Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 19th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 19th June 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 19th June 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with Kishan talking to his friend. He tells him about the order which paddy gave him after seeing his work and not because of the relation between them. Bhoomi thinks she shall tell him whatever she has talked to Paddy bhai but how? Kishan see her in deep thoughts, closes the door and gets romantic. Kishan says he will give her a big surprise. He says she gave him three surprises in America. Bhoomi says ok let it be, dont tell me but if I dont like your surprise then… you dont get surprise. Kishan says ok acha and falls on the bed with Bhoomi. They eyelock while the song shayad yeh pyaar hain plays in the BG. Someone knocks on the door, Kishan thinks Avni might be there at the door.

Kishan opens the door and finds Dilip. Dilip asks did I disturb you? Kishan says no. Dilip says kaka told me in the evening we have to go to Rajkot regarding work. Dilip says kaka is calling you. Kishan tells Bhoomi he have to go now but will come with her surprise, just wait and watch. Bhoomi smiles, Kishan turns around and signs love and leaves. Bhoomi wonders what might be the surprise. Dilip talks on phone and says Ketki our good days have started and gives the credit to Kishan and Bhoomi. Ketki feels bad but says it is right and they did wonder. She asks what do you want to eat in the dinner? Dilip says he will eat whatever everybody does. Ketki says him to think about his choices. Dilip tells he approves of every decision his family takes. Ketki says if they are wrong then also….

All the ladies are busy in cooking. Bhoomi comes there, she asks Parul whether there is some work for her. Parul gives her some work.

Hasmukh takes fake reports of Ramila from someone and gives him his ring in place of money. He says this report is like a original. Hasmukh thinks he will make everyone fool with these reports.

Hasmukh sees Kishan and intentionally falls the report on the floor so that Kishan can see it. Kishan asks what is this? Hasmukh says this is Ramila’s report.

Hasmukh says his friend send this report and tries to take his sympathy. Kishan asks what doctor said? Hasmukh says there is no hope. Kishan says he will show Ramila to the best doctor and will do whatever they can. Hasmukh pretends to cry, and says Ramila is his life. Kishan leaves after consoling him. Hasmukh thinks he got a trumpcard in his hands and no one can defeat him not even Dwarkhadeesh.

Back to the kitchen, Avni sees Bhoomi smiling and signs to all. Avni asks why are you smiling? Lily fayi asks is there any good news? Bhoomi nods no. Ramila says imported bahu’s desi baby will call us Dadi. Parul asks them not to tease her and says she is with Bhoomi. And says if anyone calls her dadi then she will be glad. Bhoomi gets shy.

Kishan goes for shopping and takes one white saree for Bhoomi and thinks it is Bhoomi’s favourite colour, she will like it. He imagines Bhoomi in the same white saree and go near her while the song Jeene laga hun pehle se zyada plays…. and hugs her intensely. While Bhoomi also feels his presence and imagine him around her. The screen splits into Bhoomi and Kishan’s smiles.

Bhoomi is on videocall with Nans, amidst all the family. Nans says Paddy told her that she asked something from him for the very fisrt time and he gave the order to Kishan in a minute. Ketki says it means Kishan bhai got the order because of Bhoomi. Bhoomi looks tensed…

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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