Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 20th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 20th January 2014 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 20th January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Dipika coming to jai’s room and being shocked seeing jai and Dhara closer. She shouts on them and Dhara moves away from jai. Dhara leaves. jai tells Parul he has to go to pay the bills of the hospital. Dhara and Komal says we will also come with you, jai agrees. Dipika again comes to jai’s room and takes the saree thinking about Parul and Dhara’s words. She gets angry thinking how close jai and Dhara were. She sees a scissor and says I will ruin this saree, she tears the saree into many pieces. She puts it back in the cupboard.

Chandrika is being treated by the doctor. Komal greets Chandrika. Chandrika asks her to be with her. jai says I have paid the hospital bill. Chandrika thanks him. jai asks where do you have to go, I will drop you, tell me. Chandrika opens her eyes and she says I can’t see anything. Everyone are shocked. Chandrika asks are my eyes fine, did I become blind, how will I live without my eyesight. She starts crying and hugs Komal. jai feels bad hearing about Chandrika’s tragedy. Chandrika says where will I go now. Dhara comes to jai and he says why did I drive that way, I should have not done that accident.

Dhara says there was even my mistake. Komal tells jai that she can’t see Chandrika like this, where will she go. Dhara says don’t cry, I m sure there is some way out. She says Ansubaa and our family will help you. jai thinks about this. Keki sees Dipika crying and comes to her asking what happened, why are you crying. Dipika tells her everything what Dhara told when she asked her to exchange the saree with hers.

Ketki says I have to do something before it gets late. Parul thinks about the partition in jai’s room and talks to Ramila. She says jai is not safe till he accepts Dhara. Ramila says we all know how jai is. Hasmukh asks for jai. Ramila says he went to hospital. He says I called him but he is not taking my call. Parul is worried. He says till Dhara is there, nothing will happen. jjai comes home with Chandrika. Everyone are shocked to see Chandrika gone blind.

jai asks Chandrika to come inside. Chandrika steps in. Ansubaa shouts stop Chandrika. Chandrika stops. Everyone looks on. Ansubaa says how dare you step in our house. jai says I brought her here, she is stay with us. Ansubaa says don’t even think about this. jai says but….. Ansubaa says we have broke our relation with her. jai says yes, but we can’t break the relation of humanity. Ansubaa says go away Chandrika, how can you forget jai she made us cry. jai says I know but if we forget those things. Ansubaa says no, she kidnapped Aarvi, tried to kill you, tried to break the mandir, stole the Lord’s idols. Chandrika cries.

Ansubaa says she has become blind, but she has not changed. Chandrika says you are right Ansubaa, I can’t see you, the Lord has taken my sight, but even my mum could not believe me. She falls on Ansubaa’s feet and apologizes to her.

Chandrika says give me a chance to become your maid, I m not saying this to stay here, I m saying as I want to regret. She asks Komal to explain them and she would be happy if they kill her. She says I m going Ansubaa. jai stops Chandrika and says if she goes, even I will go from this house. He says she has taken the complaint back and saved me, its my duty now to do my part. Chandrika says enough jai, I will go from here. She falls and gets hurt. Ansubaa looks on. jai says now are you sure she is really blind, the doctor confirmed it. Everyone look at jai.

Ketki asks Dipika to put hot sheera on til but she puts it on Dhara’s hand.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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