it is supposed to. He stops her to take the glue from him by keeping his hand on hers. They get into another argument with their hands stuck in the same way without either realising it. Finally they notice their hands have been glued. They both blame each other for it. Right then, Nani knocks at the door. She tells Ammu not to repair it for it wont be mended again. You get your thaali. Ammu asks about mummy ji. Nani assures her they have already decided upon this. You too are the daughter-in-law of this house like her. it will do. Come out fast. Amit nods to her.

They both try various ways to separate their hands. Ammu comes with the knife. He throws it away telling her not to think for that is not meant for her. he gets one idea and gets hot boiling water. She is scared. They both instantly scream as their hands come in contact with the hot water. She gets a ruler this time. He puts his head down and tells her to wake her up when she is done. It wont happen till 2040 if they will go this way. Stop thinking. She tells him to think then just like that boiling water type idea. They both say in unison – Idea! Next we see them standing around a pillar trying to pull their hands away. she gives up. Let us find that thaali first or I will be scolded again. Amit is atop a chair trying to find the thaali from above the almirah. He asks for the exact location of the thaali. She tells him it is kept above the bag. He wonders how she could keep it there (as he is taller than her). she reminds him of the ladder kept at home. He tells her to increase her height. She stretches and is in pain. He teases her. Your face looks red (with anger). He finally gets hold of the thaali but the vermilion box kept on it spills on Amit. She teases him saying his face looks red now. He looks at her angrily. He looks at himself in the mirror. Who keeps the vermilion box there? He tries to clean his face but it keeps spreading. She offers to help but he declines. She asks him to come out to give the thaali as everyone must be waiting. He rejects the idea. I wont go out with this face in front of the guests. He is trying to wipe it off but is continues to spread only. She insists to go out. This isn’t the time to be upset.

AA come out. Nani takes the thaali from Ammi while all smile looking at Amit except Fallu. Ammu’s parents are there too. Fallu questions Amit about the red face. Ammu’s Nana teases him as well. He is kind of shy that is why his face is red. Baa and Batuk tease him as well. Fallu instructs him to take a bath. Would you come in front of the guests looking like a red monkey? Batuk repeats the words but goes quiet as Fallu shoots him a look. Amit asks Ammu shall we. She sweetly nods in reply. Everyone is amused while Fallu is all the more embarrassed. Why you want to take her along? Amit tells he would need his kurta / shirt. Ammu agrees with him. Fallu calls them both mad. Both leave and quietly close the door behind them.
Hemant and his dad compliment the love which AA share.


There is not water in the basin so Ammu tells him to use the shower. He asks her to come along but she denies. He tells her he just wants to wash his face. She accompanies him. He starts washing his face when looking at her, he thinks of something and starts sprinkling water on her. She shouts but in the end gets pulled next to him under the shower. Eye lock follows. Without their realising the glue comes off. She hurriedly runs out telling him to come fast after taking a bath.

AA doing the puja. Amit smiles at her but she is still miffed with him. Hemant blows the conch shell. Ammu offers aarti to everyone. Baa announces that no one will sleep tonight. Their fast will be opened as soon as the first ray of sun breaks in. Ria also tells them that there is a special program tonight. Amit tries talking to Ammu…it would be fun. She hands over the thaali to him and leaves with Kajal.


Everyone is having fun singing and dancing. AA are welcoming the guests. Amit asks her if she doesn’t think she is stretching this a little. She agrees sarcastically adding it is I who has the habit of doing so. He tries to explain his view. I mean I am trying so hard to make up while you are unrelenting. She tells him she only ruins things while he is a perfectionist. She again reverts something which triggers off another explanation but just then Ria calls for everyone’s attention. We will have antakshari tonight. It will be girls vs boys. AA go in separate directions. Everyone is seated accordingly while Ammu & Kajal and Amit & Batuk are standing opposite each other in a challenging way. All four of them stand challenging each other as to who will win or lose.

Precap: Ammu declines the gift which Varsha has brought for her. Hemant wonders why she declined that dance first and now this as well. Amit is clueless about the dance. Hemant explains how Ammu takes part in their trader’s association every year. Amit tells him she will participate this year too.

Update Credit to: pooja

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