Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 20th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 20th December 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 20th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with everyone being shocked by Guru ji’s future prediction. He says we can stop some mishaps by this taweez and it will protect jai. He asks jai to wear it. jai refuses to wear it saying I don’t need this. Guru ji smiles and says you will know it with time how much you need it. Everyone are shocked. jai leaves and everyone try to stop him. Guru ji gives the taweez to Ansubaa and says its importance. He says this taweez will protect your jai else…. Parul says it won’t happen, I will make him wear it. Ansubaa gives it to Parul and Parul goes after jai.

Dhara is not knowing all this as she did not hear Guru ji’s prediction. She thinks she has to take off clothes from the terrace. jai comes to Bhoomi’s photo and thinks of

Guru ji’s words. jai says why did he not save Bhoomi, why did he made her away from me. He says Bhoomi was my life. Parul says you are my life. Parul says even we regret that we lost her, but it was fate, she says I lost her but I can’t lose my son. She cries and asks him to wear the taweez. jai says no, I don’t believe all this. He says everything is fate, if its written, it will happen. Parul says yes, don’t be adamant, wear this for my sake.

jai says no, I won’t wear this and don’t force me. He leaves. Ansubaa asks Parul what happened. Paul says he is not agreeing. Ansubaa says we have to make him wear before sunset. jai comes at the tearrace and thinks how he lost Bhoomi in that accident. The railing wall on which he laid his weight is moving and is about to fall. Dhara comes to him and asks were you thinking about Bhoomi. He says yes, I did not forget her yet. He says I m thinking about her a lot. Guru ji says its the same yog which was at the day of Bhoomi’s death. Everyone are worried.

Guru ji says its very important to make him wear this. jai and Dhara have a talk about Bhoomi. The sunset is happening. Dhara says I likes sunsets and it brings a new hope. jai looks at her. Dhara says you should be happy that Dipika will be bringing happiness in your life. Guru ji is praying for jai and sees the railing wall. jai says I don’t need anyone, if I could, I would have gone to my Bhoomi. Dhara says don’t say this. He says I feel incomplete without Bhoomi, I wish I could get her back.

Ansubaa and Parul are trying to find jai. Dhara tells jai that Bhoomi is in your heart and existence, whenever you want, you can meet her. Ansubaa and Parul are going at the terrace. jai says today I feel that you understand me. Dhara says I believe in this. jai says you are talking like Bhoomi, even she used to understand me without my saying. Ansubaa and Parul see him on the terrace and asks him to wear the taweez. jai falls off the railing and everyone shout.

Guru ji sensed it. Ansubaa, Parul and Dhara are shocked. jai falls on the groundd with all the blood around him. Parul tells everyone that jai feel from the terrace. They panic and run to see him. They take him to the hospital and wait outside the ICU. The doctor treats him and everyone are crying outside. Dhara thinks how jai fell and prays for him. The doctor says there is no response from jai. They say the blood has flown a lot, arrange blood and maybe he has multiple fractures. The doctor tells everyone that jai is critical. Dipika says I have to see him. jiten stops her and asks her to control herself. Everyone get worried. The doctor says we have to take MRI and then we will know how much hurt he is.

Karsan asks will he get saved. The doctor says we can’t say anything, but we are trying. Dipika scolds the doctor and says you have to save him. jiten takes her and makes her calm. Guru ji says the doctor’s work is to try. Everyone look at him. He says only the Lord can give him life. Everyone run to him and Parul asks him to do something. She says save him, do anything. Guru ji says I also want to see him safe, thats why I brought this taweez, maybe I came late or he made late to wear it.

Parul sees the taweez and runs to make jai wear it. Guru ji says its very late now, it won’t work now. Ansubaa says don’s say this, save him anyway. Parul comes and makes jai wear the taweez. She cries and asks him to open his eyes. The doctor asks her to go out.

Parul comes to Guru ji and says I have tied him the taweez, will he be fine now. Karsan says nothing will happen to our son, don’t worry. Parul says I know he made a big mistake not wearing it, but do something now. Ansubaa says do something. Guru ji says only Shiv ji can give him life. He says a unmarried girl has to go to Shiv mandir and climb up 1400 stairs. He says the task is tough as they have to walk by their knees. Parul says I will do this. Guru ji says no way, only unmarried girls can do this. Ansubaa says fine, Dipika will go. Ketki says yes, she will do this. Dipika says no, I won’t do this. Everyone are shocked and looks at her.

jiten says my daughter is modern, she does not believe in all this. Guru ji says who will do it. Dhara says I will do it. Everyone look at Dhara.


Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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