Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 9th August 2017 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 9th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with hanuman going at the mountain to take his place. Hanuman reaches the mountain. Sugreeva his soldiers and his sons come and jambhuvan too. sugreeva says hanuman now we shall call you bhagwan, as you are god now. Hanuman smiles and says sugreeva ji we will always be friends. Sugreeva says hanuman ji, we have always loved you, you have protected everyone and now it is time for us to serve you. Sugreeva and everyone start doing hanuman’s pooja, they sing a prayer for hanuman. All hanuman’s bravery is shown in the past years. After the prayers hanuman says from now I will look after those who will preach dharma and will not accept evil but I will help them to wipe out what is left of evil in this world. Hanuman sits and starts praying then he goes and saves people from demons, in the world, people start keeping hanuman’s statue everywhere and pray to him everyday. Hanuman sits for prayer at night.
Next morning, lord Shankar says to parvati, dwaparyug has started which means now it is time for lord shri hari Vishnu to take his form on earth. Lord Shankar says but in that process hanuman is again needed. On earth hanuman opens his eyes and looks at the sun, a peacock feather flies from there. Hanuman says it is dwaparyug now, lord Vishnu”s form will be born on earth. Hanuman then hears someone praying to lord Shankar. Hanuman gets up and says who is praying to lord Shankar? I have to find out. Hanuman goes to the river and the sound stops, hanuman says how did it stop suddenly? Hanuman says I have been pulled here for some reason, I have to do some task, only prabhu can tell me what I have to do but I shall take the form of someone or disguise myself as now I am a god in dwaparyug. Hanuman takes form of a rishi and then gets in the river and prays to suryadev, he sees in the sun the face of lord ram. Hanuman then sees a boy coming out of the water and praying to lord Shankar saying om namah shivay. Hanuman says this young child seems to be a disciple of lord Shankar, he is related to lord Vishnu’s new form, I have to know about him. the kid takes water in a utensil and goes running, as he goes his cloth pack falls down. hanuman picks it up and says this kids pack has fallen, I have to go and give it to him to know more about him. a Brahman comes and hanuman says do you know who this kid is Brahman dev? Brahma says yes he is the son of raja ayati, he is yadu. Hanuman says yadu? Brahman says yes but that poor son is under the curse given by a father to a son. Hanuman says a father gave curse to a son? Brahman says yes, then he starts saying the story and says this all started with raja ayati. Raja ayati used to love princess sharmishta and he wanted to marry her, one day in his palace he saw her friend divyani fallen inside a well as she shouted for help. Raja ayati saw divyani and gave her his hand to bring her out, divyani was a bit uncomfortable but gave her hand to raja ayati and came out. Brahman says then as she came out she said you are now my husband raja ayati. Raja said what are you saying? Divyani said then that she had taken a promise that the man who touches her first would become her husband. Raja ayati was forced to become the husband of divyani and then sharmishta had to become servant and serve them.
Brahman says raja ayati couldn’t see this so he went and married sharmishta making it a gandharva marriage. Hanuman says gandharva marriage? Brahman says yes and when divyani knew this she was angry and she told shuklacharya. Shuklacharya came and cursed raja ayati that for the youth that he married sharmishta he will curse him and make him old from now, his youth would be over and he would die soon but would live only if someone was ready to give their youth to him until he was naturally old. Raja ayati was broken and became old after the curse. Then he asked his first and eldest son yadu to give him his youth as yadu walked the path of dharma and bhakti but yadu looked down and denied. Raja ayati was shocked and asked his other sons but they denied too but his last son said father, body is just a mere part of the soul and he did not need it to allow him to do what he wished so he would give his youth to his father if he needed it the most. Raja ayati got his youth and was happy on his son and said that when he would become naturally old he would give back the youth to his son and he would be the rightful heir to the throne but as raja ayati was furious on yadu and other sons he said they are cursed they would never get the kingdom and they would never be old enough and stay young. This way yadu became a child. Hanuman thinks yadu plays a prat in the role of lord vishnu’s form, he is in trouble, how will this all be possible?

Precap: hanuman goes as rishi hiding behind a tree to see yadu. A woman says to yadu that she is fed up now of this shiv ling and him always praying to lord shiv, the women picks it up and throws, hanuman catches it and goes inside and keeps it. Hanuman says lord shiv is the reason everything exists in this world and how can you throw this shiv ling away?

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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