Ek Mutthi Aasman 22nd November 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 22nd November 2013 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 22nd November 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Pakiya is filling the water along with all the women. They make fun of him. A lady says all men in their house are like that they work in the house. Pakiya says he is vishnu. She says look he has been doing work of women since so long. Pakiya says why are you saying like that about my baba. She says singing in temple doesn’t make anyone Vishnu. Pakiya says stop it otherwise.. A man boy comes and says stop saying like that to my mom.He shove Pakiya. Pakiya says talk from the tongue Pakiya starts hitting him. The lady is stopping him but pakiya isn’t stopping.
Kalpi sees all this from balcony. Pakiya is hitting the boy and lady is stopping him. Pakiya hits him on the head. Kalpi shouts leve him.

Scene 2
Kamla says to the butler that i am going home. Nettu comes and says i am gonna wear this saari this evening. Is it good? Kamla says yes its beautiful. Nettu says then please press it i don’t want any other servant to. Kamla says okay i will. Paki comes in saying no.You wont press it. Kamla says its just a samll thing i just have to press. Paki says no rules are rules.
Nettu says i will do it my self. Kamla says no madam i will do it. Kamla says paki do you consider me a part of this house ? Then isn’t work.
Paki leaves in anger.

Scene 3
Kalpi goes running down. The lady is trying to sop Pakiya. Kalpi takes her phobne and tries to call Kamla. The lady says i will call police. Kalpi says no please ai don’t call police i will handle him. She asks Pakiya to leave him. A little shove is give to kalpi. He asks are you okay kalpi ? She says nothing has happened to me lets go from here.
Kalpi goes to the kapoor’s building. The watchman asks here where is she going. She says i have to go to kapor’s house, my mom works there. He asks her to go from servant’s lift. She says my mom works there not me. She says i will go from stairs. Its 25 floors that she covered by stairs. She rings the bell Paki opens the door and says kalpi what a surprise come on get in. Kalpi tells her that she just wanna talk to kamla pakiya a has picked a nose ith someone. Paki goes and tells kamla.
Pakiya sees the lady telling the police that pakiya is like that since his childhood he would have killed her son if she won’t have caleed them. Police asks how did it start ? She says actually water was coming from the tap he came and stood in the front when i asked him not to he threatened me and then hit my son.
Police asks Pakiya why you try to be a hero here. lets go to station i will tell you. Pakiya says it was their fault. He shoved me first and then start hitting me. Tell me if someone hits youwhat will you do ? he says hey don’t talk about hitting police. Pakiya says investigate first the cop says now you will tell me to investigate. Lets come to the station.

Kamla asks cop why are you taking my son he is also bleeding. Cop says what you mean ? The lady says he has hit my son so hard. A man tells the cops whole story. they ask who started the quarrel. The lady says pakiya started it. The man says no he can’t abbuse anyone. The police man says i will get you in to the lady. Kamla says no we will solve it ourselves. He says you guys wasted the time. Kamla says we apologize. The cps leaves and kamla asks pakiya to say sorry to ganiya. Ganiya says leave it buddy well you hit me so solid. Pakia hugs him and says it was a little too much in emotion. Kamla says to kanta tai that because of your tounge your son had to suffer. She asks pakiya to come in. Then she remembers that she put the iron on the Saari of nettu .
Kamla goes back Nettu is so angry. Kamla says i am sorry madam actually pakiya had a quarrel in the chowl kalpi came to take me so i had to go in hurry. Nettu says so you burnt my saari ?Ots of 50 thousand your three months pay. Oaky i won’t pay you. for these months. Kamla says all right madam. Paki comes and says nettu are you queen of somewhere that kamla maa will bow to apologize you. Its just a saari. Kamla says it was my fault. Kamla says everyone makes mistakes. kamla says its between madam and me you shouldn’t intrude. Kamla says forgive me madam. Nettu says to poki what are you ? ,You are talking like that to your mom just because of a maid? Paki says mom ? Just don’t get me start barely giving birth to me doesn’t make you my mom. Kamla maa is my moo because she nurtured me. When i was ill she used to sit with me not you. In every school funtion she was with me and you used to be in your kitty parties. She has been there with me in all ups and down not you. Kamla maa is a pious and good lady. please never compare her with you. And the lowered act of yours that you did today never do that again. Nettu says to sahil are you looking ? Paki leaves. Sahil says that just know that we can’t separate kamla from paki.

Precap- Pakiya says i spolied your winning to. Show me your award. She takes the w\award and remembers kamla saying her that she will be late as she wanna go in party with paki.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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