Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 26th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 26th November 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 26th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ansubaa doing emotional blackmail to jai. He says I won’t let you die, I won’t let you go away from us, I m leaving my words now. I will remarry as you want this. I agree to your wish. Everyone are happy and smile. Dhara is also happy. Ansubaa looks at jai and says Lord bless you, you agreed for remarriage. jai says yes, how can I say no to my Lord. He says you won over me. Ansubaa says your life will be full of happiness. Parul says we want you to start a new life. jai asks Ansubaa to have milk and take medicines. Ansubaa says I don’t need medicines now. Parul asks Ansubaa to take rest. Ansubaa says I will go to find a bride for him. Everyone laughs.

jai says I have to tell something to you all. He says I will do the remarriage, but she has to become this house bahurani first, then my wife. Hasmukh says whats this condition. jai says this is the truth which I don’t want to hide, that girl will get everything, but I can’t give her Bhoomi’s place. Everyone are shocked. jai comes to Aarvi and asks why did you not sleep till now. Aarvi says I m sorry, forgive me. He says why are you saying sorry to me, when you did not do anything. Aarvi says this sorry is from Dhara’s side. Dhara comes there and holds her ears and says sorry to jai. He looks at her and is still annoyed with her.

Aarvi says you forgive her. jai says do you know what Dhara did, she don’t know anything about me, tell her that when you don’t know anyone’s truth, then she should not say anything. He says tell her that jai is not selfish. He leaves. Aarvi says I did not understand anything, did you forgive her or not. Dhara says I did not get forgiveness. Parul comes to Dhara and praises her. She says you made jai agree for remarriage. Dhara says but he got annoyed. Parul says my jai does not be annoyed with anyone for many days, he will forgive you soon.

Ketki tells Parul now you are tension free. Parul says I m tensed as we have to find a good girl for jai. Lily says don’t worry, we all will find the girl. Komal comes to them. Everyone are shocked to see her and asks you here, where is Chandrika. Komal says she has run away with Vilas and Paritosh leaving me alone here. Lily says what are you doing here. Komal says I was afraid in my house, can I stay here. Lily gets angry and says I remember what Chandrika did with us. Hasmukh says we can’t punish Komal for what Chandrika did, she saved jai from murder case. Komal says I did not know anything and I tried to stop them. Hasmukh says thats why they left her alone. Komal says please let me stay here.

Parul agrees calling her their bahu. Parul welcomes her inside the house. Komal brings her bags. They are shocked to see her luggage. Komal says I brought some things with me. Parul asks Ketki to show her the room. Lily and Parul laugh on Komal. Komal comes to Ketki and says can I help you. Ketki asks Dhara to go in the kitchen and work. Dhara is thinking about jai. Parul sees Dhara waiting for jai and asks what happened. Dhara says nothing. Parul smiles. Ansubaa and Lily are seeing the girl’s photos for jai. Ansubaa says no one is like Bhoomi.

Lily tells Ansubaa about Komal. Ketki says the girl should be educated. Ansubaa says thats not required. Ketki says she will understand jai better if she is educated. Ansubaa thinks if she does not accept jai then. Ansubaa says some one will be like Bhoomi. Hasmukh and Dilip comes and praises Bhoomi. Dhara gets to hear Bhoomi’s praisal. She says Bhoomi was all rounder. Dhara says so she was so good, I wish I could meet her.

Komal brings breakfast for everyone and selects a girl. Everyone laughs on Komal’s words. Komal says did I say anything. Hasmukh says no and laughs. Ansubaa says make everyone laugh and think of yourself as our family. Komal thanks them and asks how did jai agree for marriage. Parul says Dhara made jai ready. Ansubaa thanks Dhara and says jai changed his decision as you made him do, its a big thing. Lily says lets give jai’s responsibility to Dhara. Dhara leaves. Hasmukh says lets go Dilip. Lily says don;t go, help me in finding the girl. They look at the photos and discuss while Parul looks at Dhara and thinks we got the girl.

Dhara comes to Nanku and scolds him. jai comes to her and says I admitted Nanku in Aarvi’s school and now they will go together. Dhara thanks jai. She is happy to see Nanku wearing new uniform. Nanku is happy. Dhara says Nanku, now you have grown up, study well. She thanks jai again and says I can’t return your favour. He says be silent, you look good. Aarvi says Nanku is looking good in this uniform. jai takes the kids and leaves. Dhara thanks Kishan ji for this day.

Ketki sees Nanku in new uniform and asks from where did you get this. Aarvi says jai did this by admititng him in my school. Parul brings Nanku’s tiffin and they leave. Ketki talks to Parul about this. Parul says Dhara did a lot for us, we should do this for her. Ketki comes to Dilip and tells him that a servant’s brother will study with our daughter. Dilip scolds her and says we don’t see the difference. Ketki says it may affect Aarvi. Dilip says you think so, stop it now. Ketki is worried and says only I m bad here, no one agrees with me. She says once jai’s wife comes, then everyone will listen to me. She smiles.

A modern girl comes to meet jai.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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