Ek Ghar Banaunga 26th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 26th November 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 26th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with everyone asking Prabhunath and Vandana to donate some money. Poonam says they will really help in some way that is much more valuable than money. She says money is not everything, we can help them by teaching them for one hour. Poonam says my dad can teach the kids maths and accounts. She says Mangla has helped with money, but we can help you in this way. Prabhunath and Vandana smile. Kanno thinks Poonam is very clever, she saved money. Mangla smiles. Mama says we lost the money and lost to them. The women are happy and praises Poonam’s parents. Prabhunath says we are ready to teach them, we will be glad, we will surely come. They thank Mangla and says we got much donation here.

Prabhunath says he has only Rs 500 cash and Rs. 2000 in bank. Vandana says we should tell Akash and Poonam that Mama stole our money. Prabhunath says don’t tell them, else it may create a fight between Akash and Poonam. He says i have one solution and says when we got married, we were shy and used to shy away, but then you made my fav dish and teach his trick to Poonam. He says its good to be close, this trick will work to bring Poonam and Akash closer. Vandana says I will try if you say.

Akash looks at Poonam while she is doing some work and music plays…. He sees that her hair are troubling her. Akash goes to her with the hair pin and arranges her hair. Music plays…. They have an eyelock. Its Akash’s imagination. His phone rings and he keeps looking at Poonam. He takes the hair pin and goes to her. Poonam asks him what happened. Deewanepan ki hadh….. plays….. He gives her the hair pin and smiles. Poonam looks at the pin and smiles. Vandana tells Poonam that she will teach her cooking. Poonam says cooking for dad as he likes it. Vandana says when we make food for someone we love, it shows how much we care for them.

She says that way we win their love and concern. Mangla asks Poonam where are you going. Poonam says I m going to kitchen. Mangla says Kanno will cook, you come with me. Vandana thinks she will teach Poonam later. She thinks of making the dish and hopes everyone likes it. Kanno sees Vandana in kitchen and says what are you doing, if Mangla sees you cooking, she will be after me. Vandana says I m making something special. Kanno asks what. Vandana says everyone will like it. Kanno says call me if you need anything and leaves. Vandana asks the servant to help her and give her garlic. He gets tensed and asks Kanno see what is she asking for. Kanno says give her what she wants. He is puzzled.

Mangla smells the food and sees Vandana with the garlic. She is shocked. Mama says whats this, she is using garlic. We don’t use garlic in our house. Mangla stops Mama and they hide. Mangla says its good that she did not see. Mangla says now it will be fun, let her make food, when she serves the garlic dish to everyone then I will show her. Everyone sit for dinner. Mangla stops Prabhunath from sitting on his chair and says you can’t sit there. She says you sit here. Everyone are shocked. She says Shashikant is not at home, so let him sit on his chair.

She says he is the head right now. Prabhunath says how can I sit there. Mangla says you can and insists. Mangla says you are part of our family now, you have to take care of the house in Shashikant’s absence. Prabhunath says what are you saying. Mangla insists again. Poonam smiles seeing the respect Mangla is giving to Prabhunath. Prabhunath sits on Shashikant’s chair and says I was thinking there is some mandir nearby where newly married couples go, so can Poonam and Akash go there.

Dadi says its good. Dadi asks Akash to take Poonam and go to the mandir. Akash says ok we will go. Prabhunath says go tomorrow. Mangla asks Poonam will you go. Poonam agrees. Poonam says I spoke to one property dealer, we have to meet him, so it will be good. Kanno says today food is made by Vandana. Mangla asks Vandana to serve them food. Mangla and Mama smile. Mangla starts acting coughing and asks Vandana what did she add in it. Vandana names garlic among other ingredients. Everyone are shocked. Everyone stops eating. Mangla leaves the table and goes. Mama says its very bad, garlic…

Kanno says it looks like Mangla will be ill now. Mangla comes back and says my stomach is aching. Vandana asks what happened. Akash says I will call the doctor. Vandana says whats happening. Mama says its bad to eat garlic in our house. She says you should have asked us before making food. Mangla takes Vandana’s side and says its not her mistake. Vandana apologizes saying i did not know. Mangla says I know, but Kanno and Poonam would have told you. Poonam also apologizes to them and says I forgot to tell my mum. Mangla calls the servant and asks why did you not tell her that we don’t use garlic. Kanno scolds the servant. Mangla says enough, it is clear that you are putting the blame on him. Vandana feels sorry.

Dadi says don’t blame yourself. Akash looks on. Mangla says Didi is right, you wanted to make food for us. She speaks sweetly and says now what to do with this food. Mangla tells Prabhunath to decide what to do now. Prabhunath gets tensed. Everyone look at him.

Mangla and Mama eat garlic in their room. Akash comes to them but could not see them.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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