Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 29th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 29th August 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 29th August 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Kishan informing everyone about his decision to leave home. Ansubaa is shocked. she says you will not leave this house and this is your punishment. Kishan says he can’t agree to her and says he promised Ramila that he will go from here. He says Ramila kaki didn’t ask him to do so. Parul asks Ramila to stop Kishan from leaving the house. She says sorry on behalf on Kishan and Bhoomi, if she is hurt. She says whatever happened with Ankit is not right, and urges her to stop Kishan from leaving the house. She begs her to stop Kishan and Bhoomi. Hasmukh asks Ramila to reply to Parul. Ramila stands like a stone. Kishan says this decision is mine and asks her to give him aashirwad, blessings. He tells baa that you are my strength and please dont weak me. Ansubaa says she will not let him go.

Bhoomi cries and says I became part of this house because of Kishan and I have to be with him at this moment. Dilip cries, Kishan hugs him and says he is leaving the house and not breaking the relations. Parul reminds Kishan that she said to him not to take any decision by being emotional. She says you forgot that you are someone son. She says think about Bhoomi, she accepted our values and we can’t give her in return. She says what I will answer her. Parul hugs Bhoomi and cries. Hasmukh tries to make Ramila understand that Kishan and Bhoomi are innocent and requests her to stop Kishan and Bhoomi. He asks why you are quiet. Ramila says her sons didn’t do any mistake like that. She bashes Kishan saying you did a drama infront of everyone.

Ramila says you know that this family will stop you. If you wants to go then you would have gone silently without informing anyone. Kishan says he isn’t able to leave the house without their blessings. Kishan and Bhoomi takes everyone blessings. Hasmukh is teary eyed and asks Kishan to forgive Ramila if possible. Kishan tells Ankit that you saved Avni’s prestige and says sorry, while the sanskaar song plays in the background. Bhoomi comes to Bharti and hugs her. Bharti tells her that your house is in my control now. She tells Kishan that she will take care of everyone. Kishan and Bhoomi goes to take Ansubaa’s blessings. Ansubaa cries in her room and wonders about the happenings. Kishan comes to her and says baa. Ansubaa says she can’t live without you and Bhoomi. She urges them not to leave.

While Kishan and Bhoomi is leaving the house, everyone cries looking at them. Song plays rishte naate… in the BG. Ansubaa comes and stops them. She says she have to give them something else with her blessings.

Ketki says to Ansubaa that if you want to give property or responsibility to Kishan then he won’t be able to fulfill it. As he have to break the promise made to Ramila.


Update Credit to: H Hasan

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