Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 14th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 14th November 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 14th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Dhara coming to Aarvi. She asks Aarvi what happened. Aarvi asks her to go and call jai. Dhara goes to call jai. jai is hurt. Dhara watches him caring for his back. She thinks she can help him as he did a lot for her. Dhara helps him in putting ointment at his back. jai thinks its his mum Parul and talks to her. He says why are you not saying anything. He sees its Dhara and asks why are you here. She says Aarvi has sent me, I came to help you. He says so what, I don’t need your help. She says you saved my life. jai scolds her and asks what were you saying in the panchayat. You called me your friend. Why did you say like that.

Dhara says why, its true, I have the same relation with you like I have with Kishan ji. He says I m not your Lord and don’t trust the Lord. She says I trust the Lord, the Lord and you have saved me, you say whatever, I will think of you as my Lord. She leaves saying this. Its night, Ketki is scolding Dhara. Hasmukh asks Ketki is everything ready. Ketki says yes. Ansubaa praises Dhara. Parul says my decision was right to bring Dhara in this house. Ansubaa asks Dhara to help Ketki in kitchen. Dhara goes to Ketki. Ketki says don’t know what happened to everyone. Ketki does not take Dhara’s help.

Dhara says I did everything and says I did not go to the mandir to bring the items. Ketki says how can you forget. Dhara goes to bring the items. Ketki says she will do anything again. Paritosh and Chandrika plan to go to the mandir and leaves. Komal looks our for Chandrika and sees her nowhere in the house. Komal thinks where they went and sees Chandrika and Paritosh going. She thinks they are going to the haveli for the jagran. Komal thinks of going to the haveli and locks the house. She leaves.

Dhara is on the way to the mandir. Chandrika asks Paritosh to hurry up. Komal comes after them. Chandrika and Paritosh are shocked to see her. Komal asks why are you here, the jagran is at the haveli. Chandrika says we came here for some work. Komal says can I help you. Chandrika says ok, stand here and see if anyone is coming, if anyone comes, inform us. Chandrika says be here, we will be back soon. Komal sees Dhara coming. Komal hides seeing her. Komal falls on the stairs. Dhara runs to help her seeing her fall. Komal gets serious. Dhara says nothing will happen to you and your child. Dhara says call someone by your phone.

Komal calls Chandrika and Chandrika cuts the call. Dhara says try again. Chandrika and her goons are removing the idols from the mandir. Dhara sees them and thinks who is taking the idols. She says maybe they are stealing it. Dhara says I have to help Komal first. She says the Lord can help himself, but I should help her. Dhara says no one is taking the call. Paritosh tells Chandrika now the Lord is gone leaving this city, for forever. Chandrika laughs.

Everyone at home are welcoming the guests for the jagran. Hasmukh asks Ketki is everything done. She says yes. Hasmukh asks for the bhajan items. Parul says Dhara went, she will bring it. Aarvi makes everyone smile by her talk. Ketki says don’t know what Dhara is doing. Dhara says its important to take her to the doctor. Dhara asks Komal to call jai. Komal faints and Dhara is tensed.

Dhara shouts taking Komal’s name. She says I don’t know how to use this phone. Aarvi comes to jai and his phone drops. Aarvi leaves as jai says he does not want to come in the jagran. Dhara thinks how Nanku taught her to make a call by phone. She dials jai and is happy to hear it ringing. jai says where is my phone and does not take the call. Dhara says Komal is getting serious, I have to take her to the hospital. jai calls on Komal’s number and Dhara talks to her. Dhara tells him I m Dhara, not Komal. She tells him everything.

Chandrika and Paritosh are happy as their work is done. Chandrika says where is Komal. Chandrika says if anything happens to her, what will happen to the child. She thinks she went home and calls her. Dhara and jai bring Komal to the hospital. The doctor says we tried our best but could not save the baby, but Komal is fine. Chandrika calls on Komal’s number and talks to jai. jai tells her that Komal lost the baby. Chandrika is shocked.

Paritosh asks Chandrika what happened. She tells him that her dreams broke, as her grandchild died. She says I lost the baby, the Lord is not favoring us. Paritosh is shocked. Chandrika cries. Paritosh says take care. Chandrika says how, I have lost everything with the baby. He says no. She says I won’t be able to take my revenge now. She says I will not lose so easily, the baby is lost but I’m still alive, I will make this my failure yours. jai takes Dhara with him. Dhara asks will Komal become fine. He says she is fine, the doctor said we can take her home, but we can’t leave her alone. He asks why are you crying. He sees Dhara’s hand hurt. He cares for her wound saying you regard me as your friend right. Dhara sees his good side and smiles. Dhara thinks of someome stealing the idols and tells jai everything.

Chandrika comes to Ansubaa’s haveli and argues with her.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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