Qubool Hai 29th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 29th August 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 29th August 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Nikhat is going out of the house, when ayan asks where is she going. Ayan is confused.
Humaira is talking to someone on the phone, who informs tht due to the strike, she wont be able to get the meds. She asks him to get them when he can. ayan comes and asks that she has missed her monthly appointments, and doesnt have meds too. Humaira asks him to go as she has a headcahe and nauseous. Ayan offers to take her, but she insists that she would go to the doctor with razia and not with him. But ayan forcible takes her hand, but she says that whats the max that can happen, she would die and thats better than being with him. Ayan takes an insistent humaira, who refuses to go to the doctor, by the hand, but he is slapped by humaira, with a vase. Ayan sustains an injury on the head, while she is out of breath herself. Shirin and badi bi see this and are shocked. Huamira falls unconscious.

While the doctors are treating, razia comesd and asks what happened. Razia is told that humaira shouldnt skip this medicines even once and asks her not to be careless about this. He leaves, asking to be called once humaira’s conscious. Shirin asks if this is the saqme problem thats troubling her since childhood, and asks whats it and what is she taking meds for. Razia says that its nothing serious, just weakness and breathing problems. Shirin reminds how she says that if she doesn take it one day, it would prove fatal to humaira. Razia again asks her not to be so serious and asks her to rest while she takes care of humaira. shirin leaves, saying that its okay if she doesnt want to ell. Ayan is in tears seeing humaira, and asks razia about her condition. Razia gives the same answer to ayan too. He says that he knows these meds are for the heart, and not for weakness. Razia silences her so that noone else hears anything. ayan demands to knwo whats her ailment. Razia says that there’s a hole in her heart. ayan is shocked to hear this. She says that only she and her husband know this. She says that she doesnt want humaira to know this, and therefore they have always succumbed to her wishes, just like her wanrting to marry ayan, and he knows very well how much she tried for that. She says that for her sick daughter, she can do anything. she says that she has no control over the ailment, but can save her from the pain and scare of it. Razia says that its incurable and can only be prevented. She says that its important to keep her away from stress as if that doesnt happen, humaira’s life maybe at risk. She asks ayan not to tell anyone else about this. They are unaware that humaira is awake and knows everything.

Scene 2:
Location: Asad’s residence and Habib Ganj bus stop
Asad calls out for zoya, but doesnt find her in her room. He searches around for her, while nazma sees and asks
She tells that zoya already left. He asks how she managed. She says that she took the bus, and asad reprimands her for being so careless to tell her the same, as the roads arent safe. He gets extremely worried for her.

Even by the evening, when zoya hasnt returned, they are very tensed. Nazma takes the blame on herself for telling this to zoya. Asad says that zoya herself should have been mature and not stepped out in the strike. He tries her number, but doesnt get through. Zoya, on the road, tries to contact but finds her battery and network dwindling. Asad says that he would go out. Imran says that he cant as therre’s too much violence. Asad says that he has to go for zoya. dilshad too agrees. Nazma and asad discuss that even zoya’s phone’s not getting through.

Even after having waited a while, no bus seems to come at the bus stop. Zoya, who is out of breath, isnt able to see any vehicle to take her. But she gets excited when she sees a car coming from the other side, and hails for a lift. The person asks if she stopped him. Zoya explains her dilemma to the person, and asks to be left at the flyover atleast, as she needs to reach home. He agrees. She is somewhat surprised and tensed to see the owner of the car. She gets into the car, unknown to the evil intentions of the person, and thanks him for his help. She is surprised to see his intense eyes. He says that her scarf is stuck in the car door. She sees and takes it out.

Scene 4:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Ayan comes to her room and looks at humaira, and thinking that she’s asleep, thinks that he would keep her forever happy, and not give her any more pain and if her happiness is in distancing from him, then so be it, and he promises that he would go very far from her. He leaves. Humaira thinks that ayan always wanted to be away from her, and now destiny is handing it out to her, then why should she wait for fate when she knows what is it? She says that if ayan doesnt want to be with her, then she would make it easier on him, and soon would go very far away from him.

Scene 5:
Location: On the road and asad’s residence
Zoya thanks him profusely, while getting down the car, and says that she would always remember the help he had rendrede today to him. As she goes inside, Rajvir eyes her and the house.

Inside, Asad says that he would find her anywhere. As he opens the door to leave, he finds zoya at the other end, with a smiling face. But seeing asad tensed, she too grows serious and a little tensed too. the screen freezes on his face.

Precap: Asad again goes on a rant as to how irresponsible she has been and asks why couldnt she evn place a call. zoya says that she isnt a child, and can take care of herself. She says that he shouldnt be demnded to be taken permission from, every time she steps out of the house. They both again fight and go their seperate ways. Razia gives humaira the meds and asks her to sleep tight. Humaira takes the meds. After razia leaves, humaira spits them out. Humaira says that she knows that she’s not gng to get better, and now she doesnt even have a reason to.


Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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