Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 15th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 15th January 2014 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 15th January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with jai trying to find out about the accident. He says I did not hit the stone, there is something fishy. He says Ketki was right. He thinks about Parul’s words and says you have asked Dhara to be my shadow, but she is increasing my problems, I have to keep her away from me. He looks at the fan and says I will make her away from me. He hangs a rope to the fan. Dipika comes to him and misunderstands. She says what are you doing, how you can suicide, think about me. jai laughs and says you thought I m doing suicide. I m not so weak. Dipika says I got worried. He says I m sorry and thanks for caring for me. Dipika hugs him.

jai asks her to help him. Dhara is cleaning the kitchen. Parul asks her to go and rest and not feel bad by jai’s

words. She says I m sure jai is safe till you are in his life. Dhara leaves. Dipika and jai are partitioning the room and have a talk. Dipika says I love you jai. He looks at her. Dhara is thinking about Parul’s words and is coming to the room. Dipika purposely falls on jai and hugs him. jai says relax, its fine. Dhara comes there and sees them hugging and is shocked. Dipika sees Dhara and hugs jai again. She says I m scared. jai says don’t worry, I m with you.

Ketki calls out jai. He sees Dhara. Ketki comes to him and says come fast. jai leaves with her. The inspector comes for jai. jai asks what happened. The inspector says we got a complaint against you, you have knocked down an old woman by your car. Everyone are shocked. Karsan says you mean accident. The inspector says he did not help the woman, its a hit and run case, you are under arrest. Everyone looks on. jai says I agree, but I did not run, I looked around but found no one, I thought I have hit a stone, how is the woman now. The inspector says come with us, the woman was lying there, a man saw her there and informed us noting your number.

jai says no one came there, I saw there. Dhara says yes, we found no one. The inspector says you are his wife, so you are supporting him. Karsan says we can’t hurt anyone. The inspector says he has to come with us. Ansubaa comes and asks what happened. The inspector tells her everything. Ansubaa is shocked. Ansubaa asks the inspector to do his work and take jai. Parul cries. Dhara says I did the accident. jai is shocked. She says I was driving the car. The inspector asks do you have the license. She asks what is it. The inspector says you don’t know the meaning and think of saving your husband, its a crime to divert us. jai says you are right, she was trying to be great.

jai says I did the accident, its my mistake, I m ready to go with you. Dipika gets angry. jai leaves with the inspector. Everyone look on. Parul says Ansubaa, do something. Dipika tells jiten to do something. jiten says calm down, we can’t do anything. Dhara and Dilip go with jai. The inspector says you can’t come with us. Dhara says its my mistake, I was diverting him. jai says you can’t come, go inside. Dhara insists. Dhara gets worried as they leave. She thinks about Parul’s words not to leave jai alone. She thinks what to do. She asks Dilip to take her with him. Dilip agrees and they leave.

jiten pacifies Dipika. She says I want to go to jai, please take me to him. jiten says nothing will happen to him, he is from a respectable family, he will be free, trust me, calm down, jai will be here soon.

Dhara comes to meet jai in the police station. Dhara says let me be with him. jai says stop this madness and go home. Dhara says how can I leave you alone. The inspector says is he a small kid. Dhara says I won’t go. The inspector asks her to sit there and wait. jai asks Dilip about updates. Dilip says they went to get the lawyer. The inspector says we can’t get the bail, the woman is serious and if she dies, it will be a murder case, the bail will be impossible.

Hasmukh says jai did not do it purposely. The inspector says there is one way, if the woman says jai is not responsible, else. Karsan gets jiten’s call and he tells him everything. Dipika is angry and says I won’t leave the inspector. jiten says control yourself. She says go and meet the woman and offer money to her. jiten says we can’t deal with money, its a legal matter, we can go to jail. Dipika says fine, I can be with jai. She says if I can ask Dhara to marry jai by giving her money, I can buy that woman too.

Everyone pray to the Lord. Parul is shocked to know that jai can’t get bail. She tells everyone and says only that woman can help jai by taking the case back. Ramila pacifies Parul and says the woman will be fine and will save jai too. Ansubaa also prays being worried. Ketki blames Dhara. Ansubaa says shall we call Maha guruji. Parul says what will we tell him, Dhara is with him, she will save him. Parul says enough Ketki, I don’t know why you hate Dhara, but I m sure she won’t leave jai ever.

Dipika comes to that woman and talks to her about taking the complaint back and offers 10 lakhs.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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