The Buddy Project 15th January 2014 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 15th January 2014 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 15th January 2014 Written Update

The match goes on and Harsh’s team is clearly in the lead. Piddi gets worried that his plan of demoralizing Harsh is failing as Harsh seems really in form. During the half-time, the two captains strategize. While Harsh tells his team to always pass to him so that he can score, KD says that they all have to attack on Harsh as he is the only one who is taking the match on his shoulders.

While Harsh is scoring, Piddi gestures a girl who shouts out I love you Harsh as he is about to basket. Harsh gets distracted and the ball is taken from him. KD’s team scores. Harsh gets mad and complains to the ref that KD’s team supporters are distracting him. JJ tells Harsh to carry on with the match and warns Piddi and his supporters to stop with the distraction.

Harsh gets aggressive while playing and pushes Panchi who has the possession on the ball and she falls down. KD and RV get concerned over her and RV warns Harsh to stop being so aggressive. Harsh retorts that he is here to win and not take care of RV’s “fat girlfriend”. They get in a tiff and RV voices out his displeasure at Harsh’s captaincy.

When the match resumes, RV gets the ball and Harsh says to him to show his superior basketball skills. RV rolls his eyes and goes in the court and Panchi targets him. He smiles sweetly at her but she just grins and takes the ball from him and scores. RV has this crazy love smitten smile on his face as he sees her cheer and Harsh taunts him that seeing his state, it was better if he had taken Panchi in his team cuz at least she plays well. RV retorts that he should’ve joined KD’s team as well cuz Harsh is nothing but a loser.

KD’s strategy works and his team starts cornering Harsh so he can’t score. The teams come neck to neck. With 30 seconds to go, Harsh calls a time out. RV tells his team to just go with the advantage and not wait around for Harsh to be open to pass the ball to him. Harsh gets an idea and he agrees with RV and tells his team to play like one unit.

KD has the ball and he is going to score. Harsh makes the situation as such that he pushes RV who ends up kicking KD at the shin area, hurting KD real bad. KD falls on the ground and Harsh scores the last point, ending the match on a tie. Kiya gets concerned and moves to go to KD but Harsh blocks her path.

KD is taken on the stretcher and RV confronts Harsh for his cheap trick. Harsh simply replies that if his team can’t win then he won’t let the other team win as well.

The Doc tending to KD says he needs to be taken to the hospital. KD’s team confront RV and blame him for KD’s injury. JJ calls off this fight and they all rush to the hospital.

The Dhakkans cheer and happily talk to Harsh that they won. Harsh scolds them for their stupid game that they played and they are getting happy for no reason. He says that they should learn from RV who at least hospitalized one Chillar (oh this bas***d )

KD isn’t hurt bad. Just a sprain which will cause a limp for a few days but nothing serious. Kiya is majorly concerned but KD assures her that he isn’t dying. RV apologizes for whatever happened but KD brushes it off saying RV has nothing to apologize about. He knows from the angle of the kick that it couldn’t have been RV who kicked him (AWWW!!!! ) Panchi is concerned that everyone would think it was all RV’s fault. Piddi gets hyper that it was all Harsh who did all of it. JJ comes there and asks what did Harsh do?

Before Piddi can say anything, RV reprimands Piddi for his tactics of throwing eggs and hooting during the match. KD is clueless about Piddi’s actions much to RV’s surprise. JJ stops them from bickering and asks them what was their tactics in the first place? KD replies that since Harsh as an ego, they thought to burst his ego and get to know about him just like JJ asked them to. JJ says he never asked them to deflate Harsh’s ego to help him. And what kind of tactics is this anyway to demoralize the other person so bad that he ends up being cornered and all his actions become justified? When JJ first met them, they were also egoistic fools. But did he do what they were doing to Harsh? No, because one can’t change anyone for the good using such controlling methods. The Buddies are all ashamed at their behavior and JJ leaves saying that if they don’t have much brain, they shouldn’t use it beyond its scope.

RV drops Panchi home and she seems in deep thought. He asks her what’s the method and she says she is thinking about Harsh. RV says that everyone will term him as a villain for what Harsh did but he will take his revenge. Panchi asks him if he remembers what JJ told her during the Buddy Slave task. RV becomes all smug that she was his slave for a week (she wasn’t, he was ) but she brushes it off and says that during those days, she was really mad at him (they remember this ) and wanted revenge but JJ had told them that individually, none of the 8 are worth shit. It’s when they are together that they do what they do. RV gets confused and Panchi gets hyper saying she got an idea. She calls the rest of the Buddies on a conference call and excitedly tells them about her plan of action to deal with Harsh.

“Kill With Kindness”.

Precap – Some students are telling RV to resign from his President post as he caused KD’s team to lose. Harsh is standing there, smirking. RV bursts out that they are right, he caused KD’s injury. So, he is resigning from his post of President. Harsh is surprised. JJ says on the behalf of the college, he accepts RV’s resignation. Harsh is smug and he smirks.

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