Ek Mutthi Aasman 14th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 14th November 2013 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 14th November 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
PAkiya comes to kalpi and says are you being habitual of sitting alone ? You are going i will live alone here. Kalpi says i don ‘t wanna go there. Pakiya says no you have too, Ai loves me more that’s why she is sending you there but not me. Now please don’t make that sad face. Lets go in otherwise, Paki will start her drama again. They both go in.
Pakiya goes to paki and says why are you playing now? You asked for a bulb to study. Paki says i wanna play rightnow. Pakiya imitates her.
Paki asks kalpi to play with her. Kalpi goes to her and says your house is so big and beautiful then why are you here ? Paki says because kamla maa is here. Kalpi says but your parents came to take. Kalpi is sounding rude. Paki says i want no one else in thsi world but kamla maa because she loves me the most in this world. Kalpi says no she loves me more. paki says you stayed here with your bab but kamla maa used to be with me so, this proves that she loves me more. Kalpi thinks that’s why she is sending me away.
Kamla says to paki that you have to go back to your house. Paki says no one loves me there only you are my mom not nettu. Kamla asks her to sleep. Kamla is singing a song fro paki, vitthal wakes up. Kalpi is looking at her with sadness she thinks that i will be going in 2 days but she is singing for paki. She is ignoring me like i don’t exist. Paki sleeps. Kalpi is really envious of kamla being so close to paki. Tears are slipping of kalpi’s cheeks. She gets up and recalls kamla always closer to paki and asking kalpi to go boarding. The song ‘tujhy sab hai pata hai maa’ plays in the background. Kalpi is in tears. Whereas, kamla is also in tears in her place.

Scene 2
Next morning kamla makes paki’s hair style. Paki is so happy. Paki asks why are you sending kalpi far from you she will be so sad and you will miss her. Kamla says yes i will miss hr sometimes parents have to send theri children away from them. I am doing this for her better future but i have you here with me, you are my daughter as well why will is miss kalpi then. Kalpi here these last two sentences. Kalpi says ai you love just paki. You will just think about paki. I will be going tomorrow but you will just care about her what she like, how will she sleep. Now i feel that you only love her and live with her. Paki says kalpi you again talked like this with maa. Kamla says leaves her she is so sad. Paki says okay kamla maa, i will do what you like.

Scene 3
Kamla asks Vitthal to send pakiya to her. Kamla says to paki that i have made partha for you. Paki says this is so hot make me eat with your hand, Paki is happily eating from kamla’s hand. Pakiya and kalpi are so angry to see this kalpi is going in anger pakiya says where are you going i will make you eat from my hand. Kamla is sad. Kamla and paki look at each other.

Scene 4
Kamla goes to vitthal and says that i don’t know what to do kalpi is so hurt. Vitthal says i never thought this will happen but you have decided then send her. kamla says i will send her just for her future. Kamla says and what will you do with paki ? Vitthal says that we have to send her back to her home.Kamla gives vitthal a list of things that kalpi will need. Kamla says i have to talk to paki i have to send her back to her house.

Scene 5
Pakiya is packing kalpi’s stuff. He says kalpi shouldn’t look less than nyone. Pakiya thinks how will i live without her. Kalpi is sitting on stairs and paki is playing with a ball in mid of chowl. Paki says look maa pakiya is not playing with me and kalpi.. Will you play with me maa? Kamla says me ? PAki says please kamla maa. Kalpi leaves in anger.
Vitthal and pakiya are trying to make kalpi happy. Pakiya says look this doll. Kalpi is not smiling. She throws away the doll and says i just wanna live with you all. I want nothing else. Vitthal says you are my princess. Kalpi says why are you sending me then. Please talk to Ai, i don’ wanna go anywhere. Vitthal hugs her and says this is all for your future. They both go the balcony vitthal says you have to get out of this environment. Down Kamla is playing with paki.


Precap: Vitthal and kamla are pretending o fight. Kamla says my paki do what i say. Vitthal says look you asked kalpi to go to boarding school she agreed but paki didn’t when you asked her to go back to her house. .

Update Credit to: Atiba

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