Ek Mutthi Aasman 29th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 29th November 2013 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 29th November 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Paki and Kalpi are studying and there is too much noise outside. Pakiya is dancing with all his friends. Pakiya comes up and asks kalpi and Paki to come down. Paki says no we are studying. Paki says no means no. Paki says i am so annoyed with noise. She asks kalpi how can you study in that much noise, Kalpi gives Paki cotton and says put it in your ears. Kalpi says why don’t you study at your house. Paki says i don’t want to but seriously i how you put up here. Kalpi says i am not like you i manage to do it in all situations. Paki sees time and calls someone Kalpi is looking at her. Paki says i have done something awesome for you. You’ll says me thanks. Kalpi says what have you done why are you smiling ? Paki says study and let me too. Paki starts the countdown and by the time she ends The noise all stops. The songs and everything. Downstairs cops have arrived, they are asking to turn the music off. Kalpi is stunned. She asks Paki what has she done ? Paki is smiling. Kalpi asks have you called the police? Paki says yes simple. She says are you mad why you called cops. Kalpi says you made a mess of it. Paki says i helped her and she even didn’t thanked. Police is asking people why were they playing music after 10. Vitthal says that leave it sir no one is annoyed with the music in the chowl. Everybody asks who called Vitthal shouts who made the call ? Everybody is asking each other. Kalpi sasy to paki that i am going down don’t create another problem now. Vitthal says someone must have made fun leave it sir. Its the venue of wedding they’re kids it happens. The boy asks but dad who made the call. Paki goes down and says i did the call. Everyone turns back and is dazed. Vitthal says what was the need to ? Paki says what else could i do its the rule that music can’t be played after 10 o’clock. Vitthal says did you ask someone in the chowl. The boy goes to Paki and says listen madam stay in your limit don’t try to teach us otherwise.. Pakiya comes in between and says otherwise what ? He says don’t come in here pakiya. Pakiya says i will and they start the fight. polices takes them both to the station. Paki says i’m so sorry Kalpi. Vitthal follows the police. Paki says i’m sorry i didn’t know this could happen. Kalpi says you have already done a lot for us leave us now.

Scene 2
Sahil asks Nettu where is Paki. She says like she informs me before going anywhere. Its just prem who respects me he’s my choco pie. Sahil says we’re talking about our daughter yet its dinner time and you don’t know where is she. Prem says dad why are you angry at mom she doesn’t do the dinner with us. Nettu says she must have gone to meet kamla maa or to help her family. We are here having the family time and there she. Sahil says Paki is grown up now Nettu you must take care. Nettu says why don’t you ? At least she listens to you. Prem says let me call her. He calls Paki. He sasy its on engaged. Sahil says i get worried prem i’m okay if i get to know where she is.

Scene 3
Police arrives at the station and lock up them there. The police man says your chowl has spent a lot on the wedding now see who’ll get you out of there.
Vitthal calls kamla and tells her all that. Vitthal says this is all because of your paki. Kamla says she must have called so they could study. Kamla says i am sorry vitthal i can’t be with you. I know nothing will happen to pakiya. Vitthal says let me see now. She says inform me whatever happens. Vitthal says till now my daughter suffered because of this paki baby and now my son too.
Paki is calling driver. Kalpi hires a rickshaw. Paki says please let me help. Kalpi says we don’t need your help. paki sits in the rickshaw too.
Vitthal there is begging the inspector not to make th case. He says its the second time. It must be a case. Kalpi gets in the station. Kalpi asks Paki to stay away from them. Kalpi sees vitthal begging in front of police man.

Precap-A police man asks vitthal to pay 25 thousand..

Update Credit to: Atiba

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