Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 22nd November 2013 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 22nd November 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 22nd November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with everyone doing the puja in the mandir. Chandrika and Paritosh leave from here as no one sees them. Dhara gives the aarti to jai and Murli. Murli smiles and takes the aarti. Everyone are happy and have sweets. Murli asks jai why did you not take aarti. jai talks to him. Murli says I brought you here and let me have the prasad. jai thanks Murli for helping them. Murli says its ok, call me when you need help, I will come. jai says how, you did not give me number. Murli says talk to the Lord, I will come, jai says what about your number. Murli says you tell him, I will get the message. jai says he is mad like Dhara. jai says fine, I will tell your Lord, bye.

Murli says you are annoyed with the Lord and punishing your family. He says the Lord is in you. jai refuses. Murli says its Krishna in you. Murli smiles and leaves. The inspector looks out for Chandrika and Paritosh. Ramila gives prasad to Murli. He thanks her. jai does not take the prasad. Dhara eats the prasad and smiles. Ansubaa and everyone thank Murli. They say Dhara told ud how you have helped them. Murli says the Lord brought then here, Kishan ji also wanted to come here. Dhara thanks him. He says I should thank you, you are really Kishan ji’s lover. Dhara says yes, I m his friend, but the Lord has sent you to help you. Everyone greet him.

Murli blesses all of them. Murli comes to jai and asks don’t you like sweets. jai says I like a lot, but I don’t like prasad. Murli says why are you annoyed with the Lord. jai says you don’t know what he did with me. Murli smiles and says you don’t know what he is going to do with you, I think you should fight with him, if he becomes your friend then it will be good. jai says I don’t want to talk, he gave me much pain. Murli explains him that if we see other’s pain, then we realize how much happy they are. He says we will be happy if we compare ourselves with others.

Murli says I wrote a book also. jai says what. Murli says whats in the name, if anything happens god with us, its good, but if anything bad happens, then the time comes to do something good. jai says sometimes when the relation ends, the life ends. Murli says its not like that, the life has to go on. Murli smiles. jai thinks about Bhoomi’s words. Murli says did you understand. He says you have to accept what you can’t change. Dhara comes to them and says we have to go to haveli. Murli disappears. jai says where did he go. Dhara says he left much time before.

jai says no, we were talking. Dhara says ok, lets go now. Everyone sit for dinner. Ketki says I have given food to Ansubaa in her room. Hasmukh says we will not have food today. Ramila asks why. Hasmukh says I want the ladies to have food first and we will serve you all. The women laugh. They make the women sit for dinner first and serves them. Parul asks Dhara to sit as well. Ketki is annoyed. Parul praises Dhara for supporting jai and says you did a big favor on our family. She gives her chain to Dhara. Ketki is shocked. Parul says this is shagun and blesses Dhara.

Parul says you also sit with us, we will serve ourselves. They wait for jai and jai comes. Dhara says I want to request you. Can we think of the Lord before starting the food. Parul happily agrees. All of them start praying and this annoys jai. jai starts eating but Dhara stops him. jai gets angry and eats the food without listening to her. Everyone look at jai. jai says I don’t pray. Parul says you have kept the idols, don’t say like this. Ansubaa comes and hears him. jai says I m not spriritual. I did this for Ansubaa. jai says go and ask your Kishan ji why he took away my Bhoomi and my child.

He says my Bhoomi used to give every credit to Kishan ji. She was like Dhara. He says why did the Lord not save my family. Everyone are upset. Ansubaa faints hearing this. Everyone run to her. Parul says call the doctor. Dilip calls the doctor.

The doctor checks Ansubaa. He says everything is not fine, her Bp is fluctuating. He says maybe something is troubling her, she has become much weak. He gives her medicines. Parul asks Ansubaa to eat something first. Ansubaa says I don’t want to eat and I don’t want medicines. She says no one cares. jai says I care. everyone care. Ansubaa says if you are adamant, then I m also adamant. She says I have not have food and medicines. Everyone looks on. She says I don’t want to live as jai has forgotten to live. Ansubaa says now you hate the Lord, only because Bhoomi died. She says how many should I explain you, its our fate. jai says I know that the Lord could save Bhoomi, but he did not. Ansubaa acts adamant.

Dhara talks to jai and scolds him saying Bhoomi won’t forgive you.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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