Saraswatichandra 20th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Saraswatichandra 20th December 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 20th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Saras rubbing Kumud’s hand and asks her why are you standing here if you are feeling cold. She says if you worry, then why do you hurt me. He says I get more hurt when I hurt you. She says its difficult for me to forgive you this time. He says I agree as I know you trust me a lot. Kusum is watching them. Saras says till your hand is in my hand, I will fight all obstacles. They get closer and Saras smiles seeing Kumud. Kusum gets jealous and cries. Saras and Kumud have a lovely eye lock. Kumud says I have to go and leaves. Kusum comes to her room crying. She says why is this happening with me, why…..

She throws the things and gets angry. She says I can’t remove these bangles, and I can’t stop loving Saras, you have made me stand at this phase,

why. Kumud is bringing water and Saras sees she needs help and says give the bucket to me, its heavy. She says its my work, I will do. They have a cute fight and she says about Danny and Kusum. She says sorry, I did not mean that. He says I knew what you mean, leave it, he takes the bucket. She pulls it and the water falls. She says are you happy now, clean it now. She leaves. Saras says very adamant. He says I had to talk about Kusum but she left.

Kumud is with Dada ji and Saras hears them talking and smiles. Dada ji sees Saras and asks him to come in. Saras comes to him and Dada ji says hear her stories. He asks Saras to fan him air. Saras says are you feeling hot in these cold. Saras says Kumud fans well, so fast that a sleeping man wakes up. Dada ji asks when did she do it to you. Saras says when I came Ratnagiri for the first time. Kumud says yes, and tells Saras’s mistake that he said no to her after seeing her. Dada ji laughs seeing them argue.

Kumud leaves and Saras smiles. Dada ji says I m double work, bringing Kusum and Danny closer, and ending your fight with Kumud. Saras jokes and laughs. Danny comes to Kusum and sees her upset. he says thanks for wearing the bangles and asks will you throw them again. Kusum looks at the bangles and Danny smiles. Kusum is happy that its Saras’s mum’s bangles. Danny goes to sleep and she looks at him sleeping at the sofa. She says its very cold and gives him a blanket. Danny says Kusum, the door, if Dada ji sees us. Kusum says close it. He gets up and closes the door.

Kusum thinks Saras worries about her, if not love, even by thinking this, her life can be easy. Its morning, Saras and Dada ji are thinking. Dada ji says I think we should send them far. Saras says we brought them here as this place is far, they won’t go anywhere now. Dada ji says lets send them on honeymoon. Saras says they are not seeing each other’s face, they won’t go. Dada ji says I will think something else and falls on the bed asking Saras to bring lemon juice for him. Kumud comes and asks what happened. She says have food, then we will go to the doctor, as you are ill. She looks at Saras.

Badimaa tells Vidyachatur that Saras and Kumud took Dada ji to the doctor. Yash asks Kalika why did his mum not come down. Kalika says she said she is not fine and won’t come. Guniyal says she has pain in her knees. Badimaa asks Kalika to take Yash’s mum’s breakfast and give it to her in her room. She stops Kalika from having breakfast and asks her to make her mum in law eat first. Badimaa calls Danny and Kusum for the breakfast. Kalika comes to Yash’s mum with the food and sits with her. Yash’s mum asks her what happened. Kalika says no one cares about me. Yash’s mum says I understand this very well, so talk to me straight.

Kalika says fine, Yash is the only son and I m the only bahu, no one thought to keep a havan for me, I can’t bear Yash’s insult, everyone cares only for Kusum and Kumud, what about me. She smiles taking Yash’s mum in confidence.

Dada ji is being checked at the hospital. He says Saras, lets go. Kumud says stay here, he got a heart attack and we came running to see him. The doctor says we have to give him an injection twice daily for one week. Dada ji panics seeing the injection. Saras says he is fine, I showed him to other doctors, they said he is fine. The doctor says we have to give him the injection and Dada ji is worried. Kumud holds his hand. At home, Kusum likes the food and asks for more. Danny says its very cold even in daytime here. Chandrika gives her green chilly and asks him to have i. Kusum says he won’t have it, as he can’t digest spicy food.

Badimaa asks Danny to have spicy food as our daughter make spicy food. Yash’s mum comes and says stop praising your daughters, can our bahu say something. Saras tells Kumud that he will leave now and supports Dada ji. Kumud says are you the doctor, stop. Dada ji says I m fine, I did not get any heart attack, I was just acting. Kumud is shocked and looks at Saras.

The doctor and Kumud laughs. The doctor says see Kumud, you made the truth come out without any injection, now over to you. Kumud looks at Saras and asks now tell me whats all this. Saras asks Dada ji to say and looks down. Yash’s mum supports Kalika and says about Kusum’s havan and why does Yash mean to this house. Guniyal says we did not differentiate between our children. Yash’s mum says did you Yash and Kalika were not allowed to sit in the havan. Yash says let it be mum. She says why this partiality. She says its because my husband died. She says my son, me and my bau are a burden in this house. Vidyachatur says what are you saying, don’t say this infront of the children.

Badimaa we thought about Yash’s havan but did not care as you did not accept Kalika as your bahu. Kumud asks them why did you do this, you should be ashamed for such a big act. Dada ji and Saras bow down. Kumud says I hears you yesterday night about your plan.

Kumud asks Dada ji why did you do this. She scolds Saras for lying to her.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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