Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 29th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 29th November 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 29th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Dhara coming to jai with tea and snacks. He says I don’t want, I had it. She says why are you lying, I saw you, I did not have. He says do you have any work. She says no, have this tea. He says I have some important work, you go from here. Dhara keeps the tea and leaves from his room. She bumps into Dipika and they say sorry to each other. Dipika says we always bump into each other Dhara says yes, as our way is the same. Dipika comes to jai and jokes with him. She says I want a favour from you. He says what. She says I want a mobile charger. He says let me check, maybe I have. She says your room looks an office. He says I work all days, and sometimes from home. She talks to him about his US trip.

She says tell me, which one inspires you from NY fashion and Indian fashion. Dhara sees jai talking with Dipika and says jai is strange, he did not have time for me but now he is talking so much with Dipika. Dhara says I m mad, he is like my friend, it does not mean he will think of me as a friend, why will he talk with me. Ketki sees jai talking with Dipika and gets happy. Dhara comes to the kitchen thinking what might jai and Dipika be talking while laughing. She says i should be happy for him if he wants to start his life. She says I should think about Nanku and his studies.

She wishes Nanku is always fine and says jai is a nice man as he got Nanku admitted in such a big school. She still thinks about jai and says how much will I think about him. She tries to change her mind but still thinks about jai. Sajna Ve…. plays….. Dhara smiles thinking about jai. She puts extra water in the flour. Parul comes and sees Dhara lost in thoughts. She says Dhara, what happened, what are you thinking. Why did you put so much water in the flour. Dhara says nothing, sorry. Parul says tell me the truth, did anyone tell you. Dhara says no, jai did not say anything. Dhara says jai scolded me. Parul says enough. Parul says see, don’ feel bad about jai.

Dhara says I know, he is a nice man, he takes care of everyone and he did not feel bad about my words. She says why would I feel bad is he is talking with Dipika. Parul smiles and asks jai is talking to some girl and you feel bad. Dhara looks at Parul and smiles. Parul says your eyes are saying the truth. Dhara cries and leaves. Parul comes to her and says your eyes speak the truth, like you can’t stop this tears, you can’t hide your love. She says don’t be shy, tell me whats in your heart, do you started liking jai. Dhara is shocked on this question. Parul says I read your feelings like a woman, and being a mum, I know whats my son’s happiness in. Parul says why you marry my jai. Dhara is stunned.

Parul says I saw and understood whats in your heart, I will talk to Ansubaa. Dhara says he is like my Lord, I pray to him, we can’t have any other relation. She says he needs someone like Bhoomi and I can’t be equal to her. Parul says we will decide, love is required in a marriage, think about it, I m with you, its Kishan ji’s miracle that they have send you in our lives. Parul goes to talk to Ansubaa. Lily comes to Dhara and asks Dhara to bring haldi milk for Ansubaa. Ketki comes to Dipika with sweets and says jai’s marriage is fixed. Dipika is shocked and asks with whom. Ketki shows her a photo. Dipika gets angry as Ketki praises the girl. Dipika says tell me, how can jai like her. Ketki says yes, the girl has all qualities.

Dipika says jai needs a smart girl who understands him and also helps him in his work. Ketki teases her. Ketki says did you think about marriage till now. Dipika says I m still thinking. She says go, I have some work. Dipika stops Ketki and says I m right for jai. Can I be your Devrani. Ketki says shall I tell to Ansubaa that you are ready. Dipika is happy and hugs Ketki. Parul wishes to the Lord and says my jai’s life is starting again, Dhara is the best for him. She says I m going to tell this to Ansubaa, I know she will understand me. Ketki and Dipika are also going to Ansubaa.

Lily tells Dhara that Ansubaa is going to decide about jai’s marriage. Dhara is shocked. She says you go, I will bring the milk. Lily says come soon. Dhara talks to her conscience and at first denies her love and atlast realizes it and says I love jai. She starts crying and says I don’t want to hear this truth. She says I m a poor, uneducated and an orphan, why will he marry me. She gets sad knowing the difference between them. She says I have to stop this.

Ansubaa shows Parul that Dipika is your bahu. Parul is shocked.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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