Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 2nd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 2nd April 2014 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 2nd April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with the doctor saying Dhara is pregnant. Everyone are shocked. Dipika is happy. Dhara starts crying. Everyone talk and Ansubaa asks Dhara to tell the truth. Dhara runs. Ansubaa looks at Jai and asks Jai what is Dhara hiding, she is pregnant and it means you both have …… She says one side is Dipika and other side is Dhara, who saved your life. Ansubaa says I m ashamed that Jai has ruined two girl’s lives. Ansubaa says Jai you can’t be quiet, tell us whats all this. Ketki fears that Jai can say it was Dhara with him. Jai says its not true. I also don’t know. He says I did not do any mistake with Dhara. Dhara hears this and cries.

Jai says we have not united. Everyone are shocked. Ansubaa says what are you saying, how did Dhara become pregnant then. Parul says maybe the doctor is wrong. Ansubaa says she can’t be wrong, it means Dhara is pregnant and is Jai is not the father of her child, then who is it. Parul says it can’t happen. Jai says don’t think anything, don’t doubt on Dhara, I will talk to her. Jai leaves. Hitesh smiles and says I want to see good drama in free. Avni stops him and requests him as its their personal matter. Avni says I won’t let you go there. Hitesh scolds her and pushes her. He gets a call and says your work will be done. Avni argues with him. Avni is tensed seeing Hitesh ruin her family name.

Jai comes to Dhara and sees her crying. Jai says you did not do any mistake that you are ashamed, I don’t have any right to ask you. Are you really pregnant. She says yes. Jai is shocked. Jai says we did not unite, you know we did not had such relation, then how. He says don’t feel bad, I m not doubting you, I want to support you. He asks her to tell him the truth, did anyone took advantage of her. She says no, he is a Devta. He asks do you love him. She says yes. Jai cries. Jai thinks Dhara loves someone else, I don’t deserve her, she hates me. Dhara thinks Jai might be hating her, how should I tell him that I love him. Jai asks does he love you. Dhara says only he can say that. Jai says fine, we will ask him, tell me his name. Dhara thinks how to tell its you. He says I will make you marry him.

He praises her and says I got a chance to do my duty, to fulfill your dreams, I will get your love. She says no need. He says why not, you have a right to live your life, tell me who is he. Dhara says I can’t say. Jai says fine, tell Parul, don’t be afraid, I promise I will make you marry him. Dhara is shocked. Ansubaa and Parul talk about Dhara. Parul says Dhara can’t cheat us. Jai brings Dhara to everyone and says Dhara told me everything. Dhara is pregnant. Ketki says OMG. Jai says stop overacting. Jai says don’t blame Dhara. Dhara loves that man and wants to marry him.

He says its not a sin. Dhara cries. Jai says Dhara has not cheated us, she married me for my safety, if I can marry Dipika, Dhara also has a right to live her life. She also had some dreams. He says I will make Dhara marry that man. Everyone are shocked.

Ansubaa asks Dhara to swear on the Lord’s idol and say what Jai is saying is true. Aao re saware…………..plays………………. Dhara and everyone go to the Lord’s temple in the house. She says I love him and I want to spend my life with him and want to marry him. Everyone are shocked.

Jai says I will do the marriage well. Dhara says I can’t marry him. Jai says I will convince him.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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