Ek Mutthi Aasman 20th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Mutthi Aasman 20th January 2014 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 20th January 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Raghav says to Sahil that is my property and my dad made that chowl for his workers but lets forget everything just on one condition, that you will apologize Kamla bai and the people of that chowl. Sahil is dazed. Raghav says if you fulfill my condition I will never intrude your business. Now I have some work shut the door while you go out.

Scene 2
Pakiya asks Kalpi that he is going to watch a movie if she wants to go ? She says no I am okay. Mand asks Kalpi where is Kamla ? Kalpi says she will come.
Vitthal says to Kalpi where is Kamla she should have been here with you. Kalpi says she must have gone to help someone, how can you think that she can leave my satkar. Remember when I was getting award of best student in school, she was not there because

a guy in neighborhood was ill. Vitthal says she is like that before you, even she forgets me sometime. Kalpi says that’s why no one ever saw my mom in hostel. Vitthal says she has done so much hard work you, just to get you to where you are.
Kalpi goes to the house and says you are not here with me even today. You saw dreams for me but gave all the love to Poki. She says why you always test me God, I will never break. I will never give up and show how important I am. I don’y need any support. manda is listening to al this, she suddenly falls on the door, Kalpi get attentive.

Scene 3
Kamla gets to the chowl and sees that whole function has ended. Paki says I am sorry for taking you, Kanta asks where were you Kamla ? Manda says she must have gone to some important work with her daughter. Ask Paki to stay here with and have the dinner. Kamla asks Paki to stay for the dinner. Kamla says okay let me get Kalpi, Manda says no you start with Paki and let me bring Kalpi. Kamla is saddened for ignoring Kalpi.

Scene 3
Vitthal goes to Kalpi and asks what is she doing ? She says I was looking at my awards. Vitthal says there are more to come, let go have the dinner. manda comes in too to take her. When they go in they find Kamla busy with Paki. Vitthal asks Kamla what was she doing ? She missed that important day. Kamla says to kalpi I am sorry i missed it, I thought I will be back earlier. Kamla says Vitthal I went to take Raghav I thought he will come so he could award Kalpi. Vitthal says what he said ? Kamla says he even didn’t meet us. Kalpi says I asked you not to take ai there. You insulted my ai. Paki says I took her because she wanted to meet Raghav. She is my mom so next time keep her out of your experiments. Kamla says stop it. Paki says she is my mom as well, are you Kamla maa ? Kamla says I consider you my daughter that’s enough. Kamla takes out food and says I will make Kalpi eat by my hands. Paki says I am done with food I have to leave. She hugs Kamla and says good night Kamla maa. The sight of Kalpi with Kamla annoys her a little. Kamla asks Kalpi is that her result tomorrow ? She says yes. Kamla says I know you will be first in whole college and.. Kalpi says and I will fulfill your dream. Kamla says it all relies on your result now.

Scene 4

Next morning everyone wishes Kalpi luck. Pakiya hugs and wishes her all the best. Kamla says I won’t say anything to you and you will show me by your top in exam. She recalls her challenge. Vitthal asks whats wrong Kalpi ? You must be thinking how would the papers be checked ? They will give you the best marks. Pakiya says we will have a party later this day. Kalpi says I will call. Kamla says no come home I wanna listen this from you and be the part of your success. Kanta and Mangesh wish Kalpi luck as well. Kalpi leaves. kamla says I can’t believe that our daughter is about to make our dreams true. She did it. Vitthal says its all because you.

Scene 5
Kalpi is in front of the building Kapoors’ live in. she is nervous and both confident. She says I am going to be a step closer to my dreams today. You rich people by taking our home made me more strong. I will tell you what means to snatch someone’s house. Paki asks what are you doing here ? Why were you staring at the building ? Kalpi says just remember the challenge. Paki says this much over confident is not good, Kalpi says its self confident. Paki says lets see if my love for Kamla maa wins or your confidence. Paki says I will leave a thousand houses like this for my Kamla maa.

Precap- Kanta and Pakiya prepare for the party. Nettu says I have broken the dream of Kamla I will never let her be a madam. She is daughter of a maid and she will be a maid as well. .

Update Credit to: Atiba

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