Sanskaar….Dharohar Apnon Ki 22nd March 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sanskaar….Dharohar Apnon Ki 22nd March 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar….Dharohar Apnon Ki 22nd March 2013 Written Update

The episode starts of with kishen calling home and gives the phone to bhoomi and asks her to talk. In Gujarat jay’s sister gives the sister to bharti and asks her to talk. So bharti and bhoomi talk. Bharti asks her who is calling and she says bhoomi. Bharti also says bhoomi and all of them think where they have heard this name and parul says that jay was living in bhoomi’s house and they would have come to drop him in the airport. Bharti then introduces herself as bharti and bhoomi on the other hand tells kishen that its bharthi and kishen tells her to congratulate her as she got married recently , and bhoomi congratulates her and bhoomi says thanks and asks her how did u know? Bhoomi says that kishen told her everything and bharti asks if kishen is happy with this marriage and bhoomi says that ya and bharti is very happy.
Bhoomi then gives the phone to kishen and bharti asks how is he and kishen says he’s fine and if she’s happy with the marriage. Bharti says that he is also very eager to attend this marriage and meet everyone and tells her to give the phone to parul.
Jay then tells parul that tomorrow morning her jay will be with her. Parul tells jay to come back soon, and jay says that the announcement for his flight is made and he will call her soon and keeps the phone.
Bharti is decorating kishen’s room, when jay’s sister comes and teases bharti telling that the arrangements are beautiful and takes her away from the room.
On the other hand some bankers come to talk to ansubaa about the load, and ansubaa ensures them that jay is coming back and he will give the money.
Everyone are in the lawn making ladoo, and ketki comes and see’s jay’s sister trying to make ladoo and she is not able to, and comes forward to help. At first jay’s sister is bit hesitant then katki and jay’s sister make the ladoos together. As they finish and ketki is about to leave, she see’s ansubaa who glares at ketki. She then comes down takes a jug of water and poures it on the ladoos breaking them. All the ladies witness this. Ansubaa then tells a proverb that cattle eat grass and gives milk and snakes drinks milk and spits venom. So she warns ketki telling her that she dosen’t want ketki to be involved in kishen’s marriage preparation and walks off. Ketki is left crying.
All of them try to convince ansubba, and jay’s dad tells that on the day of holi they will get their money back. Then ansubaa asks the time of kishen’s fight and tells them to be on time to collect him. Hasu self thinks that the workers will be disappointed again. She then tells bharti to take kishen’s aarti. Haasu then thinks that if he takes the entire family to the airport then the drama which he wanted to see in the house will be missed. So he plans to do something.
Jay and bhoomi come out form Mumbai airport. She then see’s all the taxi drivers advancing towards the tourists. and gets scared and kishen put’s his hand around her shoulder and takes her out of the airport.
Then bhoomi see’s a sardar who is very exited to meet his family and bhoomi looks shocked. Kishen then says welcome to India. They take their baggage and walk out.
Bhoomi is getting the arthi thali ready and goes to the kitchen and takes a paper which has a conversation written in English. Bharti practices this convo and all the ladies look at her from the doorway.
Hasu punctures the tier of the car, and says that now kishen will only have to come home, and says that the film’s climax should be in gujurat only.
Kishen then catches a taxi to domestic airport and bhoomi asks that why do they have to go to airport as he lives in bandra. Kishen clears her doubt that he used to live in Mumbai but know he lives in Gujarat. Bhoomi says that Gujarat sounds interesting than mumbi. Episode ends.

PRECAP:Their cab is in a signal and people around are honking and bhoomi says why are all of them honking and kishn says that this is the way the vehicles say hello. And a begger comes and asks for money and kishen gives her and bhoomi looks on.

Update Credit to: gunjan.77

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