Ek Ghar Banaunga 2nd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 2nd April 2014 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 2nd April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ramesh calling someone. Akash comes to him and brings the advance. Ramesh thinks of any idea to stop Akash. Poonam calls Akash and tells him everything what happened with her. Ramesh asks what happened. Akash says I m going home, Poonam needs me. Poonam cries and Kanno consoles her. Abhi says don’t know who did this. Akash comes running to Poonam and she hugs him crying.

Akash asks why are you crying, now I m here, no one can harm you, tell me where did you see the shadow. Akash checks the bathroom and Poonam says I saw someone putting light on me. Akash goes outside the window and sees Kamal’s mirror. Ramesh says I will kill that man. Akash picks the mirror. Poonam says it means he was using this, someone was here. Abhi also understands its Kamal.

Akash says who can it be and how did he come in this house, I will not leave him. Kamal comes and acts as if he is much hurt. Dolly asks from where are you coming. Kamal lies that when Poonam was shouting, I saw someone running and I caught that guy, I slipped and fell. Akash asks how was he, I will not leave him. Ramesh says yes tell us, I will kill him. Kamal says I did not see his face. Abhi understands he is lying. Akash thanks Kamal and says I will find him out and will beat him. Mangla says lets go inside, I will see it does not happen again. Akash hugs Poonam. Kamal smiles seeing Poonam.

Abhi comes to Kamal and asks where was he. Kamal lies to him. Abhi slaps him. Kamal is shocked. Abhi says shut up, I told you this is our family and not to do any such thing, we are playing a game to take our money back, it does not mean you play a dirty game. Kamal apologizes to him. Abhi says no, I know how to make you right, see what I do. Kamal says please give me one chance. Abhi says this is the last time, I will kick you out of the house if you do this again. Ramesh comes and says I knoww Kamal did this. Ramesh also scolds Kamal. Kamal says sorry. Ramesh says you will be punished. Abhi gets angry. Ramesh says this is not the right time, if anyone hears this, it will be our insult, lets forget all this.

Ramesh sends Abhi saying I will talk to Kamal. Ramesh scolds Kamal for doing such a big mistake. He says be patient, don’t do anything now, else our plan will be flopped. Control yourself. Kamal says I will do as you say. Ramesh says come with me. Akash brings food for Poonam and sees her sitting upset. He pacifies her and makes her smile. he makes her have the food. He looks at the bag and says I forgot. She asks him to go for the meeting. He says how can I leave you. She says everyone are here with me. He says I will come back soon and hugs her.

Ramesh and everyone talk about their plan not working. He says we have to stop Akash else we will lose our Rs. 5 lakhs. Dolly says you can go with Akash. Ramesh likes the idea. Akash is leaving. Ramesh comes and says I will also come with you. Akash agrees. Sarita and Dolly come to fill Kanno’s ears against the family. Kanno gets in their words. Kanno says I will join the dance classes. Dolly and Sarita become happy.

Akash goes to return the money. Ramesh is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_hasan

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